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"Together we stand or separately you will be stood on!"
The current explosion of misinformation makes it hard to find and know the truth. This site
provides links to articles, media, and original content to help promote truth and prosperity.
Scottish Sovereigns On The Land
The fmotl in Scotland.  Radio broadcasts, etc.
What can true science do when secretive elitists fund science?
Illuminati news, lots of articles
One-stop shop where you can freely find procedures and templates to help you screw the bailiff.
The Secret People
The Secret People are in Lawful rebellion.
The Seize Liberty Network
Liberty, Patriotism, government, the NWO, your rights, thought crime, and more.
Covers many subjects, health, police state, 911, big brother, fascism, and more
Liberty, Patriotism, government, the NWO, your rights, thought crime, and more.
9/11, War, Zionism, Religion, Psychedelics, Censorship, The CIA and a whole lot more
The corporate propaganda antidote
Podcast on many subjects
Articles on government, law, freedom, the right to bear arms, etc.
Where the "it" hits the fan

Silent Majority
We are the silent majority
Skolnick's Report
Banking, Government, Politics, Corporate Corruption, and more
Society Without State
Direct self-government - No government by others 

Songlight For Dawn
Blog with collection of relevant articles, excerpts from books and lots of links.
The Source Within
Blogspot with articles on Strawman and Birth Certificate bonds, Health, Politics, 911, Money and more.
Sovereign Education Defense Ministry
Excellent site, tons of educational information.  Go to Start Here to begin your path to sovereignty.

Sovereign Society
Conceived in 1998 by a group of four uncompromising advocates of liberty and free markets.
We felt strongly that individuals are born sovereign over themselves, not as chattels of governments.

The Sovereign Squamish
An independent sovereign government.  No license's, No SSN/SINs, No taxes.  True freedom

Sovereign Tactics
Use Common Law in Courts. Protect yourself against corruption and learn the true motives behind war and the two party dictatorship
Sovereignty International
Focuses on threats to national sovereignty in public policies, international treaties, and in education and cultural trends.
Sovereignty UCC Law
In depth site about Government, Corporations, UCC, the Strawman, Bohemian Grove, Secret Societies and much more.
Vast free library of files teaching about state Citizenship, rights, and tax avoidance.
Speak Liberty Now
Dedicated to bringing truthful and relevant liberty minded dialogue to social and economic issues of our day
Information and articles; NWO, 9-11, Big Business, Homeland Security, International Bankers, Income Taxes, and much more.
Ethnobotanicals online store for alternative herbs, plants, etc
Steve Quayle
Global watch, money, cosmic events, technology, terrorism, disease, prophesy, weather warfare, and more.
A sister site hosting videos and photos. Freedom, government, law, NWO, tyranny, health, money, mind control & education
Stop The Pirates
Accepted for Value, Birth Certificates and other information. Start learning the way things really work.
Stop The Robbery
Links, videos and info on freedom, sovereignty, occult history, 
secret societies, conspiracy, religion, extraterrestrials, and more

Storm Thunder
When You Hear Thunder, A Storm Is Brewing
A Journal of Liberty
Subterranean Bases
Find out about what goes on below your feet
Discussing Right To Travel, Land ownership, court cases, taxation, Big Brother, Health and more. 
The Sure Truth
Economy, Conspiracy, Vaccines and Health, Taxes, New World ORder, Videos, FEMA, Dictatorship and more.

Survival Blog
A Guide to preparing individuals living in uncertain times
Online Encyclopedia Of Western Signs and Ideograms
Covers the criminal Zionist history between 740-2006.
The tactics you need to confidently survive and thrive in good times and in bad
Take Back Washington
For a Constitutional Government. 911, FEMA, Police State, Big Brother, NWO and more.
American concentration camps, civil liberties, conspiracy, food, health care, libertarian, north american union, travel, terrorism and more
Articles and videos on a variety of world-wide news.
Publishing Group, educational articles, links, for health, wellness, politics, economics, and environmental issues. 
Tir na Saor - Land Of The Free
Law & Sovereignty, Money & Debt, Activism, Globalism, Sustainability, Philosophy, and Energy
Archive of articles and book excerpts that seek to tell the truth about democracy, media, and 
foreign policy, corporations, global trade, financial institutions and the corporate media, plus more!

