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Bank of England, Police Brutality And How I Clobbered The Magistrates Court


Article by: Myrtle Merryweather

It was September 17th and I was in London for the day with Bruno, my boxer dog. 
The friend that we had shared lunch with, called out as we parted, "Don't get arrested!" It's funny I've been arrested four times in the last eighteen months and only on the first occasion did I expect it. You see all I ever do is to tell the truth and challenge those that support the lie so it is always a shock to me when someone in a uniform is hellbent on this course of action and will do anything, even if it means outright lying, to achieve their aim and so i called back, "Don't worry, I haven't been arrested for over a year!" and laughed.

Anyways back to the story- Bruno and I were making our way from Brick Lane to 9 Grosvenor Square, Tony Blair's Peace Foundation office to deliver a letter when, of course, we had to pass Threadneedle Street. Now I had been planning to visit the Bank of England with the information I had gleaned from Mary Elizabeth Croft's perfectly titled, fabulous book, 'How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash Confiscatory Agency Known to Man'- And so, as we were passing, the time became now!

Armed with a peace flag, Bruno and I wended our way down to the steps of the bank and entered the building behind some other people. One of the doormen inside stepped around the people in front of me and asked if he could help me. Very nice of him- so I told him that I wished to talk to somebody about the strawman fiction created in my name by the bank. He said that I had to leave. I repeated that I wanted to speak to someone. Anyway no-one would come and I was forced to leave the building on a promise that someone would speak to me outside-of course as soon as I was out of the building the doorman locked both doors and laughed in spite of his slave status- which I suppose he didn't realise because he felt so grand in the suit that he was wearing- top hat, tails and all- maybe he was jealous that my top hat was more daring than his and that I was wearing mine of my own free will.

Now as I was outside and on the steps of the Bankster's bank, I proceeded to loudly inform the public gathered there the truth about their birth certificates and the loans raised by the government on the back of this fraud, and how we are collateral and why all crime including murder is commercial because we are owned by the bank unless we become conscious of this fact. I also announced the site While I was speaking quite a crowd of people were stopping and listening and almost immediately the violent sound of sirens approached. Literally within less than 5 minutes a police car and a van + four cops were there running from their vehicles at me as if I was a serious, organised, violent criminal. Try getting that much police attention if a serious crime is being committed. They just haven't got the manpower!

To get some idea of what the police had to deal with physically in this situation- I'm 5' 3" and quite slight- its just that I've got a very big gob and am a practiced public speaker having served my apprenticeship as a children's storyteller and puppeteer for the last 15 years.

Anyway I didn't like the way they looked all fired up and so, much to the crowds amusement, I proceeded to walk away down the road- this strategy has worked before and anyway more often than not the police seem to be sympathetic- but not on this occasion. I'd obviously gone too far, entering the principality of the City of London and denouncing the Bankster's well....

The only wpc out of the four caught me by the left arm and said that she needed to take my details but as I turned to talk to her a savage young officer stepped from behind her and, looking at my peace flag said, "That could be used as a weapon!" as he proceeded to try to grab my flag. I told him that I would never hurt anybody, that i was a pacifist and that he wasn't taking my property. I was also keeping Bruno under control- fortunately he's very good. The officer by this time was grappling with my arm and hand and started to press his fingers into the nerve in my wrist (my thumb has been partially disabled and painful ever since). The wpc said, "Watch the dog," and I let one of the officers take him to one side as I thought that this was safest in the circumstances.

The pc then pulled my arm up behind my back but still I held onto the flag. The peace flag has been with me since I stayed with Brian Haw's peace camp and I don't know but I could not and would not let it go and so the pc broke the stick around my hand. Finally the peace flag, the hat and myself were all on the ground. With all the people that had just listened watching there was me with the flat of the pc's hand pressing down hard on my head. I did cry at this point, its very frustrating not being able to get away from bullies. They proceeded to handcuff me with my arms right up behind my back as they told me that I was under arrest for being drunk and disorderly and that I didn't have to say anything etc.- my answer to this was, "Breathlyse me, I have had half a pint with lunch, I am not drunk- I'm merely telling the people about the corruption of the Bank Of England." The handcuffs were really digging right in to my bone, which I told them- the swelling took more than a week to go down and I had a big lump on my right wrist afterwards. However, I can make my hands quite small, so when they locked me in the van I pulled the cuffs over my hands and threw them on the floor- I should have hidden them because the wpc looked in and next thing bullyboy was in to put them back on. I said to him, "Look there is no need for this- I won't do anything, you don't need to put them back on." His reply? he grabbed my hands to put the cuffs on and when I wouldn't submit he pushed his knuckles into the side of my head- pressure points again- I told him that he couldn't hurt me. He said, "Oh yes I can!" and pushed my head into the side of the van at the same time he told me something that he obviously felt proud about, he said, "I don't care, I arrested Tony Blair's son." Wow! How brave! Oh and what happened to the duty of care officers are under oath to uphold?

