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Faithful Thoughts Have The Power To Heal

"Faithful Thoughts have the Power to Heal":
The power to heal is nothing more than one expression of energy. All is energy. Energy exists and is expressed in myriad forms. Whether a thing is perceived as innate or living, it is merely a different expression of original energy. There is no thing, including "power" that is not made up of this same original energy that comprises all things, including thoughts that heal, and thoughts that disable.
The unique characteristic of the human construct within the creation of all things, is that humans have been endowed with free will. Free will simply means we have a conscious mind that is capable of making limited free will decisions regarding the organization of this same energy. The conscious mind is also just another expression of the original energy.
The original energy can express itself as innate or living things, or as living things with conscious minds endowed with free will, because the original energy has the free will to express itself according to its will - all things provide proof of this, because all things exist.
We can of our own free will, organize our thoughts and keep them secret, or we can share them. The thought, as we give birth to it, becomes a very specifically organized pattern of original energy. Yet only when we express that thought, does the energy become a "thing" unto itself, and only as it is being expressed, does it have the power to influence other organizations of energy.
The power inherent to a thought, is not in using our free will to organize the energy to create the thought, nor is there any power in simply recognizing or knowing the thought (or idea), the power comes as a result of using our free will to express the thought conceived or stumbled upon. For example, let's pretend I know your loved one has escaped harm in a disaster. I have already organized the original energy within my conscious mind, formulating this information into a thought, yet it has no impact upon you until I express it to you, then it has the power to drastically affect the way you feel, think and act.
Likewise healing. The energy organized and embodied not in, but as each cell of the human construct contains sufficient knowledge to create the entire human being, including replicating that vast knowledge innumerable times. That amount of knowledge is sufficient to heal the human construct and to maintain perfect health. Yet these cells are made obedient to our sub-conscious will. Science has established this - it is no great mystery. Deliberately concentrated thoughts, like constantly repeated thoughts or behavior over time, can drastically alter the individual's cellular vibration, either positively, or negatively.
When you lose the science long enough to think about it, you quickly realize that when you change the vibration of your cells by "thinking", whether deliberately concentrating, or by accidental repetitive behavior, it is because they are responding to the expression of your free will. You are communicating with them. Humans communicate, and everything humans do, originates in the knowledge contained in each little cell.
To heal then, is simply to do more of that communication with a purpose. Then to live and behave harmoniously and with good health, simply requires we do more of that collectively. Billions of our cells work harmoniously together within each of us, and are capable of communing with each of us, yet it is our own lack of acceptance of this simple reality, that restricts us, and instills fear within us, so that we hesitate to ask them (our inner self) what they yearn for us to know.
Know thyself individually, and this is easy to do, for it is not far from you, then living in good health and harmoniously with others will become the collective reality. For more information on faithful healing, please visit our section: Natural Faith Healing, Parts I, II, III and IV; which may be found with other fascinating articles on our page: Letting Your Israelite Light Shine:

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