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Constitutional Law Is 'Fleet Law' - Used To Keep The People Enslaved

Constitutional law is 'Fleet Law' - law used to simply keep the people enslaved.

Article by John Harris

Ask yourself this; why is it called a ‘dock’ where you stand in a court of law?

As far as I can tell ‘Fleet law’ has been installed in this country since around 1189 and remains to present day. The question is; what has fleet law got to do with constitutional law? Well the answer is quite simple. For as far as you want to go back you can see the deliberate manipulation of constitutional law to keep, the unwanted necessity, the people of this country enslaved. All through history there is evidence of this, with Magna Carta 1297 and the Bill of Rights 1689 (statutes)(constitutional law) being prime examples. What was supposedly given with one hand is always removed with the other and there was always a contributing hidden agenda behind what was given in the first place, always pushed through parliament on the pretence it was for the people, when in fact it was directly against them. History through out the ages has also been changed to try and hide the elements of deceit and distraction, conjuring up a fabricated list of events to simply fool everyone, again the Bill of Rights and its preamble document the Declaration of Rights are prime examples of this. So simply constitutional law has always been used to maintain the hierarchy of this country live in the life of luxury and the people (the unwanted necessity) are enslaved within this constitutional law, to achieve this aim.

Constitutional law of this country is made up of Acts of parliament which in turn have parts of these acts enacted by legislation and statutory instruments, this is statute law, fleet law. A prime example of this is council tax; which came into force 1st April 1993 as a statutory instrument of its primary legislation the 1992 local government finance act. Council tax was not put through parliament to be enforced as a stealth tax upon the British people; it was just enacted under the statutory instrument rule.

Once an Act has been put through parliament any part of that act can be enacted, changed or modified in any way they see fit without having to go through the process of going through parliament again. I hope now you can see the simple implications of this and this process is used on a daily basis to manipulate statute law. Another very good example of this was the repeal of the 1702, 1790, 1795 and the 1814 treason acts by Blair in 1998 under the crime and disorder act of the same year. On the 2nd of October 1997 Blair signed the Amsterdam Treaty handing the third pillar of law (justice and home affairs) and control of our immigration over to the EU. A significant group of people started a court case laying charges of treason at Blair’s feet, within a few months after this event the crime and disorder act 1998 is pushed through parliament and hidden within the act in section 36.3 (check for yourselves here) the treason laws being used against Blair and the rest of the established government were conveniently repealed. This is absolute proof of the way the constitutional laws are being manipulated to suite the needs of the government and their masters ‘the crown’ (the city of London) and this is only one of thousands of incidents where evidence of this can be found. Constitutional law has always been and always will be simply the ‘crown’s law’ and not the law of the people, it is simply there for their benefit and not ‘ours’.

Before I carry on there is one little phase parliament like to use and I would like you to keep in your mind ‘…parliament cannot bind its successors....’ this can be found in any law book regarding constitutional matters and this is the excuse they give to defend their manipulation of the constitutional law and I hope you can simply see why they use this expression.

So when did this all begin? I suppose the best way of dealing with this question is to go back to somewhere near the beginning and to start with probably one of the most famous documents in our history Magna Carta.

In 1297 the statute roll was formed in England along with parliament, created from the French word parlor, which means to talk. This was done under the reign of Edward I who was a French Plantagenet. One of the first statutes was MC 1297 which contained 39 articles, created from its preamble document some eighty years previous MC 1215. The original document contained no less than 63 articles that were reduced down to 39 in the first statute, or as it would be known now, the first fully fledged constitutional law (Fleet)(Admiralty)(Civil)(Commerce)

As you are probably aware of England has never had a fully fledged written constitution contained in one document, instead it has been unwritten and simple made up of 700 years of history where it is quite clear to see how it was manipulated to keep the people enslaved. The reason for this again is quite simple, for it is far easier to manipulate something that is unwritten and this is where the saying above comes in to effect. After Magna Carta 1215 was signed and in trenched into common law of this country the power base (papal bull templar) realised what they had done, especially giving the people an article such as ’61; Lawful Rebellion’. They realized that this article maintains that the people hold the power in this country and no one else and if they were to keep the people enslaved they would have to remove this article very quickly and they would have to do this quietly so the people did not realize it was being done and for what reason.

