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Fines, Points, and Contracts On The Road Part 1

Fines Points and Contracts on the Road PART ONE

Fines Points and Contracts on the Road PART ONE
Article by Guy Euden
Hello again, I have had many emails from people asking if I could help them with the above.
So I am going to give you all your answers in this article.
Firstly you need to understand that you have all contracted to be on the road using their rule system, now yes I have had the debates, somewhat heated on the occasion, about rules on the road and that we need them to keep the traffic flowing etc etc.....
Let yourself be under no illusion, that one of the largest sources of revenue for the (mobsters) is the motorist!
You are victimised into thinking that you are bad because you wish to go out and do something in your car, that your carbon footprint is unforgiveable! Whilst you wallow in guilt, the elite go out for Bar BQ fried chicken in their private jets!
At every turn you are penalised and taxed, and all the time they campaign to tell you there is no escape for tax evader’s blah blah.....
What they tell you is not strictly the case.
Some time ago an article on the TPUC site described Registration in detail, also an important word described before is Application
When driving on the UK roads make no mistake you are in contract at all times, these contracts have rules for you to follow and failure to abide by the rules you agreed too, means ££££ for the mobsters.
Lets mention the vehicle you are driving, registered with the "Department for Transport” also trading as the "DVLA” (see DNB web site)
So, registered with, means you have handed over legal title of the vehicle to the DVLA (voluntarily) and in return they kindly grant you the "Keepers V5”, note: not the owners V5, but the keepers!
So the DVLA, extremely kind as it is, grants you the privilege of using THEIR recently acquired property, nice of them eh?
The thing is, with this kindness comes proviso’s (rules) to follow, you must:
Use the prescribed fuel in the vehicle thus granting the mobsters high tax revenue.
Use the prescribed insurance (you don’t need to, as you have national insurance)
M.O.T the vehicle, which if you read the back of the document, isn’t worth the paper it is written on! It states that the vehicle is only deemed fit on the day of the test, the rest of the time it’s up to you to keep it operational? So why pay for the M.O.T? after all its worthless?
Finally the big one ROAD TAX .... in order to use their vehicle they require road tax to be paid on their vehicle.
Yes yes I have heard it all before, road tax pays for the roads and maintenance of the roads, you really believe that?!
So that’s contract number one.... seems like paying out to use what was supposed to be your property to me after all it is your sweat equity that paid for it, sounds like a huge con to me? How about you?
The 2nd contract is the "Driving License” you apply or (beg) for this believing that you must have one in order to travel in your car!
In fact, all it is, is a contract to perform in the manner they wish you too, if you don’t, ha ha, you guessed it a FINE!!!
Why do you need a license? After all consider this; you cannot have a license to do something that is illegal in the first place!! i.e. Murder is illegal, so you apply for a license to do that, if its granted under an act or some other legislation, that legislation is ILEGAL!!
So bearing this in mind, what makes you think you cannot just drive?
You can is the right answer.
Def of a driver: "one that enters into commerce on the road
Def of Commerce "to buy and sell”
If you travel in your private conveyance you do none of this, and as such you do not require a license.
Now we all know that if just anybody could just jump behind the wheel there would be anarchy!! But that’s because we are being cradled like children, bosom fed by the state.... take responsibility for yourself, take responsibility for your actions, get some training... and then just drive!!
There is much much more to it, as we all know you cannot travel in a vehicle that’s a "public vehicle” i.e. registered, so you would need to know a way to bring it back into the private, and then as long as you are not operating in commerce then you need NO license.
They have tried to tie up this possibility, so take this for an example:
NO tax can be got without insurance, no insurance can be granted without registered plates, insurance is invalid without tax or M.O.T can’t get an M.O.T without a registration identity, so... you see they have sealed it up
But wait.... we do have all of this covered.. A private vehicle requires no tax, not mot (but do keep it roadworthy! take responsibility!!) and you can apply your own insurance... hmm how about an indemnity bond? Job done!!... obviously it’s not quite as simple as that, it has taken us 6 months of paperwork, 3 months of research and £250-£300 in postage and other costs so far, but we are getting there.
The "Corporate Policy Enforcement Officers” will spend a lot of time getting to be a pain in your bottom, as they won’t like you doing this... so you will need to lay down some kind of concrete foundations, this is lengthy work, and if you’re not prepared for it, then just stay a good little slave and don’t try any of this at all.
Myself and a friend are at present doing all of this and will let you know what happens soon enough, I know that at present no issues have been had, but the real test will be coming soon no doubt, the police forces have a lot to lose if they dishonour our private status and so after an initial fight we will hopefully be left well alone.
We are pioneering the way so that you won’t get it wrong and end up suffering for it, bear with us and we will report our results as things come up.
End of part one
Part two coming up in a week or two, with more detailed information.

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