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A Freeman In Lawful Rebellion Stopped By The Police

A freeman in Lawful Rebellion under article 61 of the Magna Carta is stopped by the police...

A recent encounter of a freemans' contact with the police:
I was pulled over tonight by the police and i had my 14 month Daughter on board also. I got out and said hello and all the usual things. I switched my dictaphone on in front of him so that he clearly knew what i was doing. At this point, the officer was polite and asked if i had a license, and i said i do not have a license. He LOOKED AT ME with wide opened eyes in shock. He said i hope you do have a license as he smiled, Well i had spoke in a manner like it was the normal thing to here or say. I said well yes my person has a license but i don't. He said "your losing me", as he smiled.

I was then Immediately spoke to by a school leaver style officer, She was fun. So she asked for my NAME and i said "the name of the person is".....and she upt her voice and said "i don't want the persons name i want your name". This was cracking me up inside with laughter for now she was asking for my lawful name and all there statute's only applies ONLY to the LEGAL ENTITY the PERSON (all caps) so now she was asking for my lawful name as she had asked for, and as again, my lawful name has no joinder with there statute law.(this was why i was laughing inside) She said look mate you will be nicked if you don't give me your name. Well i said to her "the name your are requiring is ########### ######"
And she started to calm down.

(REMEMBER i was threatened of my freedom if i did not comply,and you CANNOT force someone into a contract if they do not lawfully consent to it nor can you enforce a a contract onto a PERSON if you the agent does not consent to it.)

So they said they said from the way i am acting and behaving it appeared to them as if i was concealing something and that my eyes were glazed. Well i did have a joint hours and hours before i went out.( Must have been good stuff.)

The male officer then looked at me and said he was going to do this under the new laws SOCPA or something like that.

I said i still dont consent to neither search of me or my car. He put his gloves on as he was having none of it. Immediately I pulled out a joint from my inside pocket. I said "this was given to me earlier it is a ".Marijuana joint." He said well im searching you for we have found drugs on you. I said "NO YOU HAVE NOT" found drugs on me for i supplemented you (as a gift) as you accepted it from me as i said i have nothing to hide. there's no found about it. Well they did search me and my car and i made sure they repeated their numbers for the dictaphone. Now the only reason they pulled me over was because my car was 3 months out of TAX,(well that is my conclusion?) As he was searching me i said i did not consent to being searched and that if he looked on Dunn and Brad street the courts of justices are advertised as corporations and therefore this means contracts and they need consent.

So i said to the officer that i had a signed witnessed document in my file on the back seat by a Notarised Solicitor in Poole stating under article 61 i hadin fact entered LAWFUL REBELLION! And that i am lawfully and legally  bound by there instructions nor to comply with their orders and that if they also choose to not to respect this they as officers of the courts would be in-complicit with this act also so i must make you fully aware of this.

At this point another POLICE car pulled up with a lone male officer. The male officer briefed him on what had taken place. at this point my dictaphone cut off for i had used all the digital memory. The officer would not allow me to retrieve my dictaphone from the roof of the car to pre-record over another message. He was so relieved at the fact this went of. WELL Why would he not want me to record proceedings? I'M DOING HIM A HUGE FAVOUR! He then stopped me again and said "NO it's not nccessary, i've been fair with you and polite so i assure you this wont be needed and once we are happy we will let you be on your way. So i smiled and said "yes you have been polite and so forth ok lets move on"..

Well the school girl officer said is this registered to you? I said " it is registered to the PERSON". she never squabbled.

Well they then walked around waiting for a record check you know for the usual stuff like anything outstanding fines. Whilst this was going on the newly on the seen officer said to me "are you the bloke that is deeply into the MASONS? I said that depends on what you mean"....He said "well hold a deep knowledge of the MASONS? I said " something like that" as he said " i thought i knew your name from somewhere.

It came through  as i over heard the officers radio as he had is had it switch to radio but the volume was really low. They then huddled together and muttered  for a a few moments. By this time my Daughter was screaming with upset for i was not near the car in her view. Then one of the other male officers came over to me and said as i" imagine you wouldn't want to do all the paper work now and  will want to get on what with your daughter screaming and the cold"

I said " of course". He then said he will give me a statement (search form) of the events of the search which will be at the police station for 12 months. At this point i said " 12 months  i thought it was 14 days standard procedure? He said "NO listen to me" I will fill out what's happened tonight and the events and it will stay with the police station for 12 months ok. I said "erh ok...... meaning and....? please continue officer.

And he said ok again to me as i asked do you wish me to sign anything. He said "NO" your free to go!!!!!

As i left i explain very quickly about the truth of registering a child or a vehicle and that this was why the government have to pay child support for it is there property when point to fact EVERY CHILD ought be entitled to the benefit without having to sign anything. And the male officer was agreeing to what i had said regarding the truth of registering. I also said that this all can be found at And they looked at me and said "ok thanks in a calm voice as i went back to my untaxed car and made my Travelling journey.
PEOPLE do you realise if there is no signature then then is no contract. And NO CONTRACT = NO CASE Fact!!!!
All i can say is my approach was calm, with no malice and peaceful. I can only think that it must have been a case of where the officer had taken Notice of my previous statement of LAWFUL REBELLION

and that i had not consented at any time nor did i have any ID and i did tell the officers i was recording and gaining evidence. To which most of it was recorded.

And maybe as they was chatting they came to the conclusion that i was Knowledgeable????

And that maybe one of the officers Knew a thing or two about the truth of the deception "PERSON" and gave me the benefit of the doubt???

Or they just could not be doing with the paper work for they knew i was not going to make it easy for them as in the past i had sent NOTICE'S to the police in the past and never heard from them again regarding cutting them up and having no mot and below the limit tyres along with no invalid insurance for the mot was expired which was to the case. Yes mot had expired but it states in the EVENT of an accident should a party have no mot......... See! I had not had an accident! so i was insured.

So again i only imagine they must have record of this as a possibility to why they left it at that and let it go?

I will be sending the recording of the incident up until it cut off to upload once i work out how to retrieve the messages to my computer. As for the record for those who leave reply message's-
(A) i have always smoked cannabis from time to time
(B) I have a excellent driving record overall. 
(C) Had you seen clarkson and a guy did two driving tests one without cannabis the other with. And he had full points with a joint and a few points deducted when he had not had a joint!!!! Fact! But it had been Hours since i had travelled.. ( I wouldn't do that)
(D) If you study and research on how banks operate and government operate you will see what we are told as to where our money really goes and how much is really generated then you will learn the BIG SCAM!!! and see that i by not paying am doing no financial harm for i am decreasing the Debt andDVLA always create the liability but never send you the remedy such as a RET.
(REMITTANCE) commerce stuff.
(E) I LOVE MY SOIL and will defend it well against those whom wish to create conflict against my fellow Englishmen and Women and against Our fellow human cousins or brothers and sisters if you will by nature Blacks, Asians, religion and so forth that share our land in peace with us and CONTRIBUTE to our economy. (as many whites do not also)
And CANNOT allow mass Genocide and fund fake wars and support TRAITORS to this by feeding the machine MONEY that LEGALLY i am empowered from doing so (article 61) and have ethics unlike those in office.

That's all for now. and spread the word !!!!!!!!  (


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