Mc 1215 was reissued in 1216 under a 9 year old king Henry III (Son of King John)(Plantagenet) and article 61 was removed, then again in 1217, 1225 and finally the statute of 1297, which is still on the statute rolls although only 3 articles still apply in constitutional law. (All articles still apply in common law). In each subsequent year of re-issue more of the people’s rights were removed with the removal of more articles, until it became a statute in 1297. In 1863 and in 1948 the ‘statute law revision act’ was passed and with this they repealed parts of MC 1297. Then in 1969 under Harold Wilson as the moon landings were taking place an act was rushed though parliament called the ‘statutes law (repeal) act’. This act reduced MC 1297 down to just 3 articles namely 1, 9 and 29. And its article 9; which is of most interest regarding what it maintains.

Article 9; THE City of London shall have all the old Liberties and Customs [which it hath been used to have]. Moreover We will and grant, that all other Cities, Boroughs, Towns, and the Barons of the Five Ports, and all other Ports, shall have all their Liberties and free Customs. (More about article 9 later)

So from the above you can see quite clearly how they have manipulated the constitutional law for their own purposes, removing and replacing, over a period of time the rights and liberties of the English people, to maintain the enslavement of the English people, but not just us! The world over. (Wherever the fleet landed so fleet law was introduced, but again more on this at a later date).

They introduced fleet law in the guise of constitutional law saying that the ‘constitutional law was for the people’, but how could that be? When all the evidence points to completely the opposite and quite clearly shows that all constitutional law has done is remove the rights and the liberties of the people. Are but some might say ‘what about the Bill of rights 1689?’ and all the rights and liberties enacted into statute law by this document declared by the people in the Declaration of Rights 1688. Well I am glad people do ask me this for these two documents give even more evidence of how constitutional (Statute/Fleet) law has been manipulated by the enslavers.

In 1688 we had the glorious revolution (As so named by the historians) in which the ‘Stuart’ king James II was removed from the throne of England. The first thing I found strange about this account of history was the fact that this revolution was bloodless and if it was bloodless, is this, the real truth regarding the history of this incident. Then another anomaly is the fact that historians recorded that the people penned the Declaration of Rights when in fact it was penned by parliament. Now historians would have you believe that this was done on behalf of the people to stop the new monarch from ruling by divine rite and that is why the document was so bias towards parliament (please read it here and make your own mind up) to stop this. But in reality was the revolution (up rising) simply invoked by parliament using James’ Catholic preferences to insight enough of the people to remove the king so parliament could get back what they had previously under Cromwell in 1642 through to 1651, 11 years of republic after executing Charles I. The problem parliament had was the majority of the people were still very loyal to the monarchy and this was the simple hurdle parliament had to get over. Although the Declaration asserted that certain rights of the people had to be maintained which can be quite clearly seen, the actual document did far more than this.

When William and Mary took the throne of England under joint monarchy they were presented with the declaration and were told they could not take the throne unless they first signed the declaration. This has again been maintained by historians that in signing the declaration this was simply to maintain the rights and liberties of the people wrote into the declaration. But in fact what it created was the first ‘constitutional sovereigns’ bound by constitutional law and not common law, but they needed to create the constitutional sovereign ‘foundation’, as the declaration was in common law and to do this they needed a ‘statute’, enter the Bill of Rights 1689. As I have explained before the Bill of Rights 1689 was a constitutional law (Act)(Statute) formed upon its preamble document the Declaration of Rights 1688/9. This Act is probably one of the most significant Acts ever passed by parliament in its history and one of the most corrupt, simply because of what it achieved and for how long it has fooled the people, simply for hundreds of years, including myself (but as they say you only learn from your mistakes) and please remember one ‘fact’ as well when reading the next section of this article that the ‘Bank of England was founded in1694’, the relevance of this will become very apparent.

