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Mass graves are being prepared in major metropolitan areas across the United States, and nobody seems to know what they are for. The most common cover story is that these mass graves are for burying U.S. military casualties, but is the U.S. military really expecting thousands upon thousands of additional deaths in the near future?  Are these mass graves completely innocent in nature, or is there something much more disturbing going on here? The scope of this project appears to be absolutely massive. What could be the purpose of such a large number of mass graves?... Is the U.S. Preparing for Genocide?

At an estimated price of $120 per coffin  - Why has FEMA spent $60 MILLION of tax payer money for just one location (Madison, Georgia) alone?

If you can get through the vascilations of Glenn Beck, this is an important expose’ that should sound alarms even for the most gullible among us.

Towards the end there is a discussion about the use of colored dots being applied to mail boxes to designate what was to happen to you in the event of a martial law event and the presence of foreign troops on our soil against us………..The colored dot sytem was scrapped for the GPS locating of your front door.  Now a computer program will give specific directions to your front door……with your designation.  Gives the US census a whole new meaning doesn’t it?

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