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Acceptance For Value, the Standing in Commerce Way to Pay!

Acceptance For Value, the Standing in Commerce way to pay!

Acceptance for value
Part One
Article By Guy Euden
Acceptance for value is a much talked about subject, everyone wants to not have to pay bills etc...
The thing is with this technology, if you do not understand it, you will fall at the first hurdle and do more harm than good.
Acceptance for value uses the premise that the country it is being used in, is operating in bankruptcy, of most countries this is true, and it is true of the corporation called the "UNITED KINGDOM”
The United Kingdom uses a public financing system that utilises financial instruments that have NO substance attached.
If you try to go to someone you think you owe, and say, give him 100 eggs from your farm, he won’t accept it if he is a public corporation, because he cannot deal in substance, he would need you to sell them first and give him the financial instrument that you got for them to him, these have no substance attached.
You must all know by now that if you have nothing to pay a debt with then you simply cannot pay it, It is even worse when whatever you are given by your so called government to pay debts etc... with is also non substantive, how could you possibly pay a debt with no means to pay it.
The answer is simple you can’t so you "Accept it for value” this technology has been used in "America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and how now finally hit the UK shores.
We have a fight ahead though, because most companies lower level employees don’t even understand this technology, they have not had the training, and let’s not forget the last thing the "Banksters” want you to do is expand the public credit according to public policy, if you did that then we would not need to keep borrowing the "Debt Money” which requires the country to pay back both the principle borrowed and the interest! And worst of all, there is no consideration on the banks part for this fraudulent transaction as they just create the funds right out of thin air!
Acceptance for value is not a "silver bullet” a term used a lot in Commercial Redemption circles, it does not solve ALL of your woes, but it will certainly help, and it is after all how the system has been designed so use it!!
Before you do though, bear in mind that there are stages you need to use to get the bills paid via "AFV” you must not start something if you cannot see it through and don’t understand it, for this I recommend you watch "Winston Shrouts Acceptance For Value Trilogy” and any other of his DVD’s they are truly fantastic and you will truly be empowered when you understand what is going on.
Also you are advised to get your bond set up, Yes the bond we have all heard so much about!!
If you don’t know how this is done, it is being rolled out on the TPUC/STANDING IN COMMERCE forum, once you have achieved your bond, you will have most of the needed tools to go all the way with "AFV” however, there is just one other thing "COURT” now lets face it right now!!
In the UK this Commercial Redemption is new, and so we are just starting the fight, which means there is going to be resistance by the corporations to honour these technologies, no problem, you have the power, once you have your bond to go a lot lot further than you could without it, like liquidations etc... but also, Court is, I think inevitable at some point, and you really need to understand courts and know what they truly are, this knowledge will empower you incredibly, and armed with some training you will go in with eyes wide open and make your presence known, and you will establish yourself as the "real man” or creditor for the fiction, but this requires both your bond, and some training, hence why we are doing seminars the next being 15thand 16th of November 2008 in Nottingham (central to the attendees)
I think it is important for you to understand a few more points, you yes YOU are the only things in this country capable of creating funds, YOU do this, not the governments, and they just exist to find new ways to take it from you!!
You are the sponsors of credit, so when a company creates a bill your signature is all that is needed to pay it.
We don’t work in the UK or most of the world as a matter of fact, the way you think we do, we operate something called "Double Entry Accounting” this is simply two columns, one is the + side the other is the – side or credits and debits, as long as they cancel each other out, then everyone is happy!! I mean you cannot pay! Were bankrupt!
Also as part of the UK citizenship (a very interesting word), because we are in bankruptcy we cannot pay, so we have agreed to forgive each other our debts, to not forgive our debts in the public, any corporation is straight away in dishonour of that bankruptcy.
And when these corporations send you a bill, if they address it to your fiction i.e. GUY EUDEN, they are absolutely straight away in dishonour as they are attempting to pass over your prepay or pass through account which is you NI number, so AFV it and send it right back, as I’m afraid in bankruptcy he who creates a liability is also responsible for bringing the remedy, I mean you cannot pay it!! Why???? Because we are in bankruptcy and we have no money of substance!!
Now, you can do it, ok anyone can, but to go the whole way you will need your bond.
But the technology is simple just accept it for value, when you get a bill, say from EDF, at the bottom of the bill should be a stub, accept it for value and return it for settlement.
You see the power of all of this, I mean they are rubbing us here in the UK into the dirt with their fraudulently high prices, look at the lie that the gas is linked to the oil prices, well that washed for a short while, then we see the fuel prices drop but the greedy energy companies keep prices artificially high!! A fix? You bet your life it is, but I don’t need to tell you this, you must all know this by now!
So what uber empowerment you will have when you accept a bill for value and return it! Who cares how much the dam units of electricity are?? Just AFV it, don’t bother arguing about it, that is a debtors job, you are higher than this! The same with gas, the same with council tax (yes they are all corporations) the same with any income tax bills, the same with parking tickets my god why bother wasting your short time on this earth fighting these idiots and keeping the courts in money as we fight and squabble, don’t forget you will get no justice in this land as its all admiralty law or commercial law if you like!!
The courts are corporations to, accept their judgments for value and just stop arguing.
I really recommend that you do a seminar, I have just brushed over the subject here today, just to give you an idea of your power, and their impotency, the "Winston Shrout” site if you want to buy the DVD’s to learn is here:
I recommend for absolute beginners, the "strawman trilogy” and "acceptance for value trilogy”, further up the knowledge tree are his various seminars, Kelowna being my personal favourite, when you get the DVD’s you will also get all of the professional letter templates you need to execute these technologies.
This information there to be learned and then used, free yourselves and....                                           "welcome to the real world”
I hope this has given you a small understanding this is (part one) part two will be far more in depth, coming soon
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