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Article 61: Lawful Rebellion ‘To Stop the Final Evolution of Slavery’ Part 1

Article 61: lawful Rebellion ‘to stop the final evolution of slavery’. Part 1: The truth about MP's and Parliament

Article 61: lawful Rebellion ‘to stop the final evolution of slavery’. Part 1.

By John Harris.

Please look at these words and take in the meanings for these are the words of slavery.

Constitution: The fundamental law, written or unwritten, that establishes the character of a government by defining the basic principles to which asociety must conform.

Statute; A legislative rule of society given the force of law by the consent of the governed, an established law or rule, as of a corporation.

From neuter of Latin Status: Law the; legal character or condition of a person or thing:

Enforced by: Statutory instruments and using statutory penalties.

Society; In the civil law, by society is meant a partnership, a society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent, in order to deliberate, determine, and act jointly for some ‘common purpose’.

Law; A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority.

Legislative; Of or relating to the enactment of laws.

Statutory: Created, defined, or relating to a statute; required by statute; conforming to a statute.

Instrument; a written legal document such as a contract, lease, deed, will or bond

Penalty; Something, especially a sum of money, required as a forfeit for an offense.

Forfeit; Something surrendered or subject to surrender as punishment for a breach of contract.

A statutory penalty, for example, is punishment in the form of a fine, prison sentence, or both, that is imposed against an offender for committing somestatutory violation.

People of certain persuasion say that we must always live in a ‘society’ with a constitution written or un-written; persons united together by mutual consent, in order to deliberate, determine, and act jointly for some ‘common purpose’, a partnership that requires consent from all parties.

A partnership with a ‘common purpose’ for a ‘society’; the socially dominant members of a ‘community’.

The constitutional (statute) law of this country and the society that we have been forced to live in, has been created over hundreds of years with the manipulation of statute law. Simply to fool the people into giving their consent to law that is, specifically designed, to extract money from them to maintain the 'rule makers' social dominance. Their legal fictitious standing in a society they have created, that is only beneficial to that fictitious dominant element. A false partnership that only works one way built on a foundation of complete corruption, manipulation and deceit, and most importantly ‘slavery’.
Lets take council tax as an example; council tax is a statutory instrument that came into force on 1st April 93. The statute that created this was the Local Government Finance Act 1992. This is a created legal document; a contract, a monetary contract that needs your consent!

Have you consented to this and if you did where did you sign?

When you do not pay you suffer a penalty, a forfeit by way of money, your goods or your liberty, surrendered as punishment for breach of contract.

How can this apply if you did not consent? Or did you without realising it? (More on this later)

Historians and constitutional experts will tell you that parliament was devised to give the people a voice, the house’s of representation, where the members are the representatives of the people, enacting laws on behalf of the people, under the mandate of the people, asserted by a general election, to the overall majority party winning the election.

Please look at the word: Mandate

1.    An act by which one individual empowers another individual to conduct transactions for an individual in that person's name.
2.    From the very term of the definition, that the parties, should voluntarily intend to enter into the contract.

This is what the historians have been employed to do, to hide the real truth.

The members of parliament are a corporation registered on Dunn and Bradstreet: as a ‘for profit’ organisation. When you vote in an election all you do is elect new directors to head up this corporation. Please do not take my word for this check it out for yourselves. MP’s are basically salesmen working for the corporation and the one simple golden rule of salesmanship is to make the person you are selling too, believe, they need what you have for sale. This is over seen by the corporation advocates (lawyers, Barristers) to make sure the contracts are fulfilled on behalf of the corporation using the judiciary. One of these advocates was Tony Blair who became prime minister. Mr Blair studied law at ‘oxford’ before becoming a lawyer. Some of the directors are employed purposely as opposition to maintain the illusion of representation to make you 'think' the government work for you.

Political parties were designed to achieve this offering the MP’s everything they required to allow them to maintain, they will be in the socially dominant part of society. This is done with great ease relying on a simple weaknesses of human kind; greed. By using the egotistic, materialistic world, with their illusion of betterment within this world.