Thought Maybe
Globalization, GMOs, Money, Technology, Mainstream Media, Population control, and more.

Time 4 Truth
Videos on banking, freedom, spirituality, health and more.

Tir na Saor - Land Of the Free
Law & Sovereignty, Money & Debt, Activism, Philosophy, Globalism, Sustainability, Energy, and resources.
Tom Paine
Public interest journal inspired by the great Patrio Thomas Paine
Great website featuring tons of documentaries on a variety of different topics.
A progressive perspective on world events since 1952

Tragedy and Hope
A portal of important educational media, with over 30 million downloads

TROM Documentary: The Reality of Me
Before the big bang and beyond. Knowledge, science, education, money, slavery, religion, technology and so much more
Exposing the truth one lie at a time

True World History
Lots of documentaries on money, health, tyranny, big brother, and much more.
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God.
Working to restore the limited and distant federal republic guaranteed by the Constitution
Putting the government back in its box, one tentacle at a time.
Chemtrails, photos, UFOs, talk radio show, news, HAARP, GMOs, Morgellons, etc.
Archive of information on the occult, esoteric, government, NWO, banking and a lot more
Truth Juice
For Truth seekers and freethinkers
Dedicated to education and information on vitues of liberty and failures of governments.  
Addresses the widespread belief in carefully-constructed lies and myths.
Listening, reading and uncovering the truth in media
Truth Radio
Information and articles on government, law, money, freedom and more.
The Truth Seeker
Behind the headlines - Conspiracy, cover-ups, ancient mysteries, and more.
Dedicated to liberating Americans through education.
Break Free: Question More. 
A site about freedom, the illuminati and the New World Order
Resolving commercial matters with harmony. A4V. Secured Party Creditors, Discharging Debt.
Exhaustive site that tackles subjects ranging from Bigfoot and UFOs, to Ancient Egypt and Ghosts.

The Unhived Mind
Exposing views on World Conspiracy
The quest is about freedom; Truth leads to Freedom leads to Ultimate Happiness.
Resisting tyranny, articles on Police State, Health, False flags, Politics, and more
Piercing the veil of deception. Information on everything from the mind control to the FED.

The University of Ucadia
Law, Monetary Systems, Health, History, 9/11 and much more.

Unknown Country
Credible suppressed information on science, religion, culture, media, health and headline news.
A Place for Free Speech
Association for human rights.
USA Hitman
Conspiracy & Alternative news. Big Brother, Financial Collapse, Police State, War, New World Order, Illuminati and much more.
USA The Republic - How You Lost It

Everything from law, to spirituality, religion and money
Comprehensive chart showing the differences between USA and US. Are you sure you want to declare yourself a U.S Citizen?
Citizens victimized by abuse of power
Video Rebels Blog
Blog on many topics such as the financial crisis and world news.

View Zone
Views on everything from Ancient History, Money, Symbolism, and Mind Control, to Remote viewing, Sirius, and Nasa

The Vigilant Citizen
"Symbols rule the world, not words nor laws" Mind control, Mass media and more
Views on angels, ghosts, dreams, jinn, psychic skills, spirituality, wicca and more.
Advocates of non-political, non-violent strategies to achieve a free society 

The Spoonfed Truth Facebook
All Laws Exist In A Fiction
Gullibility Factor Test
Who Is Running America
The Truth About The British Monarchy
Requirement For Consent
Corporate Government
Dispatch of Merchants
A Primer On Martial Law
How We Give Our Power Away
The Mark of the Beast
Freedom From De Facto Laws
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