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All Laws Exist in A Fiction
What if I told you, you did not live in a country, nor do you have a true name, a true birth date and you did not have to file taxes or follow any laws? As many of you scoff, stop for a moment and examine these facts.

If you look at the definitions of your Country/State/Province/City etc. you will find in the Constitution or the Interpretations Act that they are not legally defined as being on the earth. Canada, for example,is defined as the land under the water according to the Interpretations Act section 35(1),"Canada", for greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada;

Nowhere in any act will you find any mention of the earth. To further this, Canada is a Corporation registered on the Security Exchange Commission in Washington D.C. Here is the link: nclude&count=40#Canada

Simply put, we live on a planet we call earth and not in Countries. In fact Countries are not land under the real system of law, they are imaginary Seas, upon which Admiralty Law applies and the NAMES you use are imaginary ships floating on the Sea, where Piracy reigns as the system of Commerce, between your and all the other imaginary ships. But because you are not imaginary, they have to give you a play piece in the game. This is called a PERSON and its attributes are a NAME and BIRTH DATE. The Game is rigged from the start. The pirates simply set up laws and wait for you to break one so that they can plunder your wealth and freedom. A name is an imaginary thing you are given, typically when you were born. However, a name is simply hearsay; you do not know what your true name is, no one does. The other attribute of a person, a Birth Date, is hearsay because no one can say when exactly the Universe was created and making use of an event such as Jesus' Death, hence A.D., is only hearsay. Further Jesus was Crucified and died in the spring during Passover so the Calendar should actually start its new year in the spring. What they have done is to overlay an imaginary world over the earth and make you believe that it is real, when in fact it is simply fiction. So if you do not exist in their imaginary world, how is it that you must follow their laws and pay taxes? You are not responsible for paying taxes and following their laws and their laws even say so! Again using Canada for example: The BNA Act Section 2 dealt with the Succession of the Queen heirs ruling over Canada. It was removed from the Act in 1897. When Queen Victoria died in 1901, all executive power seized in Canada as per Section 9 states all executive power is vested in the Queen. It is reported that two days after the Queen died the Bankers in The City of London, claimed salvage rights on the ship adrift at sea called Canada. The UK Parliament did nothing to stop them. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 32 states that the application of the Charter only applies to Government and Section 52 of the Constitutional Act 1982, states that all laws in Canada must be compared against the Charter or they have no force or effect. Thus all laws in Canada only apply to the Government, I am paraphrasing this for brevity, look it up! This is because the Bankers own Canada and the Queen has nothing to do with Canada as there was no succession of power put into the Constitution.
This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Canada. For the USA, the Constitution there starts off with, "We the People..." Pick up any law dictionary and see if it defines people as human beings, persons or men and women created by God. It doesn't. It is so ambiguous it is ridiculous. All laws only apply to PERSONS. If you open the King James Bible and look in Genesis Chapter 1, you will see very clearly that God did not create us as persons. None of the US State Constitutions define any State as being on the earth and neither does the USA Constitution describe the USA being on the earth. It is all imaginary. Now for those of you who still think that law applies to you , take a look at the address of the court house and the documents that come from the court house. You will notice that especially in Canada that they change the province name to a two letter abbreviation and in all cases they leave Canada off the address. Look up the Address for the Supreme Court of Canada; they left Canada out of the address. This is because the Courts are the Bankers Courts and not the People's courts. The laws have no executive power behind them from the people. Executive power means the ability to enforce and make law. So yes, since Queen Victoria died, all laws made since in Canada have no executive power or state authority behind them.

So you want out? Well read my book, The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite

There is a solution. --- Robert Hay () graduated in Telecommunication Engineering Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. From there, he dedicated 5 years of his life to learning the spiritual healing arts and discovered a completely different take on life.
He became quite concerned over massive injustices and began to fight back over paying taxes. He discovered that all laws reside within a fiction. After spending a few years gathering information and successfully preventing the Tax Man from taking him to court over unpaid taxes, he wrote a book called, The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite. It is a free download off his website.
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All Laws Exist In A Fiction
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