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Advertising And Symbolism

Advertising uses a lot of subliminal messages.  You will notice that most advertising are directed toward certain things, primary means, such as. 
Safety includes health, well-being, longevity, and can be associated with the Root Chakra, which entails survival, self esteem, social order, security, etc.  
Initiation into psychological conceps and manipulative strategems of art course often comes as a shock to those naive individuals the computor "mispicked"  36% of all previous candidates dropped out in disgust within the first 3 days.  Obident to the advertising necessities involve in regulating production-consumption cycle. 

In the cybernetic age, the individual becomes increasingly subject to manipulation. His work, his consumption, and his leisure are manipulated by advertising, by ideologies, by what Skinner calls "positive reinforcements.” The individuals loses his active, responsible role in the social process; he becomes completely "adjusted” and learns that any behavior, act, thought, or feeling which does not fit into the general scheme puts him at a severe disadvantage; in fact he is what he is supposed to be…What has happened in modern industrial society is that traditions, and common values, and genuine social personal ties with others have largely disappeared. The modern mass man is isolated and lonely, even though he is part of a crowd; he has no convictions which he could share with others, only slogans and ideologies he gets from the communications media - Erich Fromm "Anatomy of Human Destructiveness".  Without personal study or experience one will balk at these facts. The controlling oligarchs have made real sure that little information regarding this subject has reached the mass public. Though there is an unbelievable barrage of advertising symbols in our world, and though it is known that billions of dollars are involved in their production, distribution and monitoring, the public has little cognizance of the impact that they are having on the inner and outer life. Walking around decorated with the logos and brand names of capitalistic conglomerates is considered normal and even chic today. Though thousands of classical creations of music and art are debauched daily under their hand, and though our visual space is cluttered  with ad-copy and billboards, few in authority raise a murmur against it. In professional circles the pyramidical structure of profiteering, monolithic corporations prevents those in even close association with the advertising business from seeing its inner workings. 

In fact, the only way to really comprehend the complete ramifications of their work is to familiarize ourselves with spiritual symbolism and even with the subjects of Tarot, Alchemy and Astro-Theology, etc,. It is only through studying the nature of consciousness and its intimate relationship with color, symbol, number and word that we can take back the power we are, unconsciously, placing in their hands. As the cultural critics have asserted, there are few more physical frontiers to for man to conquer. It has been noticed that there is, however, unlimited room for expansion and expression in cyber-space, on the "information highway” in what is called the "data-space.” There, symbolic motifs of all modalities can proliferate and literally infest our minds. The danger here is that these images and their frequency come into minds that are almost entirely illiterate in regards the meaning of symbols. There are 250,000 miles of neural threads in the brain, enough to stretch from earth to the moon, and on each mirco-meter of these threads there are over 240,000 bits of information. This data is, however, not in words but in pictograms, composite images. There are 37 sensory inputs to the brain and not just the five we have been told about. The image merchants know how to communicate to the deeper strata of the mind. And in order to discover how put the spell on us, we need to develop a new kind of literacy, and new correlative meta-sight, which transcends the linear, left brain modes of comprehension and analysis.
Among the ancients, who dealt largely with psychical sciences, there seems to have been a common language which could be used to explain the invisible world and its inhabitants; but we of this age have not yet developed such a language. Consequently, men who deny human immortality, as well as men with religious faith who have not…transformed that faith into a fact, nowadays…in attempting to explain psychic fact, call it mysticism – W. Y. Evans Wentz (Fairy Folklore in Celtic Countries).  The Egyptians, either by exact science or spontaneously, had arrived at a method by means of which they could rite with distinct picture of material objects, instead of ordinary letters expressing sounds and phrases. These pictures were not ordinary images of the things they represented but were endowed with certain symbolic qualities (Sophia), by means of which they revealed to the initiated contemplator a profound insight into the very essence of substances of things, and an intuitive understanding of their transcendental origins, an insight which was not the result of reasoning or mental reflection, but was acquired spontaneously by means of divine inspiration and illumination. As artistic representations of this phenomenal world, they revealed, in fact, the ideal world of the soul – Plotinus

