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How Do They Enslave You In Commerce? Aren't You A Human Being

How do they enslave you in commerce after all you are a Human Being! Aren't You???

Well YES and then unfortunately a big resounding NO!!!

You see, here lies the truth of how they have managed to do what they have to us.
More interesting is the fact that all of this is intertwined, as you will now find out!

Referring back to our article on "your children" I can start the process of explaining how and why they have "rigged the match", so to speak.

When you are born, your parents were told that they "must" register you within 42 days. Of course, as we have all learned from our former articles, Must = May and is a choice, not an order! Of course they don't want you to know this, but here it is anyway. Also again, as we know from the previous article, when your parent registered you they abandoned you (albeit unknowingly) under admiralty law and the crafty government took up salvage thus making you their chattel or legal property.

Also at this point a bond is created in your name, it is - if you like - funded from your projected earning and taxation potential, how much over your lifetime the corrupt government can squeeze you for.

Also whilst this Bond is in its creation, a legal entity is also created, this is known as your "STRAWMAN". For now you can regard him as a mask that you wear.

Okay, the strawman is created for one simple reason, there is no great enigma to it! The corrupt government cannot TAX/CHEAT/STEAL/TORTURE/IMPRISON a "human being" LAWFULLY. Note: lawfully! not legally!!

So bearing in mind that this country's corrupt judicial system is "admiralty" or if you like "commercial law", it would not be possible for them to basically steal all of your money and imprison you for fake laws that dont affect "natural human beings" so they had to create something to enable them to enforce their laws using deceit and a language called legalese that sounds like English but is in fact NOT English. This language was designed to give different meanings to words you thought you understood, and in plain English you did, but legalese assigns them different meanings! Baffled? Well, that's what they want!

So what did they create? They created your "STRAWAN", it is created when you are registered at birth. It also goes by another name, a "PERSON", which is in fact simply a legal entity or fiction!

How does this "STRAWMAN" work? Well consider your strawman as a scarecrow that has a length of chain attached to you like a leash! The "diabolical powers that be" now have their legal entity with which they can act out their fantasies of oppression on, BUT because you are now "REGISTERED" the corrupt government has kindly assigned the STRAWMAN to you. So, where the STRAWMAN goes, YOU go. After all you are bound to it by a chain, so when a corrupt judge hands your strawman a long stay in the grey bar hotel for say declining to pay "council tax", because you see it as criminal and unfair, it is in fact you that will do the time as you have been assigned the glorious task of being its "SURETY"!! A legal fiction cannot do time, so you do it, and that's all it's taken for these corrupt oppressors to break your rebellious spirit...

But! There is remedy, and it will be posted here IN DETAIL. How to do it, you will soon learn to take control of your strawman, YOU will hold the leash and he will do your bidding, not you taking the hit for his vulnerability to the commercial system!

It is important to note here and now, that YOU ARE a natural Human Being under god alone, no one else. If you are non religious then exchange the word god for divine order of things, or nature. Whatever you wish to believe, BELIEVE THIS, you are special, a one off, they broke the mold when you were created. These legal parasites have no real power over you. Yes, you are lost in their system at present, but believe me when I say we are working very hard to bring you the remedy to help you free yourself from their tyranny and turn your "STRAWMAN" into your servant and not vice versa, once you have control of the STRAWMAN/PERSON/LEGAL FICTION, their house of cards begins to crumble.....

More upcoming very soon
Warmest Regards all
Think Free Be Free
Guy Euden


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