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We the People have an unlimited right to contract, guaranteed by the Constitution, and the Common law preceding it. We also live in a very commercial culture, dominated by commercial agreements and contracts whereby we unwittingly give (contract) our freedoms, rights, and our sovereign "state" Citizenship away.

Every time you sign your name on a form, you are entering into a commercial agreement that can bind you to perform as specified. Some of these contracts may be harmless, yet others may bind us in ways we do not fully comprehend (e.g., long distance phone companies bind you to the law of the District of Columbia).

These are called "adhesion contracts". Contracts MUST be voluntary in nature and fully disclosed in order to be enforceable and must meet all of the following criteria.

For ANY contract to be lawful

Consent. A valid contract requires the parties' consent, which must be free, mutual and communicated to each other. Consent is not free when obtained through duress, menace, fraud, undue influence or mistake.

Full Disclosure by both parties. Neither party can later claim 'you should have known' if it was not specifically declared at the time of making the contract.

When you applied (which means to beg) for a driver's license, did you know you were giving up your right to travel freely undisturbed?

When you filled out a W-4, making yourself a tax-payer and "public office" doing "trade or business" did you know you were allowing the IRS to lawfully rob you? Did you know that it was VOLUNTARY? Did you know you had a choice to say, no thank you?  Nope.  You were COERCED, threatened, and lied to, all of which constitutes a fraudulent contract.  Void and Nullified.

Consideration offered by both parties, this being the subject of the exchange. It must be a sum of money, or an item of value. Both parties agree that their CONSIDERATION is worth (to them) the other party's CONSIDERATION.

When you applied for a loan did you know it was your signature creating the "money", and that they are simply LOANING it back to you, with interest (usury).

Lawful terms and conditions for the contract, to which both parties agree.

Involve two or more people / 'Wet' SIGNATURES of both parties. This means hand-written SIGNATURES, as made by two human beings. Even though businesses and officials act as though there is a lawful contract in place, 99 times out of 100 these rules have not been followed. (Maybe it is 999 times out of 1,000 - or even more!). Standing on these 4 rules, requesting proofs, is the simplest way of stalemating just about every action that may be taken against you.

Parties who are of legal age and competent understanding.

You may have been just a baby when your parents got you a Social Security Number.

Did you realize that when you completed and signed the "Form 1040" tax return, you

1. "Volunteered" into the jurisdiction of the federal United States government

2. Admitted to being a corporate "person" and federal government employee

3. Agreed to abide by all of the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and therefore became subject to the State and federal income tax?

That's right. Paying income taxes is voluntary! Also, did you know that "Form W-4" is a Gift & Estate Tax Form for federal government employees, not for American "state" citizens?

Were you ever told by anyone in the government that when you applied for a Social Security Number (SSN) you became a U.S Citizen and waived your unalienable rights as a sovereign "state" Citizen. You became a federal government "employee" by enrolling in a federal government retirement and insurance benefits program, transferred your Power of Attorney to the Social Security Administration, AND were made liable for the federal debt? If you knew any of these things, would you still have made this contract with the government? This violates "full disclosure" making the contract null and void.

How about the State Motor Vehicle Codes when you applied for a driver's license? Were you told that the driver's license and vehicle registration laws are occupation taxes for commercial "drivers"? (Truck drivers, taxis and chauffeurs). The driver's license and vehicle registration are VOLUNTARY contracts to become subject to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) codes, get licensed, get insurance, register your vehicle, and pay the fees (which are occupation taxes). You also unknowingly agreed to transfer the lawful title (i.e., MSO) of your vehicle to the State when it was purchased from the original dealer? This means that you do not own your car. This is also why the government can take it away if you fail to meet all of the DMV codes.

At a traffic stop what are the three things a police officer will ask for? "Driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance please." They ask this because they need you to provide evidence to indicate that:

1. You've entered into a contract with the State;

2. You're within their jurisdiction.

If you are a resident of the "State", then you're required to have a State-issued license. Resident and Citizen are not the same thing. If you're operating a "motor vehicle", then registration, plates and insurance are required. A "motor vehicle" by law is a commercial term and is not the same thing as an automobile, or car.

To learn more about your right to travel go here.

"Adhesion contracts do not bind the citizen to a commercial contract. Without the six elements of a valid contract, none exists."
- PL#95-147, 91 Stat. 1227 (Oct. 28, 1977)

U.S citizens are bound by many adhesion contracts including voter's registration, marriage and business licenses, incorporation papers, selective service registration, postal addresses, band accounts and credit cards, tax returns, social security numbers, drivers and vehicle licenses; and subject to tens of thousands of statutes.

