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"History is the lie commonly agreed upon."  Voltaire

"The falsification of history has done more to impede human development than any one thing known to mankind." Rousseau

Atlantis Questions

Atlantis Rising Online Magazine

The Babylonian Story of the Deluge As Told By Assyrian Tablets From Nineveh PDF

"Bar" Religious History of Religion PDF

BBC News: The Wave That Destroyed Atlantis

The Big Bang - What Really Happened

The Black Nobility


Atlantis: The Lost Continent

The Canadian Holocaust: The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples

The Comet of 562 AD

The Controversy Of Zion By Douglas Reed PDF

Could This Be the Biggest Find Since the Dead Sea Scrolls? Seventy Metal Books Found in Cave in Jordan

The Death of John F. Kennedy

Discovery Pushes Human Tool Use Back 800,000 Years 

The Dragon Court

The Dragon Society

Earths Forbidden Secrets Part One: Searching For The Past PDF

Egyptian Pyramids Found by Infra-red Satellite Images

Egyptology Resources

The First Book of Adam and Eve

Forbidden Archeology

Gateways to Babylon

Geologist Robert Schoch

Giant Foot Print 200 Million Years Old Found In South Africa

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos On Ancient Mysteries

Graham Hancock

Guardian's Egypt

Hidden From History - The Canadian Holocaust


Hitler and the Spear of Destiny

How the Jewish People Were Invented

Illuminati History

In the Depths of Antiquity: Fraud and Suppression of Information in Archaeology

Is the Latitude of Ancient Sites Encoded in their Geometry?

Janus – Illuminati God Of Chaos and Deception

Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years PDF

The Legends of Babylon and Egypt

The Legal System of Ancient Egypt

Lost City Found Beneath Cuban Waters

Lost Technology of Maya Civilization Discovered

Masonic History

The Memory Hole: Archive of History Lost


Military History: The Knights Templar

The Mysterious Connection Between Sirius And Human History


The Spoonfed Truth Facebook
All Laws Exist In A Fiction
Gullibility Factor Test
Who Is Running America
The Truth About The British Monarchy
Requirement For Consent
Corporate Government
Dispatch of Merchants
A Primer On Martial Law
How We Give Our Power Away
The Mark of the Beast
Freedom From De Facto Laws
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