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Adventures In Persondom
Adventures in Persondom, A Fairy Tale In Equity

Once upon a time, in a country nearby, the persons were being repressed by their once servant government. Nobody knew what to do. Their government encroached on any and all the rights and liberties of the persons any time they could. Passing rules of society at any chance they could get. Slowly, and intentionally, entrapping the persons into involuntary servitude.

The persons were then looted on a regular basis, just because a neighbor pointed a finger. Their homes were searched while they were not there; the government took what they wanted from them without any notice to them. They begin using the things they found in the persons homes to take away their homes and property. Sometimes, they would just take everything and leave the persons with nothing. No way to provide for the ones that they love. This devastated the persons, but the persons barely made a sound, for if they spoke to loudly about their plight they were simply sent away, and the government had to tell no one. It is cheaper to keep the protesters in a cage, than to provide for them in their society, and they die at a younger age, ending financial responsibility.

Soon big business began to see they too could gain income from the use of the legal speak language the government had invented, for they too wanted to be the persons master. They entangled the persons in debt they could not sustain and used the government system to steal more of the person’s property and more of the persons became homeless. They were pushed into a position where they had to beg their government by application for help.

The government helped, by putting them into cluster housing, complete with police sub-stations to help control those that have been repressed, and giving small stipends to buy food until they could almost stand up straight again. The persons did not know they were being further entangled into a web of slavery and tyranny, into a world where the persons dare not speak for fear of further repression.

The fleecing of the persons made the government very happy and filled their coffers with the ill gotten goods of the persons, and they smiled, and bought more things to help them gain further control of the persons.

Then they began to assist other countries in repressing their people as well, to convert them to persons. By providing them with the money they had stolen from their own. This also made big business happy because they profit from the building of the persons war machine and the reconstruction is a gold mine. The killing and the maiming of other human beings seemed to bother not a one of them.

Then more of the persons slowly began to take notice. As the prices for the items they needed to survive were becoming out their reach, they could see, they too, would soon be broken. Small groups of the persons began to speak up to their servant government, but their government failed to respond and intensified their pillage.

Next, the persons tried to get their government under control through the governments own court system, but the deck was stacked against them and they failed. They learned when the judge, the prosecutor and the jury are all paid by their government; and their lawyers are officers of the court, their government controls the system and it is of no use to them.

By now the persons were feeling desperate, not knowing how they entered this plight; they began a search for knowledge and hopefully a path back to freedom and liberty. They contact others of like mind and feeling and soon began to grow from the few to the many. Their voices are getting louder everyday and the government is beginning to tremble. The groups began to combine into one voice and then found the answer.

If they wanted to kill the beast, all they had to do was stop feeding it. Stop feeding it! Starve it to death! Stop paying everything! So this message went about the land and hundreds of thousands of the persons were no longer paying for anything but their own family’s survival. The big banks in the land began to fall and even more of the persons stopped paying. A financial tsunami was about is befall their country. The ripple effects might be felt around their entire world, and quickly develop into a world economic disaster. Think about it. The persons are angry and are going to get their country back.

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