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Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself. On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes.

As you enter the world of Sacred Geometry you begin to see as never before the wonderfully patterned beauty of Creation.  The molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snow flakes, pine cones, flower petals, diamond crystals, the branching of trees, a nautilus shell, the star we spin around, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms as we know them emerge out of timeless geometric codes. Viewing and contemplating these codes allow us to gaze directly at the lines on the face of deep wisdom and offers up a glimpse into the inner workings of the Universal Mind and the Universe itself.

The ancients believed that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul. They knew that these patterns and codes were symbolic of our own inner realm and the subtle structure of awareness. To them the "sacred” had particular significance involving consciousness and the profound mystery of awareness ….. the ultimate sacred wonder. Sacred Geometry takes on another whole level of significance when grounded in the experience of self-awareness.

The gift of lightSource is that it actually allows you to experience that essential self within the designs of pure Source energy. As the blueprints literally come to life before your eyes, you are propelled into ecstatic play with the very the heart of Creation.

The Platonic Solids

Tetrahedron    Hexahedron Octahedron  Dodecahedron   Icosahedron

As far back as Greek Mystery schools 2500 years ago, we as a species were taught that there are five perfect 3-dimensional forms -The tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. Collectively these are known as The Platonic Solids -- and are the foundation of everything in the physical world. Modern scholars ridiculed this idea until the 1980's, when Professor Robert Moon at the University of Chicago demonstrated that the entire Periodic Table of Elements -- literally everything in the physical world -- is based on these same five forms! In fact, throughout modern Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, the sacred geometric patterns of creation are being rediscovered, but often without the greater context of spiritual understanding which protects against their misuse. One of our intentions with lightSource, is to provide a bridge to an intuitive spiritual understanding that is in alignment with the appropriate use of this knowledge.

The Elements of lightSource

Sacred Geometry  
Geometric shapes actually represent the manifest stages of 'becoming'. To see and work with unity and wholeness in geometry can help abolish our false notion of separateness from nature and from each other.  Through Sacred Geometry we can discover the inherent proportion, balance and harmony that exists in any situation, all manifest reality and even the circumstances of our day-to-day life.

It was Marcel Proust who said, " The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” 


The Energy in Action

Leonardo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who introduced to Europe and popularized the Hindu-Arabic number system (also called the decimal system). He contributed greatly to number theory, and during his life published many important texts. He is also known for the Fibonacci Series, a numerical series found frequently in the natural world.

The Fibonacci sequence is generated by adding the previous two numbers in the list together to form the next and so on and so on.(1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55...). Divide any number in the Fibonacci sequence by the one before it, for example 55/34, or 21/13, and the answer is always close to 1.61803. This is known as the Golden Ratio.

One of the most profound and significant activities encompassed within sacred geometry and lightSource is the 'Golden Mean Spiral', derived by using the 'Golden Ratio'.



The Golden Mean was used in the design of sacred buildings in ancient architecture to produce spiritual energy that facilitated connectivity with spiritual realms through prayer.Our reality is very structured, and indeed Life is even more structured. This is reflected though Nature in the form of geometry. Geometry is the very basis of our reality, and hence we live in a coherent world governed by unseen laws.  These are always manifested in our world.  The Golden Mean governs the proportion of our world and it can be found even in the most seemingly proportion-less (active) living forms.

Clear examples of Sacred Geometry (and Golden Mean geometry) in Nature and matter:

All types of crystals, natural and cultured.  

The hexagonal geometry of snowflakes.

Creatures exhibiting logarithmic spiral patterns: e.g. snails and various shell fish.

Birds and flying insects, exhibiting clear Golden Mean proportions in bodies & wings.

The way in which lightning forms branches.

The way in which rivers branch.

The geometric molecular and atomic patterns that all solid metals exhibit.

The way in which a tree spans out so that all its branches receive sunlight

Another, perhaps less obvious but most significant example of this special ratio can be found in Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) - the foundation and guiding mechanism of all living organisms.

