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Fixed Penalty Notices: Fraudulent Coercion of Voluntary Payments

Fixed Penalty Notices: Fraudulent Coercion of Voluntary Payments.

Fixed Penalty Notices: Fraudulent coercion of voluntary payments.

You may have read a previous article called "Your children - the horrifying truth", and may come to the realisation that you quite literally do not own your own body - or so the system would have you believe. Not only that, but in truth your person is in fact a corporation. Created by the state, upon the filing of your birth certificate registration application, your person is the capitalisation of your name, e.g. 'MR T ANDERSON' or variant thereof. It is essential to realise this as fact and whenever a government entity wants to interact with you they will address you by the exact spelling of your PERSON and not you - this is the crucial difference.


Part 1. Fixed penalty notices - the battle ground of the public.


Bursting bubbles of government deception (Google Video)

The Magnificent deception (Google Video)

Winston Shrout – Solutions in commerce


DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This article is intended for educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice in any way. If you want legal advice, and a wordy, rambling rebuttal of this article, and a dent in your wallet, go see a lawyer.

I am skimming the surface of the largest subject you could possibly imagine. The founder of this website so asserts "The truth is simple, mankind makes it complicated". This could never be more true than when applied to the machination of law and legality. The truth here is that you are a flesh and blood man, not a fictional corporation, and so no-one has authority over you except that which you consent to. Please take these words as a guide, and not the divine answer, and commit to learn more about the world they try to put you into.

You're reading this article because you are aware that something isn't right with the world. You may not know how, but if you've fought against paying council tax / speeding fines / parking tickets for whatever reason, then most likely you have lost. I'm here to tell you that you don't have to lose, and you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Speeding fines, Parking Tickets, Littering fines, Bin fines, Council Tax & Environmental taxes are all part of the scam, and many many more superfluous fines are on the way, thanks to the EU - and all of them are unLAWful.

This is very important to remember: unLAWful - not Illegal - as it is common law which is the law of this land, and the law which we all have the right and duty to excersise our use of.

This article will help you understand what the court system really is, and how you can shove a metaphorical spanner in their works. I've decided that the best way to focus the subject is upon the daily penalties which we, try as we might, all fall foul of.

Fixed Penalty Notices: The clue is in the name

Fixed penalty notice is a deceptive instrument, because it looks like a serious document which has been dutifully attached to your car. It carries precisely zero authority. You park on a double yellow line, you get one.

A notice is not a bill. A notice is not a demand. A notice is nothing more than... an OFFER. It is an offer to discuss the notice with which you have been served.

You can discharge a notice with a notice of your own sent by recorded delivery. So if you receive a fixed penalty notice then don't ignore it! To do so is accepting the views the notice expresses, whatever they are!

Action you can take:

These fixed penalty notices are not helping anyone but the state, so why not write your own notice and see how they respond? Your intentions are honest - you simply want to understand what it is they are saying in their notice, and it is precisely how I became involved in this in the first place.

The first thing to remember is be civilised. Write your own notice straight back. Don't protest unless you are certain of mistaken identity; simply accept what they have said to you, but with your conditions attached. This notice is known as a 'Notice of conditional acceptance', and effectively pops the ball back into their court.

Your notice can say whatever you like. I would suggest you keep it on topic, and try to question the facts as laid out in their notice. Your notice could be as simple as 'I have read and conditionally accepted your notice, providing you answer the following questions 1) 2) 3)'. Think up some questions. Is there anything about the Traffic Management Act 2004 you don't understand? If you can't think of any questions to ask, why not take a look at our model answer?

To get you started, how about this for a 1st reply:








Re: FIXED PENALTY NOTICE AB12345678 - Issued [date]


Notice of Discharge of Outstanding Penalty Notice and Request for Clarification.


To [address]


You have apparently made allegations of criminal conduct against me.

You have apparently made demands upon me.

I do not understand those apparent demands and therefore cannot lawfully fulfil them.

I seek clarification of your document so that I may act according to the law and maintain my entire body of God given Natural Rights.

Failure to accept this offer to clarify and to do so completely and in good faith within 7 days will be deemed by all parties to mean you and your principal or other parties abandon all demands upon me.


I conditionally accept your offer to agree that I am NAME and that I owe £??.??, upon proof of claim of all of the following:


1. Upon proof of claim that I am a person and not a human being.

2. Upon proof of claim that you know what a ‘person’ actually is, legally speaking.

3. Upon proof of claim that you know what the difference between a ‘human being’ and a ‘person’ actually is, legally speaking.

4. Upon proof of claim that I am NAME and not Name

5. Upon proof of claim that the charge was the result of a lawful investigation unmarred by prejudice.

6. Upon proof of claim that I am a member of the society whose statutes and subsisting regulations you are enforcing.

7. Upon proof of claim that I showed you some sort of identification.

8 Upon proof of claim that there is a nameable society that I belong to and that the laws covered within this alleged transgression state that they apply to me within that named society


Sincerely and without ill will, vexation or frivolity




Do not take this action lightly and if you are unprepared for the consequences; we applaud your interests but if you wish to fully understand the rules of the game, rest assured time and concentration are required. The responsibilities lie on your shoulders. Use the resources listed and we wish you success in your studies


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