Heres some info about Mr Blair you might find interesting:

Perhaps someone can tell us how Anthony Charles Lynton Blair who came into office too broke to pay for minor repairs to his constituency house, with a wife with an average career as a part time Barrister, 3 (latterly 4) young children to feed and a father in law fiddling benefits.......
From 1997 to 2007 on a salary of around £175,000 with 2 free houses......
Then left office with a property portfolio running to many £Millions and with an estimated net worth of approaching £1/2Billion (Incidentally, along with certain Fleet Street journalists, I know the full story regarding the purchase of the Bristol flats and will publish).
So - how did this skin crawlingly odious pervert and his revolting doxy wife manage to make so much money whilst acting as both Party leader and Prime Minster – I cannot see any way he could have made so much money honestly but that leads one to remember he WAS First Lord of The Treasury!

Thanks Chris for this.

Just consider this for a moment.

Where do they get the money from to make a profit? And who really gets a dividend of those profits?

A corporation (dealing in slavery) under civil law governs us the people on the pretence it is a house of representation that simply, has a sole objective, to extract money from the people under this law, to maintain their ‘society’. It creates law to suit its needs and then manipulates it further to meet greater needs, especially to protect itself and its members. You are fooled by pretence into doing this voluntarily and then fooled into giving consent when the corporation needs to extract money from you. On the mandate of the people, which is their excuse for doing all they do, they have fooled the people to volunteer to be maintained in slavery and this was created and maintained by politics, statute and constitutional law.

And who created this ‘thinking men’.

‘…What sometimes we think is a cure for the disease, turns out to be actually a symptom of the disease we are actually trying to cure…’

The most corrupt part of this country is the very top and this is a disease that has manifested many symptoms to protect itself.

‘…A disease is a living entity that will fight to stay alive. It will create symptoms so to direct the attention away from itself. For while the symptoms are attracting all the attention, the disease knows its life will be prolonged…’

Fighting these symptoms is to show we care, but if we all do this, the disease will have a prolonged life. I feel that to defend this country properly is to rid it of the disease it is infected with and that only resides ultimately in one place.

The very top of this country created the ‘society’, with them at the helm of social dominance. This society has created social dysfunction by design to make you believe you need the very laws that enslave you. When the disease is cured the symptoms will desist naturally, which are the daily problems we face.

The simple truth is we have all been fooled for a very long time and it’s not just us. The disease this country and many others are infected with is one of simplicity; to maintain a ‘society’ to benefit the social dominant members and to maintain these members always have dominance. This has been repeated in history many times, in many different countries, but always ultimately for the same goal: to create ‘society’

What is happening to the world now is the final evolution of slavery, the final aspects of pure control to maintain a one world ‘society’. As seen by some who advocate this, my words would be misconstrued as that of someone who is paranoid, but this is not paranoia, this is in ‘fact’. As the evidence quite clearly shows anyone advocating a new people’s party with a new ‘constitution’, quite simply want to maintain the ‘society’. But some will not know this as I did not, until the recognition of the truth hits them as it did myself, like every one else I have been deceived by my own thoughts and the thoughts of others.

Mine has not been a journey, or a quest for knowledge, spewed out by thinking ‘men’, personally it has been one of ‘recognition’ of what that knowledge was simply hiding. A simple truth locked away in a world of complicated lies, illusion and deception to trap those who ‘think’ that by thinking, they can come to the truth.

To reach out with knowledge will only inevitably maintain that ‘society’ will remain, for that knowledge is the mask it hides behind, for no matter how complicated something seems, the foundation it is built upon is always very simple.

You cannot change the system in its entirety all in one go, first you have to change the people who make the rules (and they do not reside in parliament), and then you simply change the rules. Once this has been achieved a natural process of change will occur, a peaceful change, where the rules can be lessoned and freedom can be restored with no form of control.

No one has the right to rule you; they should only ever want to be a your representative, for to be ruled is a dictatorship (society).

Article 61: Lawful Rebellion will simply change the people who make the rules by asking a simple question and whatever the answer is, the out come is the same, these people will be changed.

As my namesake said ‘…the fall of slavery when Millennium fills the world…’

Part II will be published soon and will deal specifically with how the people can do this using Article 61 and deal with the issue of Magna Carta 1215 in greater depth and what lurks within its words and simply what is needed in this country. Also the truth regarding the organisation called Common Purpose.  


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