The understanding of geometry as an underlying part of our existence is nothing new, and in fact the Golden Mean and other forms of geometry can be seen imbedded in many of the ancient monuments that still exist today.  The Great Pyramid (the oldest of these structures) at Giza is a good example of this. The height of this pyramid is in Phi ratio (e.g. the Golden Mean Ratio) to its base. In fact, the geometry in this particular structure is far more accurate than that found in any of today's modern buildings.

This explains why popular among spiritually significant shapes are pyramids and hemispheres (e.g. the domes, that are the basis of religious buildings, be it a mosque, a church or a synagogue).  These particular shapes are energy emitters; they are shapes that produce a type of penetrating carrier wave which Chaumery and De Belizal named negative green (which acts as carrier-like radio waves that carry sound information). The vibrational quality of the Golden Mean gives it very strong communication properties, which facilitate resonance with higher realms in prayer.

We live in the 3rd dimension, or the 'Plane of Manifestation'. The Golden Mean is an intra-dimensional doorway though which matter emerges into manifest 3-D reality. For example, when a star is born it follows specific number sequences or universal rules, the same rules of life in the expansion process. Then we see the light!


Thus the Golden Mean is the "fingerprint" of creation. When we re-create this moving and always expanding sequence, we have in effect - 'the exact movement of creation  in the expansion process'.  When lightSource is playing, one is encountering and literally being bathed in this 'Golden Ratio' creation activity...undeniably one of the most harmonious, balancing experiences one can interact with.


The Magic of Geometry
Bio-Geometry is a science that deals with the effect of geometrical shapes on life functions and the design of shapes that interact with earth's energy fields, to produce special pre-calculated effects on biological systems.

It was developed by Dr lbraham F. Karim D.Sc. in Cairo, Egypt, who has been conducting research in these disciplines since 1968.  The tools necessary for the measurement of the energy of geometrical shapes are based on the science of Microvibrational Physics, or Physical Radiesthesia, as it was named by the French radiesthesists, Chaumery and De Belizal around the years 1930-1940, (and later developed by Dr. Karim). 

Research in Bio-Geometry was, and still is, mainly dedicated to the development of a new form of architecture that would enhance the human biological system and give a new meaning to the concept of Home.

To upgrade the energy quality of existing homes so as to cancel the potentially harmful effects of unchecked energy fields due to the architectural design, furniture layout, electrical wiring and modem appliances, specially designed decorative elements are strategically placed to neutralize negative energy and add a positive quality to it.

Bio-Geometrical shapes, when designed or engraved on jewelry, have shown positive effects on the body's energy field, and reduce the potential health hazards caused by cellular phones, computers and other modern appliances.

In many ways the science and metaphysical discipline of Bio-Geometry provides one of the underpinnings to support what many know today as Feng Shui.

Higher Harmonics Within The Golden Mean: The Magic of Geometry and Color

The understanding of geometry as an underlying part of our existence is nothing new and in fact, the Golden Mean and other forms of geometry can be seen embedded in many of the ancient monuments that still exist today. The Great Pyramid at Giza (the oldest of these structures) is an example of this. The height of this pyramid is in Phi ratio to its base. In fact, the geometry in this particular structure is far more accurate than any found in today's modern buildings.


These particular shapes are energy emitters; they are shapes that produce a type of penetrating carrier wave which Chaumery and De Belizal named 'negative green', which acts as carrier-like radio waves that carry sound information. The vibrational quality of the negative green gives it very strong communication properties, which facilitate resonance with higher realms in prayer. This explains why popular among spiritually significant shapes are pyramids and hemispheres (e.g. the domes, that are the basis of religious buildings, be it a mosque, a church or a synagogue). 

A revival of the ancient design criteria, or canons, in modern architecture was attempted by the Swiss pioneer of the modem architecture Le Corbusier, with his "modular" system which comprised two scales of dimensions based on the Golden Ratio.  The Russian researcher, Scariatin, who wrote under the pseudonym of Enel and published his first books on radiesthesia in Egypt in the forties, was the first to discover that one aspect of the negative green vibrational quality was an integral part of spiritual energy fields and increased with the spiritual evolution of the person.