The Nazis openly used ritual choreography, ancient symbols and rallying chants, powerful mystical logos and regalia, etc., to facilitate their designs and give them control over an entire people. It is known that Hitler and Himmler had close ties with occultists and astrologers and took precautions to wipe out those who would threaten their schemes. Evangelists and other members of the religious elite are also expert in mass-suggestion. As financier J. P. Morgan said: Millionaires don't use astrology...The billionaires do! The news-anchors are forever subtly emphasizing stereotypes, dichotomy and dialectical divisions. Sports also provide one of the most adroit ways of creating and reinforcing not only competition mania, but endless allegiances based on dialectical divisions. Dialectics are found throughout the business, political and entertainment worlds: (Levis versus Jordac, Coke versus Pepsi, ABC versus CNN.  Stones versus Beatles, Rockers versus Mods. Letterman versus Leno, Russia versus USA, Republican versus Democrat, Conservative versus Liberal, Catholic versus Protestant, Atheist versus Believer, Gay versus Straight, Black versus White, Arab versus Jew, Rich versus Poor and even Male versus Female, etc,.) 
Throughout the ages it has been considered normal, and even exemplary, behavior to die for a flag. We still assault others over a sport or political allegiance, feel superior due to the clothes, home or car that we possess. Ours is a time obsessed with comparison and prestige, over-achievement and of the projection of fantasy into reality. It does not matter a jot whether nature, animals, children, the elderly, the invalid or other nations and indigenous peoples suffer. I have traced many levels of psychosis and multiple personality dementia, as well as teen and adult dysfunction and sexual criminality to the effects, through the years, of advertising. Now there is even talk of genetic technology that allows man to make man. We certainly excel at the artifice and technology, but seem incapable of allowing existing men to live in freedom, or even to be happy.
And no man can be happy when his thoughts and behavior are being subliminally manipulated by a decadent technocratic elite bent on programming him as if it were a mere machine. Their creation is not a happy or free man inhabiting a secure Utopia. He is the addicted victim suffering psychic and emotional impotency and enmeshed in guilt and conflict as a result of it. His inner life is a miasma of unfulfilled desires and mis-placed allegiances. He is under the "Hex." Once the connection and rapport with the inner self is occluded, we become slaves of external approval and security. Consequently, those who command our adoration must be like ourselves, or be those who appear to possess a greater abundance of those chimeras which we believe to be of value. Western man has replaced life with lifestyle, and continues to award himself, and those he gives birth to, for knowing, as speedily and vacantly as possible, everything there is to know about everyone and everything else in the world, other than the Self. He sees but rarely observes. He thinks, but rarely with his own mind, and rarely about his own moral and psychological welfare. He fights and dies for the preservation and sovereignty of friends, family, countries, states and ideals, but is estranged from himself, and bereft of personal psychic sovereignty and emotional immunity.Tragically, that which man consumes also consumes him. Sickened and desperate in his own soul, and knowing next to nothing about his own essence, he charges back and forth vainly, with a thousand and one ideas and plans, administering to the maladies of his equally debilitated neighbors and fellow humans. His mind is plagued with "media viruses" and his libido rages within from all kinds of toxic embedded programming. By divorcing ourselves from our center, and in losing our once natural sense of interior life, we become a generation of those who must have but cannot be, who know what but not how to think. Persona-drives and limbic-drives predominate, and compel man to live at the periphery of Being, on the surface of himself. He does not own his own thoughts, and yet believes himself capable of "independent" thought and choice. True, thought can be creative, but thoughts can also be created, and distorted, by agencies that seek to enslave the very soul, and confound the natural intelligence of man. Pestilence and injustice ride their steeds through our world, but go unseen, sowing the seeds of doom among the innocent and pure, within those hearts and minds as yet unprotected by knowledge and awareness. 
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