VOTER'S REGISTRATION is an unrevealed, private "contract" obligating the "voter" or "resident" to pay municipal, county and State bonds via the property tax (i.e., trustee fees) and a State income tax; voters have also unknowingly given their Power of Attorney to the State. Electors are not bound to a contract or a political party. Electors are sovereign "state" Citizen's with allodial property in any state.

A MARRIAGE LICENSE is an unrevealed, private "contract" with the State who is a legal third party to your marriage wherein they have control over the product (i.e., children) or the dibursement of community property (via a divorce). The State gets the power to take away your children if they deem it necessary for any reason. Do you want the government in your bed telling you how to raise your children? The doctrine of parens patria gives the State supremacy over parental rights.

BUSINESS LICENSES negate your Common law "right to work" in the profession and skill of your choice or talent.

INCORPORATION for your for-profit or non-profit business with limited liabilty for the payment of debt is a BENEFIT fromt he government which costs the private individual 100% ownership and control over the corporation. Corporations are creations of and chartered by the State. When you are incorporating, you're now working for a government-protected enterprise, and subject to all the rules and regulations thereof. When the churches incorporate they lose their sovereignty and independence, and their 1st Amendment rights to freedom of religion!

NON-PROFIT CORPORATIONS are owned and controlled lock, stock and barrel by the IRS and it's foreign principals/creditors. If you're working in the non-profit sector, the Federal Reserve and it's principals/creditors are your bosses. They don't give grants and funding away without receiving control over the agendas of these organizations, some of which are well meaning.

SELECTIVE SERVICE/MILITARY registration is for U.S citizens only! If you place your signature on that private contract, you are bound, body and soul to it. The government corporation owns you completely. The draft is voluntary servitude.

POSTAL ADDRESSES utilizing zip codes and two-digit abbreviations for the State are private contracts for federal government employees. Having or using a "zip code" supports the presumption that you are indeed a federal "employee" subject to the income tax and the Form 1040. Domestic mail is "within" the federal United States. Non-domestic is "without" the federal United States, between the sovereign "state" Citizens and the state (intrastate).

Unknowingly, when you opened a checking account, or received a credit card, and signed your "name" on the bank signature card, you entered a contract with a bank, who is also under contract with the Federal Reserve System, who has in turn contracted with the IRS to collect taxes. This chain of contracts gives authorization to the IRS to access information about your accounts, lien your assets, snoop your records, garnish your wages, and to subject you to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

By not comprehending the power of contracts, you have unwittingly waived many of your rights by simply signing your bank signature card. We the People fall into this trap many times, creating a lengthy paper trail of "presumptive evidence" through these adhesion contracts, which are used to establish jurisdiction and establish facts that can and will be used against us in a court of Equity/Admiralty.

PRESUMPTION - an inference in favor of a particular fact; a rule of law by which finding of a basic fact gives rise to existence of presumed fact, until presumption is rebutted

As an American, sovereign "state" Citizen, the Constitution offers no protection once you've volunteered into a contract, having waived your rights in exchange for any government privileges or benefits. A U.S citizen is "presumed" bound to these adhesion contracts.

Adhesion contracts entered unknowingly, unwillingly, or unintentionally can be nullified by declaration in the form of an "Affidavit". A U.S citizen may "resciend or revoke" any adhesion contracts they've entered unknowingly and unwillingly, to clear their "name" of all legal disabilities and become a sui juris freeman/woman. A U.S citizen may also argue that the signature on the contract never existed because there was not full disclosure.

You can repudiate all signatures on past IRS and SSA Forms by a general "Affidavit" along with a "Constructive Legal Notice" sent to all pertinent government corporations and agencies. This will establish a paper trail of evidence to support your declaration and claim of a sovereign "state" Citizenship and/or sui juris freeman/woman, and refute any presumptions that exist.

State courts were federalized in 1982 under Equity/Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction, thus have no general jurisdiction (unless there are un-rebutted, international adhesion contracts still in force) over a sovereign "state" Citizen. Sovereign "state" Citizens must be tried in a federal court under diversity of citizenship jurisdiction.

Your "name" is your property, just like your fingerprint. Henceforth, whenever signing your name, read the fine print, ask for the hidden contracts, and you can always add the following citation from the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) under your "signature." For example:

"I, Johnny Liberty, hereby reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract of commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally. And furthermore, I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement"
     - Johnny Liberty, Special Appearance
      Without Prejudice, UCC 1-207 All Rights Reserved

The effect is an explicit "Reservation of All Your Unalienable Rights"- which will nullify your authorization and legal "name" if there are any hidden or unseen contracts.

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