Inspired by Scariatin's work, Dr. lbraham F. Karim has done extensive research and found that Bio-Geometrical shapes have three primary vibrational qualities: (1) negative green, (2) a higher harmonic of ultra-violet, and (3) a higher harmonic of gold.  Only shapes which produce energy fields with all three components are Bio-Geometrical.

lightSource produces and emits all three components:  negative green,  a higher harmonic of ultra-violet, and a higher harmonic of gold.

Negative green turned out to have other properties, however, which make it potentially very harmful under certain circumstances of continuous exposure.  Dr. Karim has done considerable research into this type of energy, and the different components have been identified. The most important component in spiritual energy fields is a specific type of the negative green. (This is a vibrational quality that is in resonance with the grey between white and black).  It is at the core of all energy centres in the body and power spots in nature.  Pyramids and hemispheres produce this vibration along their central axis.  In spiritual energy fields, however, only the horizontal component of this energy is found. The vertical component, which is the harmful part of this energy, is cancelled.


Within all the 13 sacred shapes of lightSource, only the horizontal component of negative green is present when the shapes are active.

The second component is a higher harmonic of ultraviolet, an invisible light that is the environment of angels and other light beings.  It is a very purifying and relaxing vibration, which balances overactive organ functions and has a calming effect on the nervous system.

The higher harmonic of ultraviolet is present in all 13 shapes of lightSource when the shapes are active.

The third component is a higher harmonic of gold, which, although on a much higher vibrational plane, is in resonance with physical gold (it is depicted by the halos around the heads of saints). It enhances wisdom and prosperity in a broad sense.  On the physical level, it has an energising effect that balances the body's immune system.

The higher harmonic of gold is present in all 13 shapes of lightSource when the shapes are active.

(For more information on Bio-Geometry, please visit their website.)


The Final Element …You! 
You are the unexpected magical element –the creative alchemist, mixing geometries, palettes and sound with the surprising and ever revealing artistry of your own consciousness.  By trusting the "hidden reserves” of your own mind, emotions and soul to creatively guide your experience here, you will receive that which is uniquely appropriate for you at any given time. 


Applications of lightSource

  • Catalyst for creativity in any medium. One that evokes an unlimited array of dynamic interactions in the realm of movement, color, shape and sound.

  • Balancing your environment  Many anecdotal reports indicate that there is a feeing of more balanced energies within the environment when lightSource is playing

  • Kinetic art displayed on an interactive canvas to esthetically enliven our techno environments.

  • De-Stressing Tool   When used as a simple meditation tool, lightSource can lower stress within the viewer within minutes of encountering the program

  • Engaging screensaver that channels the pulse of Creation to enhance the energy and tone of any environment. 

  • Multi sensory explorations of the origins of manifest reality.

  • Shifting your personal frequency to create the reality you desire.

  • Vehicle for the kinesthetic experience of sound, music, pattern and color.

  • Transformational tool, for meditation offering a bridge by which the mind can achieve its highest level in the realm of pure Intelligence thus making good on the aphorism:

"The power which we seek is the power with which we seek."


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The Thirteen Sacred Geometries
Each of the thirteen images featured represents a complex melding of sacred geometric elements with a state-of-the-art media realization into complex, flowingly animated art. Exponential combinations of color palettes, images and unlimited choices of music and sound create unique, unparalleled experiences.

Embedded in these experiences are the properties associated with each geometry. Also, there is always an experiential and emotional aspect associated with every sacred geometrical form.  These particular aspects become more apparent over time. In the end, keep only what your personal experience validates.



The Sacred Geometry Forms

Properties Associated With Each Form






1.  Torus


The first shape to emerge out of the genesis pattern.  It governs many aspects of life including the human heart with its seven muscles that form a Torus.  The Torus is literally around all life forms, all atoms, and all cosmic bodies such as planets, stars and galaxies. It is the primary shape in existence.


2.  Vesica Piscis


The crucible of the creating process. An opening to the womb from which all geometric forms are born.  A symbol of the fusion of opposites and a passageway through the world’s apparent polarities. The geometric image through which light was born. Also the geometry for the human eye.


