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Common Law Will Not Die, Rather It Will Flourish

Common Law will not die by political decisions or the hangman’s rope; rather it will flourish.

Common Law the most powerful Law in this land will always survive and will always be there to protect us. Why is it so powerful? For it was made by a contract agreed between the monarch at the time of this great country- and the people and not by any parliament. In the 1200’s a contract was struck which was set in place to protect the people of this land and their decedents and again in the 1600’s. May be now it is time for a contract to be made again, so we can protect our decendants, or may be something a little different!

The one thing that strikes me about all the emails I receive, is the constant waste of energy being applied by many people, to argue the toss about, who is right and who is wrong; on many different level’s and subjects. This is just one example of this:

People standing up for Common Law are constantly put down by people who think the Parliament of this country are all-powerful and can basically do as they please. The Lawyers, Barristers and people who profess this have forgotten a simple fact. Is it not surely, the doctrine they have been taught under that programs their very response to something they cannot comprehend to be true, for it is way too simple and totally against the programming they are relying upon to make their decision in the first place. To simplify this all I need to say is "why argue with someone who has been educated by the very system that thinks it has power”.

The system they have been taught under uses fear as its controlling factor and the logic of divide and rule and repression to achieve its ultimate goal. For example: Make the student believe that the only things that matter are money, power and status. The greed these people possess for power and money, is only surpassed by their constant need to believe they are above people in status, and any one of a lower status in their eye’s is not allowed to have opinions –for they have not been educated or nor do they have the status to make such opinions.

Surely if they did reflect with wisdom instead of programmed knowledge, they would simply see that the whole class divide system was set in place to control the masses and keep the down trodden, including themselves, under their umbrella of control; down trodden. To make them feel worthless in a world that has been created by men and women who solely seek more power, over the lower minions and each other, a system that will ultimately destroy its self in the end, for when will the power grab ever end? They will tread on anyone to get to the top of the heap and even if they get to the top, they will always have someone snapping at their heels, trying to replace them at the top-and that scenario will never end in a world of greed for power.


The country we all now live in is controlled by these people and the masses are controlled by fear in the taxation nation that is England. But also the people, who think they have power, are controlled again by fear, a fear of losing their position in power. People who negate the very Law that has real power in this country again are controlled by fear, a fear of loss of position, a loss of their make believe status and maybe the biggest fear of all is the fear of being proven wrong by a member of the lower classes.


Common law is all-powerful and always will be, it can never be repealed, removed, replaced or discarded. The beauty of our birth right law is the fact that it is so simple in design and in use, and can be used without the need of expensive lawyers and barristers and will ultimately prevail over those who think they have power; for is it just and right and no bad law, is law!


As for your position of status you can keep it in your world of make believe, if it makes you happy. If you want to class me in your system as a common man or a working class man, then you go right ahead with my blessing for I am no longer part of your system and I will be removing myself from your system forth with.



On the 22nd March 2008 I will be making my intentions very clear to her Majesty and her government, by invoking article 61 of Magna Carta 1215.


"I have no need for status, for I am only a man and a true chivalrous man needs no status”. John Harris

A passing thought:


"…England must be led and guided, to be sure, by a King bearing the attributes of an age not his own, by one whose success is to be enshrined in the consciousness of his people. Where he was conceived and where he was born, matters only for the job he must do for its own good reasons; that he lives and will fight to defend his nation in the essence, of the spirit, that resides in his people, to create the need for certainty in an uncertain world. A savior, surely, of his country against a darkness from across the sea and a darkness lurking in the heart of his home land; holder of a title and an estate without question in the land all great Kings are born from, in the wisdom that you cannot be a King, you must first become one and the wisdom that a true King wants for no power over his people, only just to be able to guide, lead and most of all defend them…”


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