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A Crisis In Consciousness

A Crisis In Consciousness

By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  --  A Living Christ

     As most of you are well aware of by now, my Spiritual message is not  well received by damned near all who read  or listen to it. 

     The reasons are many and varied, but they can all be reduced to the fundamental  feelings of anger, fear, and inferiority experienced when you hear simple, holistic, unvarnished Truth Spoken to you but seen to be impossible to do when received by the filters of your Satanic Mind Control Conditioning. 

     What you all are missing is that if one lives in this world, they are influenced by satanic mind control and consider such debased state of consciousness to be normal.  As such you therefore not only accept such a hellish way to live as being normal, but become rather vehement in rationalizing and defending such debased traits which have chained and bound you to your present satanic slave state. 

    Why are we, you and I so different -- so vastly different?  We speak the same Language.  We live in the same World, the same country, the same community, the same family  yet there exists an impenetrable barrier which separates us, sabotaging any and all communication had between us.

  That void is the barrier which separates Truth from the Illusion of Truth held within your lifelong satanic conditioned consciousness by most of you. 

    It makes the difference between  a Free man  and a satanic, conditioned slave.  You might want to ask yourselves, how could you, why would you give up your sovereignty in return for a life of slavery where you are owned, your labor is owned, your property is owned, your children are owned, your destiny is bleak indeed and all you can look forward to is Death to release you from this hopeless existence you find closing in on you.

    How did you ever lower yourself to the point where all you have to look forward to is to find a job, to work and give the fruits of your labor to others who pimp your body and soul out and thereby extract your very life force, your sweat, your blood.  When they hve succeeded in draining every ounce of blood from you, they relegate you as "Useless Eaters" and create Population Reduction Soft Kill Campaigns through pulluting water, air, food, Chemtrails,  Mass vaccinations and Hard Kill campaign of Martial Law. 

   All the while, you sit there and grumble about some "mystical rights" which  have no meaning if your are not willing to ASSERT THEM.

   Why does such blatant simple, INARGUABLE truth make you so angry at the messenger who delivers such an unwanted message.  What makes you that dumb, all the while thinking you are so smart?  

    While you continue to play pattycake with each other, in your "Misery Loves Company" sandbox,  the dragnet is tightening,  You are being told that you'll have no future when the economy collapses.  That you will be rounded up and put into concentration camps when you lose your homes and find yourselves living on the Streets. 

     These FEMA concentration camps are already beginning to be filled EVEN BEFORE Martial Law has been declared

They are TELLING YOU ALL  in advance, what they are going to do to you.  They are setting out the trial balloon to determine the depth of Satanic Trance which has crippled you as holistic Sovereign men and women.   The present, asinine circumstances can be likened to government on a  fishing trip.  They stand along side the river and hold out a frying pan and expect the fish to jump into it thereby expediting and simplifying their population control agenda.  From the looks of thing, it appear  the time is right for them to move without risking any  harm to themselves.   Do you think they would feel so confident, if the fish were pyranhas?

   In your unawareness, you do not see that your public servants have already  DECLARED WAR upon you, the Sovereign People, the True government, yet you've lost your spirit, your souls, your backbone while you grumble and complain, BUT DO NOTHING, about your plight. 

   Forgive me, but such behaviour just proves to those who see to tyrannize you that YOU ARE INDEED USELESS EATERS.

   The time to act is NOW, for life is to be LIVED NOW.

    There shall be many who shall be seen engaged in the "weeping and gnashing of teeth" at the mass suffering to be incurred upon you in the future.  BUT I WON'T BE ONE OF THEM.  You will get what you deserve. 

   WAKE THE HELL UP AND DO SOMETHING or accept the consequences.

Listen to the rest of my "U-Tube Videos For Patriots"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

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