3.  Flower of Life


The geometric power symbol, which activates energy coding in the mind, helping one to access their "light body.”  It is the primal language of the universe—pure shape and proportion. This interlocking circle design has the ability to unlock memories that are deep within our being because it is a primary energy/language pattern that has a resonance with all things within us and around us.  Shown here with a harmonic overlay.


4.   Tree of Life and Seed of Life


The Tree of Life is one of the most ancient and profound teachings of the awareness of Universal life force energies and the light body. Along with the Seed of Life it is part of the geometry that parallels the cycle of the fruit tree. When these two forms are superimposed upon each other that relationship becomes apparent.  The Tree of Life is most widely recognized as the geometry that is the basis for the Kabalah, the ancient system of mystical Judaism.


 5. Ankhs and the Seed of Life 


Geometry of seven interconnected circles, the Seed of Life is considered to be the basic unit of information necessary for the formation of all material substance.   In this rendition, the Seed of Life is superimposed over the geometry of an Ankh or Ansate cross, an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph signifying life, health and happiness. This cross has been extensively used in the symbolism of the Coptic Christian church.


6.  Electro Magnetic Field of the Human Merkaba


The Star Tetrahedron (a three dimensional Star of David) is the sacred geometry at the center of this form and is the pattern of the etheric light grid that surrounds each human being.  This grid is called the Merkaba and it is an interdimensional vehicle used initially to incarnate spirit into human bodily form.  The Universal energy of Love is the fuel for this vehicle.


7.  Metatron’s Cube


One of the most important informational systems in the universe and one of the basic creation patterns for all of existence. Within it are found all five of the Platonic Solids, the ”building blocks” of creation.


8. Icosidodecahedron and Pentagonal Star


The Decagon emerges from the pentagon and shares its self-generating divine proportion, the golden mean. At the center of this design is the Pentagonal Star, a powerful psychological icon symbolizing excellence, authority and uprightness.


9.  Golden Mean Spiral


The Golden Mean Spiral is the ideal and correlates to Source. It is the symbol of life’s unfolding mysteries.  With each revolution the spiral reveals a complete cycle of evolution.  It offers a wiser and more all-encompassing perspective gleaned from growing by "learning all angles” of each experience. With their continuous curves, spirals are feminine in nature.  Logarithmic spirals, like cochlea of the inner ear, reveal the intimate relationship between the harmonics of sound and geometry.


10.  Harmonics of Music and the Thirteen Chakras 


Like the Golden Mean Spiral, this geometric progression has no beginning and no end.  It is from the Harmonics of Music that all the laws of physics can be derived, reveling the potent nature of this form.  Music is a powerful tool for opening the charkas. This geometry artistically symbolizes this relationship, and as such, may be a particularly good focus for meditation when listening to Enos Dream.


 11.   Endless Knot


One of the eight sacred emblems of Tibetan Buddhism, this geometry forms ten enclosures and symbolizes the endless cycle of death and rebirth until illumination. (The core Buddhist insight underlying this symbol is: addiction and aversion lead to delusion, which is the ongoing source of all suffering.)


12.   Sacred Heart


Is said to be primary source of spiritual intuition, and the seat of true wisdom. The purpose of which is to illuminate, inspire and lead the mind, rather than be controlled by the mind. 


13.   Sri Yantra


A geometric power symbol.  The ancient yogis of India considered it to be the most powerful of all known geometric power symbols.  Represents the geometric structure of the sound of creation—OM.  

Meditation on the Sri Yantra will bring enlightenment and that all the secrets of the universe will be revealed to the person who meditates on it until its image is engraved in the mind. This form also has the ability to focus, balance and increase the level of life force energy. The key is experiencing Sri Yantra as a "star gate” to the Zero Point of Source from which all manifestation ultimately comes. 

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Meditation and the Use of Breath
Meditation is a skill that has been practiced since ancient times. It involves the relaxation of your body, mind, and emotions as a way to free your consciousness for clear, concentrated focus on whatever you choose.