I knew that the pc was in the mood to do me damage, my hands were now cuffed sideways to each other and to the front- if you have a police officer that wants to hurt a person when cuffed it is quite easy- the seat in the van does not face forward it faces to the side in a cage and so they just hurl the van around and you go flying. This hadn't happened to me before but I instinctively jammed my feet against the cage wall. He looked back once when he was driving me to Bishopsgate police station and saw that his reckless driving skills were having no effect.

At the station the custody officer took the details from the pc and I said, "I haven't done anything wrong I was merely informing the public about the fraud perpetrated by banks and government and I am not drunk." I again offered to be breathlysed whereupon the custody officer informed me that it is not necessary to breathlyse unless the offender is driving. When I said but hearsay evidence is not admissible he said, "It is since Tony Blair made it so!" They searched me and he then told me he was putting me in a cell to sober up and this is where I was kept for the next six hours. I had already asked many times about Bruno who as it turned out had a lovely time with the police officers- even the more savage officers are kind to dogs. At all points during my time at Bishopsgate I refused to sign anything and did not even sign the property return form- they still had to give me my property. I explained to the police that this was because I was not willing to enter into any contract with them and that they should check the site etc.

After six hours they bailed me to appear on 24th September '08 at The City of London Magistrates court. I always represent myself in court but previously I had been duped by the admiralty law and defended myself using it. This time I knew that there was another approach, a lawful approach and so over the next few days I spoke to John and Richard of tpuc and received fantastic advice on the law of the land, watched 'Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception' and basically had a laugh at the whole thing.

When I attend court I always like to be dressed appropriately for me, in clothes that make me feel comfortable. And so I put on my lime green sequined belly dancing top, my white jeans and my top hat, which is battered and badged up and colourful. I have been told to remove my hat in court previously but have the perfect remedy- Whatever they want you to do, religious grounds can be cited. So when they previously asked me to remove my hat as it was distracting, I told them it was against my religion to take off my hat and when they asked what was my religion, I told them that it was against my religion to discuss my religion with those who were not of my them at their own masonic game, it works every time.

On 24th September I arrived and reported in to the court list caller and he asked me if I was represented, I told him that I would be representing myself. He then asked what plea I would be entering. I told him that that I would not be entering a plea. He was looking very surprised at this point and said, "Oh they'll want you to enter a plea!" To which I replied, "Oh, I know they will because that would give them jurisdiction over me and I am not willing to enter into contract with this court!" He looked even more surprised and suggested that I speak to a duty solicitor for advice. I smiled at this and told him that the duty solicitor would not be able to help me on this as they would not know the law. I was told that my case would be heard first as I was representing myself.

Two of my friends from wearechange arrived and after a brief phonecall to John and reassurance that not entering a plea was a good position to start from the three of us entered the court and sat in the gallery ready for 10.30. The three magistrates entered, the one who would be addressed was quite young, very pretty, with long, beautifully brushed blonde hair. It could clearly be seen that she was very pleased to be in such a position of authority. The court rose and then sank and she sat with her hands on the bench in front of her eagerly awaiting the first case.

My name was called and I stood up as the court list caller opened the door to the dock. In none of my appearances have I ever agreed to enter the dock. I feel no one should be made to feel like a criminal before they even get to a verdict and as I defend myself I need to be able to hear clearly which bulletproof glass does not allow; I also need somewhere to put any paperwork and basically be afforded the same respect as everyone else in the court. This to my mind comes under the right to a fair trial (if I want one) only this time I wasn't even willing to have a trial- who are these people to try me? I duly refused to enter the dock, saying "I'm not going in there!" The blonde JP's hands went up from the bench and she seemed to be looking around for help, as the list caller kindly informed me that all defendants go into the dock and that I had to go in. "I never go in those boxes" said I and then I looked at the JP and said, "I am not a criminal!" At this point I was looking forward to the part where they ask you to give your name but before we got to that point and immediately that I said, "I am not a criminal," a cry went up from the side of the court, "The case is withdrawn, case withdrawn," and a piece of paper was given to the JP, who told me that I was free to leave. My only regret was that I didn't realise that it was also my right to read what was on that paper. My advice on courts realise that everything that they do, the whole set up is to intimidate us and make us fearful- but it is all BOLLOX- so have no fear. They clearly have no lawful jurisdiction and are just ordinary, mostly ignorant of what they are actually doing and actually quite pathetic. Power to all.


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1 Carolyn Ann Emmerson  
I wrote this article back in 2008 for John Harris's website and re reading it I am struck by how absolutely naive I was. I have been spooked, directly threatened, intimidated and attacked. One of my dearly loved ones died in very suspicious circumstances and so much else. Actually the PTB have so many tricks up their countless multiple sleeves and so many working for them that there is every reason to fear. They are not the powers that be for no reason. And here we are at their end game. All I wanted in simple terms was abetter, kinder, fairer world but I was sitting on a cloud. For anyone that took action and was affected by my advice i apologise from the bottom of my heart

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