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A Little More On Commercial Redemption

A little more on CR

Ah. It's a hot topic this Commercial Redemption business. So much so that a few staffers at TPUC have been getting it in the neck a little from some our industrious public defenders. Name no names, they are right to question what they don't understand.

So let me lay it out for you - how I see it.

I see many people with a lot of debt, a lot of properties hanging in the balance, and a long-shot hope in their heads that this CR business can somehow pull them out of the fire.

Good luck to you guys. Go to the seminars and franticly file your BC bonds before writing out your promissory notes and so on. I hope it works for you because this is real and you do have a chance, but I bet you don't know enough when you walk into that Court's Jurisdiction to avoid contracting with the Judge or one of his coroporate assitants and thus negating your countless hours or studying and paper work filing.

He offers you a benefit, you unconditionally accept it, you lose!

This is the downside. CR is powerful, it allows anyone to rise to the status of a sovereign operating from a foreign Jurisdiction and steering their PERSONal vessel safely through the high seas of commerce and fleet law. What it does not do is tell you how. And you're operating with your full commercial liability at stake.

You must know the principles. You must know who you are. You must be the creditor and you must never create controversy.

Imagine you take a walk in pitch black field full of sink holes. You need to get to the other side of the field to have your remedy.

So, wouldn't it be a good idea to hang around for a bit and wait for some daylight to appear? Or maybe go buy a torch or something?

You need to fully understand the processes at play here, and we're talking about codified law dating back to the Talmud and beyond. This is not some statutory nonsense spewed out of the corporate law shop, this is International Maritime Admiralty Law, created by the Merchant Bankers of Venetia Cana and before. Simply put, it is bloody complicated mate!

I'd like to make a few statements.. something a creditor should avoid but nonetheless...

1) This country operates in bankrupcy.
2) Commerce is defined as buying and selling and does not add value to a product.
3) 'Money' is merely a promise to pay a debt. As such it has no financial value, only future potential.
4) A sovereign has unlimited ability to create credit and claim it back as they made it.
5) We are all sovereign, we have simply been conditioned to act as debt slaves.
6) When we enter the public to settle our debts, we have subrogated our natural rights and defences for statutory rights and defences.
7) Debts can be settled in private using remedies which involve promises to pay and have nothing to do with the Public side of commerce which the courts claim Jurisdiction over.

I don't intend to start running about throwing peices of paper at people and demanding tenners back in change, that would be foolhardy. BUT, when I get faced with a charge certificate for parking on double yellow lines, I may choose to run a process on the ticket for a bit of fun. After all I have taken responsibility and if I DO mess it up i'll pay them with my 'real' money. It just so happens that a while ago I did get a charge certificate and I did run a process on it and I didn't hear from those individuals again, but hey if you want to find out about that perhaps you should email me through TPUC and we'll chat about it there.

CR is a PERSONal journey, I hope I have made my point clear. I'm not here to tell you how this ends, I'm telling you how it's going to begin - with each and every one of you wishing for that answer to drop into your lap to wake up and take matters into your own hands and educate yourself. The tools for education are being provided by TPUC and other caring souls, but we can't spoon feed I'm afraid, and I for one don't know it all.

Those that do, well, they tend to avoid the limelight and I can totally understand why. They tend to be involved in court appearances, paperwork coming at them from all angles and hundreds of emails every day from people at my level of knowledge begging for help.

Ultimately we're gonna have to start talking about real answers to the problems we face here. Mine is this:

The biggest problem as I see it is, everyone is only 2 weeks pay away from serious financial trouble - so you keep putting your energy into the financial hamster wheel whilst wishing you had more time to fight this opressive regime.

Thus, the world is run by the bankers (at least as far as we can see), either way it's cetainly not government! Granted they do a nice job of looking like they are in charge, but then I do a good job of dressing up as Santa at christmas for my soon-to-be Stepmums' grandchildren - doesn't stop the kids tugging at the beard and asking for the real santa does it?

Anyway, bankers want that fake money off you, and when they can't have it because you're broke, they take your assets.
So if you can create that fake money and settle your debts with it, and its not unlawful, why not do it? I'm not talking about little crap here, i'm talking about the Dad of 5 with a killer mortgage (unilateral contract) who suddenly has the crippling debt lifted from his shoulders so he can enjoy life. That microcosm view multiplied accros the land would no doubt see alot of people happy and secure in their homes, and nothing else. No downside. Sure, we're talking about the news spreading like wildfire and the eventual collapse of the banking system but lets' face it, that's just round the corner anyway. Roll on the Ameri-Euro eh.

Finally. I swear that what I have written is the truth as I understand it. I am not going to sit on this blog page and answer every comment. I've taken the time to jot this down and make these assertions, to the nay sayers I would politely ask that they take the time to watch every single Winston Shrout, Sam Kennedy, Jack Smith, Rob Menard and AntiTerrorist video that you can lay your hands on. If you want to disagree with me feel free, but I would appreciate that you did it after spending a bit of time wih these guys.  At present I would estimate that to be around 100+ hours of viewing. It's all out there in the public domain, I don't advise people to rip off copyrighted material and I stress that this is not legal advice and may not be used as such.

Peace all, happy sailing.


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