Although most approaches to meditation are done with the eyes closed and a quiet environment, it is also useful to employ both sight and sound in order to achieve specific purposes, such as deep experiencing of sacred geometric forms.  The thirteenth form, Sri Yantra, has been used for centuries in this way, with the meditator chanting the sacred syllable OM while gazing steadily at the form.  


Demonstration: The Power of "Breathing Through” in Meditation
As a way to demonstrate the power of meditatively using the breath, here is an experiment for you to try: 

1.      Hold both hands up in front of you and quietly feel both of them.  Do they feel much the same, or different?  (We expect that for practical purposes they feel the same.)

2.      Now, with your eyes lowered or closed, with each breath you take; imagine that you are breathing through the palm of only one of them.  (For a more pronounced experience breathe through your non-dominant hand.)  Do this for five complete breaths, in and out.

3.      Now hold your hands up in front of you again, and quietly feel both of them.  Do they feel much the same, or different?

The difference that you probably feel between your hands is the result of having done a brief "breathing meditation” on your hand.   It is indicative of the gentle increase in energy that can occur by meditatively breathing through the thirteen sacred geometries, contained in lightSource Vol.1

How to Use the Sacred Geometries with Meditation
Once you have learned the basic process of systematically relaxing and energizing your body, mind and emotions you are ready to begin doing specific meditations on the thirteen sacred geometric forms in lightSource Vol. 1

1.      Read all of the thumbnail descriptions and view all thirteen geometries.  See which of them appeal most to you.

2.      Choose what geometry to focus on:
-- A single geometry (for your first time we suggest the first of the series: Torus, due to its power to center and focus one’s consciousness.)
-- A series of geometries either programmed or in a random sequence.

3.      Choose what music to use: 
-- Any Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync track would be perfect
-- Classical music such as Vivaldi, Mozart or Bach
-- A recording of singing Tibetan quartz bowls or bells
-- Recorded nature sounds
-- Shamanic drumming and/or chanting
-- Any instrumental track

You’ll be amazed at how the animated geometries seem to magically synchronize with absolutely any type of music. Have fun, experiment and try all your favorites. And remember…if you want to maximize the effects, breathe through the forms as you watch them. 

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A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science—A Voyage from 1 to 10, by Michael S. Schneider (New York: Harper Collins, 1994).

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: An edited transcript of the Flower of Life Workshop presented live to Mother Earth from 1985 to 1994, Vol. I and Vol. II, by Drunvalo Melchizedek, realized by Live Cherish.  (Flagstaff: Light Technology Pub., 2000)

Sedona: Beyond the Vortex: The Ultimate Journey To Your Personal Place of Power, by Richard Danneley Sedona, AZ: The Vortex Society, 1995 )

Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook, by Bruce Rawles (Nevada City, CA: Elysian Pub.,1997)



lightSource was independently verified by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, scientist and author of:

  • The Seven Keys to Creation: Sacred Geometry and the Patterns of Life

  • Sacred Geometry and the Initiation Secrets of the Great Spiritual School

  • Egyptian and European Energy Work, Volume 1: Essential Knowledge

  • Egyptian and European Energy Work,  Volume 2: Methods and Tools

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert has a multi-faceted background in both spiritual and scientific studies. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Survival; since leaving the service in 1985 he has conducted independent research into the Geometric basis of modern science and new technologies. Dr. Gilbert is also a Rosicrucian with more than 20 years of experience in Sacred Geometry and its hidden uses by the world's great spiritual traditions. His non-sectarian approach is inclusive of individuals from all spiritual traditions. Dr. Gilbert holds a Ph.D. in International Studies and is a published academic author in that field, contributing to the first academic textbook in the new field of Transformational Politics.

In 1997 Dr. Gilbert began for the first time to teach publicly the results of his two decades of intensive research. Today he teaches both publicly and privately in Asheville, NC. Dr. Gilbert also offers a small number of his VESICA series of special seminars throughout the United States every year. His recent speaking engagements include the keynote address to the American Society of Dowsers, guest speaker for the international Holographic Repatterning Association conference, and the Labyrinth Society Meeting. Website:


Animated gifs of the Platonic Solids Copyright © 1999, 2000 by Rüdiger Appel, all rights reserved.


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