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For several years the existence of an unusual type of aerial activity has been reported, generally termed Chemtrails. Chemtrails are purported to differ from typical contrails in their high degree of persistence and subsequent spreading, as if a substance had been released. The purpose, effects and existence of these so-called Chemtrails are widely debated, however essentially there is a claim made by many that they are witnessing something out of the ordinary, beyond an ordinary contrail. Chemtrails are also said to sometimes differ in their configuration from contrails, as they are supposedly not about getting from point A to point B, but, rather, dispersing some type of substance.
Contrails normally occur when hot engine exhaust meets humid and frigid air at high altitudes. The jet exhaust is mostly composed of carbon dioxide and water vapor. This exhaust condenses into visible ice crystals.  They form white streaks which can linger for minutes, but now they seem to linger for hours . Aviation experts claim with increased air travel we are seeing more contrails, and there's nothing more to it. Some people believe that the same aircrafts can release experimental chemical additives to the air, chemtrails. Some research shows that it can be used to manipulte the weather. Anyone who is old enough to realize that jet contrails don't vanish within minutes as they once did should be alarmed.  They now linger for hours, and form strange patterns and clouds, and eventually disappear when they are fully dispersed.  
When questioned, military and government officials either deny any knowledge of these sprayings outright or they offer unbelievable  and ludicrous explanations that only a moron could believe.  Most people discover the reality of chemtrails by initially reading about it on the Internet and then going outside and looking up into the sky. They are shocked to realize that what they had been reading about (and studying photographs of) is also taking place right over their heads.  Older people can more easily attest to remembering a sky without such strange "clouds" or jet trails.  What some people had dismissed as mere "jet plane exhaust" (because there are now scores of internet propaganda web sites trying to convince you that 'everything is well' and 'there's nothing to be alarmed about' and that unaccountable 'jet plane exhaust'  plumes are magically being converted into horizon-to-horizon overcasts of "cirrus clouds"!) are dismayed to realize that chemtrails are indeed the toxin-laden aerosols that have been described on maybe web sites since 1998 and they are not being sprayed for any benign or national security reason as the disinformation peddlers would have you believe.  
Chemtrail spraying seems to be heaviest and most constant over North America and most countries of  western Europe. Some countries in Asia are being sprayed (Japan and Korea), but the greatest exception to any chemtrail activity whatsover is China. The Chinese are being spared completely because China is likely being groomed by the NWO to replace the United States as the leading nation of the world, both economically and militarily. 
Whistle Blower Allan R. Buckman, former U.S Air Force weather observer. "Contrails are by definition ‘condensation trails’ left by hot jet exhaust melting ice crystals which rapidly cool and refreeze and disappear. They do not stay in the sky and create clouds. A contrail is usually of low volume and extends some 2?20 times the length of the aircraft. Jet clouds made their major appearance for weather observers in the early 1990s, after many years of jet traffic without such clouds. One can go back and look at the sky in old movies to see the changes. To answer this question, I began to observe the aircraft with telescope and binoculars. My observations found that the majority of cloud-creating aircraft were all white, unmarked KC?135 (Boeing 707) or large C?141 air tankers, flying in groups and in grid patterns including turn around, flying in both military and commercial airspace, and clearly not commercial aircraft. They have to be military or military contractors."
"Further analysis of the jet clouds indicated many cloud types in rows or cross hatched, indicating many different formation nuclei, rather than the normal cloud front with gradual changes in patterns. It is obvious that a cloud creation program is in operation. It is obvious that it has been going on for many years and not just occasional testing. The absence of such clouds during the 9/11 events and aircraft groundings was a clear break in the jet cloud program. Anyone who witnesses a jet trail turn into a cloud and hang in the sky for hours, and sometimes days, is a witness to a cloud creation program. You can call them anything you want, but they are documented fact and yet are being largely ignored. NOAA and NASA have actually changed the definition of ‘contrail’ on cloud charts by using pictures of jet-sprayed clouds to depict normal contrails. And other ‘scientists’ are claiming that jet exhaust ‘contrails’ are spreading out to form clouds, without any analysis that it is actually coming from the exhaust, or as has been documented, other vents. Nor do they explain why they cannot be contrails. This is serious disinformation. We even have several new clouds based on the spray program!"

A Satellite photo of the North Eastern United States

Northern Germany


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