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How To Defeat The Judges


The Judiciary has now become "Public Enemy No. 1" because of their illegal and oppressive practices in the taking away of the rights of the people and the concealing of fraud committed by the banks. Judges have assumed a power of dispensing with the "Lawes and Liberties of this Kingdome", as they did prior to the enactment of the Bill of Rights 1689. The fraud committed by the banks is in the form of contract fraud (concerning the common law illegality of variable interest rates) and their creating money "out of thin air" which they lend and demand repayment with interest. 

By Judges assuming absolute power in the denying of a person's right to Trial by Jury, denying Discovery (which is the ordered disclosure of evidence) directed at the banks, and telling balatant lies (such as "the rate itself is indeed certain"), they are corrupting the Courts so allowing the banks to criminally dispossess and subjugate the people.

To defeat this conspiracy, the first step is to reclaim the Courts for the people and for "the administration of Justice", which is their primary, paramount and exclusive duty.  This is done by suing the Crown (the State) which is vicariously liable for what the Judges (or any its employees) do. The laws applied here are the Crown Proceedings Act 1988 No. 70 and the Law Reform (Vicarious Liability) Act 1983 No. 38. It is mandatory that this action has a Jury, ie: "a tribunal of the people", to sit in judgment of the Judges.  The Rules of Natural Justice support this because "No man may be judge in his own cause" and the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights lays down that there must be "a competent, independent and impartial tribunal". 

To save themselves and the banks,  the Judges will try all "their knavish tricks" (words from "God Save the Queen") - even to the parading of the own invention of "Judicial Immunity", which is a false doctrine designed to place themselves above all the laws governing the administration of justice. 

However, the inescapable principle at the heart of Democracy is that the People determine their own rights - and the tribunal to make such decisions is ultimately the Jury.   Otherwise, there is no Democracy but there is Oligarchy where an Elite rule the People. 

This is a fight for Truth, Justice and Freedom.  It can only be fought in the Courts.

Written by J. Wilson,


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