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-  Understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite: poetry full of esoteric allusions.
-  Belonging to the select few.
-  Private; secret; confidential. 
-  (Of a philosophical doctrine or the like) intended to be revealed only to the initiates of a group.

- Beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious.
- Of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.
- Secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated.
- Hidden from view.
- (in early science) a. not apparent on mere inspection but discoverable by experimentation. 
     b. of a nature not understood, as physical qualities.
     c. dealing with such qualities; experimental: hidden from view.
- (in early science) a. not apparent on mere inspection but discoverable by experimentation.
     b. of a nature not understood, as physical qualities.
     c. dealing with such qualities; experimental:

2012 Rising

The Apocalypse Unsealed by James M. Pryse PDF

Embracing the first matter of the magnum opus, the evolution of Aphrodite-Urania, 
The supernatural generation of the son of the sun, and the alchemical transfiguration of humanity

Advancement of Learning and the New Atlantis - Francis Bacon PDF

Bill Cooper - The Hour Of The Time

The Book Of The Words
By Albert Pike, Freemason. On the use and symbolism of masonic words, and passwords.

Pane Adov
2012, Meditation, UFOS, Orion, Merkabah, and much more.

The Perennial Philosophy By Aldous Huxley
Aldous Huxley examines the spiritual beliefs of various religious traditions


Prometheus Rising PDF

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Who Is Running America
The Truth About The British Monarchy
Requirement For Consent
Corporate Government
Dispatch of Merchants
A Primer On Martial Law
How We Give Our Power Away
The Mark of the Beast
Freedom From De Facto Laws
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