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Consent   All men are born equal and so nobody has the right to command you, make demands of you or force you to do anything.   The most that anyone can do is to make you an offer.   Even though they may say that it is an "Order" or a "Demand" or a "Summons", it is in reality, an offer which you are free to accept, or not accept, as you choose.   This is why they keep using "Applications", "Registrations" and "Submissions" as those things give them power over you through your (unwitting) consent.   They are hoping that you will break the law by the way that you deal with their offer.   If you just ignore the offer, you are stepping into what is called "dishonour" so the only effective way of dealing with the offer is 'conditional acceptance' as already mentioned.   If you accept their offer without imposing any conditions, then you are accepting that they have the power to order you around, and that places you under their authority, because you have just chosen to accept their offer (even though you may not understand that you are accepting their offer for them to have authority over you). 

They are also very keen to get you arguing with them as that also places you in "dishonour" and if there is a court case, the judge just looks to see who is in dishonour.   Remember, in civil cases the court is a commercial operation where the judge doesn't care who is right or wrong, just who will pay the court.   So, we accept all offers but with our conditions attached to each offer and that prevents them taking us to court - remember, courts only deal with disputes and if you accept (conditionally) each offer, there can't be any dispute and so there can't be any kind of court involvement.   Some offers are "Notices" and a Notice has to be clear, concise and unequivocal.   You can discharge a Notice by seeking clarification, that is by writing back, asking the meaning of a word, stating that you don't understand the word.   They were hoping that you would just ignore the Notice and so go into dishonour and become liable. 

A Parking Ticket is a "Notice", and please be aware that a Parking Ticket is not a bill, but instead it is a Notice telling you that there is something to which you should pay attention.   So you write back saying that you have noticed their Notice and that as they appear to think that you owe them money, you are happy to pay, but first you need some verification before payment is made.   "First, there is a need to verify the debt, so please send me a bill with a signature on it.   Also, I need to see the lawful, two-party contract supporting that bill".   As they can't supply either of those things, it kills the claim stone dead, so just keep insisting that they either supply those things or else stop bothering you. 

An interesting alternative is that if they send you a final notice marked "Remittance", then that piece of paper actually has the value of the money amount written on it.   The really silly thing is that you have the option to write "Accepted for value" on that piece of paper, sign it with your name and post it back to them, and technically, that concludes the matter by paying the amount demanded.   Who was it that said "it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world"?   Actually, the payment comes out of the vast amount of money which your strawman has accumulated over the years, and your signing the document as "Accepted for value", authorizes them to take the payment from your strawman account and that suits them as well as suiting you.   There is a web site for checking how much you strawman is worth - see this video where the presenter discovers that his strawman has $224,440,000 as it's current balance and the web site also states who is currently managing the strawman account for him.   Your writing "Accepted for Value" means that you are authorizing them to take the amount they want out of the strawman account which has such a large amount in it that the balance will hardly be affected at all. 


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