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Accepted For Value and Treasury Liquidation Dishonour Of the Bankruptcy

Accepted For Value and Treasury Liquidation, Doug Patterson (CEO) Dishonour!!

Accepted For Value and Treasury Liquidation
Dishonour Of the Bankruptcy by Bromley Council
Article by Guy Euden
Well folks, a quick update on the parking fine that I have been fighting for my father (the one mentioned at the bottom of the AFV post)
I'll recap the story;
My father was moving into a parking space in Orpington in the crescent in Green St. Green, Kent, when he was snapped by a mobile CCTV Smart Car black and Silver in colour.
Bearing in mind the vehicle is a registered disabled vehicle and was there for a couple of seconds whilst the car in front moved out of the parking space, my father then proceeded to enter the space none the wiser that the unscrupulous bonus driven driver of the CCTV car had even bothered to snap him? I mean don’t you have to be there for a certain time?
Anyway to cut a long story short, shortly after there was a juicy fine in the post, now being that I have been writing on TPUC for some time and had many questions asked about AFV we decided to use it. I have studied our laws relentlessly and have a very good understanding of what has transpired in this country (corporation).
I Accepted the fine For Value and enclosed the accounting instructions sheet that describes what must take place to equal out the double entry book keeping formula, bringing the liability to zero.
Now.. we all know that a fine is merely an offer to use my exemption "NI Number” account to expand funds under public policy in the bankruptcy, so being a good citizen I accepted their offer and put thine own hand to the creation of the funds! I then issued it back to them.
Specifically to "Doug Patterson” the CEO of "London Borough of Bromley Council” and mentioning his subdivision "Parking Services” the address I sent it to was the real and accurate address, not the PO Box they have put in place to intercept and filter documents that they don’t want to receive and of course then claim they never did!
So I sent it to "Doug Patterson (CEO) London Borough Of Bromley, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley BR1 3UH”. Instead of the ambiguous "London Borough of Bromley, PO Box 376, Bromley BR1 3XJ” Always send your AFV’s to the CEO of the company and always find their full address.
So moving on, they returned a letter stating that the sum was owed "BUT DID NOT RETURN THE AFV’D PRESENTMENT” thieving pirates!!
Now the law states that "Payment tendered but not taken is Payment made!” it’s that simple.
Further to his contravention to this law, Doug Patterson has flouted the "Gold Standards Act 1925, bill 227 of the 21/09/1931
The "Bills of Exchange Act 1882” and the big one is the "Bankruptcy Act of 1869
All of these acts carry remedy if you know how to find it, Doug Patterson has flaunted these laws and will soon pay the price.
However... acting in honour and being a calm and good creditor I decided to re-present an AFV which was subsequently dishonoured again.
So without further ado, I issued the documents for liquidation at treasury sending it directly to "Sir Nicholas MacPherson, Permanent Secretary To The Treasury, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London. [SW1A 2HQ]”
Now I have done it all perfect, I copied in the CEO "Doug Patterson” with all the paperwork of the liquidation.
Then Doug Patterson and his Fraudulent little system decided to send a letter stating that it would be passed to "Northampton County Court”. Why would it go all the way up there?
It went up there because Northampton County Court has a Bulk Clearing Kangeroo Court Department that just says "Yes, make him/her pay!" NO DUE PROCESS WHATSOEVER!! Total FRAUD!
I received an "Order For Recovery Of Unpaid Penalty Charge (Parking)”. Now, I thought, hang on a minute. I have had no letter of claim from the court, and they have issued an order?!
Then I looked closer, there is no case number on the claim, and the so called "ORDER” is from "London Borough of Bromley” with their insignia on the top left see below!

Looking even closer I saw there is NO CASE NUMBER!! A court cannot get involved without assigning a case to it, or so I thought, the fraud goes on!! A quick phone call by my father to Bromley confirms our suspicions of the Kangaroo status of the "Northampton County Court Bulk Clearing Centre”. They spoke of a provision in a road traffic act that allows an order to be processed "DRAWING ON THE AUTHORITY” but not actually having a case in the "Northampton County Court”. The ramifications of this fraud are staggering!! And I am now so enraged that I am going all the way with this, I will have my day in court and I WILL WIN!
There are laws in place that are there to give you remedy, this run for profit (D&B) company/corporation "London Borough of Bromley” headed by "Doug Patterson” is attempting to circumvent the Bankruptcy of the United Kingdom.
Why don’t you contact ole Douggie Boy and tell him what you think, hell while you're at it why not tell the Bulk Clearing Court too?
 Doug send her the link to this article, and let’s let them know we are fed up with their fraud and deception, and general leeching off of the public.
Northampton County Court Bulk Clearing Centre: and do the same here, ask them why/how they can contravene:
Bills of Exchange Act 1882?
Gold Standards Act 1925 Bill 227 of the 21/09/1931?
Bankruptcy Act 1869
How come they can make an order without a case number?
What EXACT act subsection and amendment allows for this to occur?
If they can’t follow their own laws why the hell should we even consider them?
Phone them, record your conversations and send them into me, or just email me and tell me what you said to them and what they said to you?
Get back to me J

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