In 1689 the Bill of Rights was pushed through parliament creating the statute parliament needed to build upon the foundation laid by the declaration. When looking at the wording of the Bill of Rights especially the ‘title’ (settling the succession of the ‘crown’) they could now finalize what they wanted to achieve. They now had the dynasty they needed in place and under control namely ‘Stuart- Catholic’ and had created the ‘constitutional sovereignty’ that under constitutional law have no powers whatsoever using Scotland as the bargaining chip (the facts regarding this can be found here) and as long as this ‘dynasty’ could be maintained by another statute, then they could complete the last part of their plan; enter the statute the ‘act of settlement 1701’(again please read here to see how this was achieved)

Please note; Oxford Dictionary of Law (2008)(6th Edition)(Section C)(Page 142)

Crown n. The office (a *corporation sole) in which supreme powering the UK is legally vested. The person filling it at any given time is referred to as the sovereign (a king or queen; see also QUEEN). The title to the crown is hereditary and its descent is governed by the ‘act of settlement 1701’ as amended by His Majesty Edward Declaration of the Abdication Act 1936 (which excluded Edward VIII and his descendants from the line of succession). The majority of governmental powers in the UK are now conferred by ‘statute’ directly upon ministers, the judiciary, and other persons and bodies, but the sovereign retains a limited number of common law functions (known as *royal prerogatives) that, except in exceptional circumstances, can be exercised only in accordance with ministerial advice.

The excerpt above shows clearly the position of the sovereign and who really confers ‘statute’ law upon the ministers (Westminster simply being just an outer government full of puppets having their strings pulled), the judiciary (corporations controlled by the main corporation to extract monies from the people on behalf of the main corporation) and other persons and bodies (namely the police and other agents to enforce statutes, stealth taxes and corporation law (fleet/admiralty) for the corporation). It also clearly shows how important to them the act of settlement 1701 is and it quite clearly shows that we, the people, are ‘enslaved’ by a ‘corporation’.

In 1694 the bank of England was founded and the complete control was now formulated and the bankers (corporation) controlled everything; parliament, the sovereign and the banks all from the centre of London namely the ‘City’ that in turn is controlled by Temple Bar, founded by Papal Bull Templar and controlled by the Vatican all achieved by, you guessed it, ‘constitutional law’. You can also see why article 9 of MC 1297 had to be maintained, why recently the speaker of the House of Commons used the Bill of Rights, but you try and use it! As I said before ‘what they give with one hand they take with the other’. Why the Bill of Rights has never been fully repealed, because they dare not! For the throne would be open for a true sovereign from the true British dynasty to depose the ‘Stuart dynasty’ and use the power of common law and destroy all they have done in a blink of an eye.   

But it also shows something else; namely the cure the English people need to rid this country of the disease it is infected with! Please allow me to explain.

Please look at this wording and then allow me to explain; the sovereign retains a limited number of common law functions (known as *royal prerogatives) that, except in ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Now this is extremely important for one of these powers is the power of ‘dissolution’ and one of the meanings of this is; the dissolving of a company/corporation. The sovereign of this country has the power of dissolution at her disposal within common law. Also Constitutional law (fleet/admiralty) gets its power to be from common law (law of the land, before fleet) so quite simply we have this scenario; Queen Elizabeth II under common law powers can dissolve the ‘crown corporation’, Westminster, everything the crown corporation has done through Westminster including undoing every single statute constitutional law ever put in place instantly ridding us of the EU and the papal control of the Vatican and how do we do it; Article 61: Lawful Rebellion

Gone our the day’s of politics that I nearly got sucked into a short while ago, gone are the days of political parties ever sorting this problem out for they a part of it, gone our the days of protests on the streets and gone our the days of violent revolution. We simply use the security clause and peacefully and simply shut this country down and grind it to a halt!!

As I hope I have shown you this problem has been going on for a long time and it has been done with manipulation of laws, that even myself at onetime relied upon. These laws are their laws; they are there simply to keep the people enslaved and even if you try to fight them with their laws, they will just change them at a whim as I showed with Blair and the treason laws and there is nothing we can do about it. They will deny us the use of common law in our courts, but at least now with Guy and Richy’s help, through commercial remedy you now have a greater understanding of what the courts really are and how to deal with them and with the little bit contained about the courts in this article, you really understand who controls them, and why what the guy’s are doing is so important, it may not be a silver bullet, but it will certainly hinder them, which again is what article 61 allows for.

What these people cannot stop is a ‘Lawful Rebellion even with all the threats in the world, for when it comes down to it, when the time is right, you can do this from the comfort of your own home, spending time with your family, knowing by this one simple action, you are part of something that will change this country, for the better, for ever.

In the next few week’s I am making a film about this subject that will be widely available across the Internet and will explain in detail what is needed of you to complete this history-making event.

Thanks for the book Guy, it did come in handy after all!!


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