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Come Out Of Mammon

Come Out of Mammon

2011-07-18 23:50:07+00:00
I respond to a recent local rant:

Excuse me, did anyone check the tax maps to see if the alleged private property is actually private? When property is allegedly "purchased" and then registered, the registration is placing the property in the PUBLIC. If the allegedly private property was purchased with actual lawful money (e.g. pre-1964 silver coin), then the land is actually owned, whereas, every "Federal (as "Federal" as Federal Express) Reserve (there are no reserves) Note" is a debt instrument which attaches a lien to the property, rendering it the property of the issuer of the Note (The International Bankers) until the lien is paid by redemption of the debt. If any of this was done by a "Citizen", then they were never capable of owning property, for they themselves, being registered (typically by birth registration, SSA registration, Driver's License registration), then they are PUBLIC property owned by the state, they are civilly dead, and have no rights, period. Unless you signed the Constitution, you have no Constitutional rights, which confers no rights, merely restrictions by the 48 States upon The United States of America (10 square miles of Wash (please wash it) District of Columbia (Mammon)), of which you become owned, controlled and subject to their Federal Statutes by voluntarily accepting their offer to become a member (like Costco membership), called "U.S. Citizen".

If you're tired of how your slavemasters mismanage your death, than reclaim the title of your body, and walk out of your contracts with Mammon. Renounce your citizenship, terminate all your government accounts, and most importantly, close any and all Bank Accounts. Otherwise, go into your Bank and demand to see a full disclosure of "The Rules of the Bank" incorporated by reference but never given to you, associated with your voluntaryily opening an account with them.

Your freedom comes from ceasing to sign your name to contracts that give away your rights. Come out of Mammon! Otherwise, shut up about your lack of freedoms, for it is you who gives them away each day, by you continuing free-will choice.

You have voluntarily reduced yourself to the status of corporation, and the citizens of THE STATE are all corporations, so don't be surprised when the representatives of the citizens bow to the pressures of the corporations who pay them the most. Cease to be a citizen, a corporation, dead, rightless property... come out of Mammon! Reclaim the title of your body, rather than remaining the surety for a trust corporation. All corporations have capitalized name... whereever your name appears in all capitals, that is your loss of freedoms, so terminate all JOHN DOE paperwork, and resume being John Doe.

Renounce your U.S. Federal Citizenship, and close your Bank Account, and none of the Federal Statutes apply to you.

If you want to be free of obligations to THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENT, renounce all benefits from them. You can't have it both ways. You accept the benefits, you are obligated to the duties of citizenship, including being vacinated with toxins, breathing toxins, eating toxins, being shuffled off to a FEMA camp, and force to labor. As mere chattel property of a corporation, they can do anything they damn well please with you, they own you! Come out of Mammon! Wake up! Stop playing with Mammon's Debt "Money", it is toxic! The bankers literally own your ass, your horse, your house, your car, your wife or husband, and your children, whom you gave to them to caretake by registering their births.

Come off of the Sea, the Admiralty Law of Maritime Warfare, where the Captain of the Ship (President of US, Governor of State, Mayor of County/City) is the absolute military commander of all his subjects. Cease subjecting yourself to Mammon.

Cease the game of blaming your victimhood on others, it is you who have victimized yourself. Come out of Mammon.

I don't care be you allegedly Buddhist or Christian or Jewish or YHWHian... if you are contracted with the Corporations, you're prioritizing the actuality of living in Mammon over your alleged spirituality/religion. It will be your death. Soon. Wake up!

Look up U.S. Patent 6630507... the known cure for Cancer, which Mammon will never let you have growing for free in their backyard... you must get your Land Patent on your private land purchased with real money by a private human of God not a corporate citizen, then you can have God's medicine growing for free. Otherwise you're just a mutinous slave to be squashed like a bug. Learn the law people... you have enslaved yourselves. Did I remember to mention: "Come out of Mammon"?

Do we really want to allow the new Genetically Engineered strains of cannabis sativa into our ecosystem? or shall we stay with the natural version?

If you're using the hydroponically grown, even non-GMO versions, they are often grown with fertilizer containing heavy metals, and these days even the air is dropping heavy metals of Plutonium, Uranium, and Cesium upon the soil, so you need to chelate heavy metals out of your body to stay healthy... Cilantro is a good start, but there is much more you could learn from a visit to

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