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It Ain't Me - Criminal

Notice, when they accuse one of something criminal, - they never accuse you of violating a "Law". They can't Their private "Lawyer-club meetings" are convened "in the interest of justice", and/or "discretion" under the "Administration (collection of debt) of Code".
That's why, - even if you go out and flat-out kill someone, - they will not accuse you of "Murder". They will accuse you of violation of some "Code Title number and section number" which stands for murder.

What they refer to as "criminal" is actually "civil-criminal". It is really a "Contract penalty" or penal Code violation, being "administered" to fiction persons under presumption that you (We) are enjoying some "Benefit, Privilege, Title of Nobility, or opportunity offered" by government corporation. The "It Ain't Me" letter raises "rebuttable presumption" that you (the real live natural man), are not the fiction person Defendant - despite the similar name. The important issue here is the distinction between "real" versus "fiction". The fact that the fiction's name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, is only prima facie evidence that it is the fiction.

Criminal - It Ain't Me

The main issue is that you are nor the fiction Defendant of a Legislature. You are real flesh & blood natural of GOD.

Example, - we had a man go into court, but he argued the name spelling (small letters vs. Capital letters). The tricky Lawyer-Judge finally said "Well then, what is your name?". He gave his name verbally (making a contract with the court). The sneaky tricky Judge then said "Let the record show the Defendant is Mr. Blank 'also known as' Mr. BLANK." She had Just by-passed the "real. vs. fiction" issue. Do NOT get hung-up on the spelling". That is secondary. The main issue is - are you real natural flesh and Blood of GOD, or a fiction corporate "person" of government, and a "subject" therefore.

When they called his case, - What our Man should have said is "Which one? The real man or the fiction? . And repeated that phrase over and over, regardless how many times and different ways they tried to call him.

Enjoying the "Title of Nobility" as "Person" and/or "subject" is a privilege granted from government and makes you liable and subject to to' government "Code of Conduct" for "subjects". The lawyers presume that everyone is enjoying the benefit of corporate fiction subject" (14th Amendment, "slave on government plantation") status and therefore owes a debt back to government (excise Tax) in return for the privilege/Benefit being enjoyed.

When one returns or "rejects" all government papers, refuses to enter a "Plea", and refuses to "Post Bail or Bond" (for 48 hours Riverside County vs. McLaughlin), and Denies by WRITTEN AFFIDAVIT that he is the fiction Defendant, they can NOT proceed and can NOT hold you, beyond that 48 hours. And, yes, you can sue for false imprisonment,(later) for the 48 hour "unlawful detention" of a Non-fiction Subject.

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