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Journey of the Soul

Journey Of The Soul


We come together as always from the consciousness of Oneness. We come together not as separate entities from different places, but as the consciousness of the one entity of the soul expressing, sharing, and being the totality of that consciousness. This is not an easy perception for the world of duality to comprehend, but it is the foundation and is the truth of the existence of the soul. It is the foundation and is the truth that the soul yearns to discover and that all souls in their individually created and constructed manner search for moment by moment, event by event, thought by thought, action by action.

It is possible for the soul to discover its true self as there is a blending of consciousness, blending of that which is the assumed consciousness externally of the worldly patterns of existence, blending that outer consciousness with the emerging consciousness that comes from the infinite depths of the soul’s linkage with all of creation and with the Creator. All souls are on a journey. It has been called the journey of the soul and rightly so, for that is the only journey that exists. All else that is externalized and is given the appearance of being the purpose for one’s existence is but a stopping point, an observation point, an overlook, a scenic vista point to observe, to learn, and to experience in order to truly continue on the eternal journey of the soul.

It is important that a soul takes the perspective that is available in order to view the landscape of life’s experiences in a manner in which there is not the segmentation and departmentalization of activities and events, but there is the homogeneous blending of all that is observed and experienced into a common pattern of unfolding in consciousness, pulling from each experience that which is the essence of the interaction that calls forth the perfected quality of an attribute of the soul which is the purpose the particular event occurred in the first place.

It is important to see that the journey is one of constructed step by step evolution of consciousness and that each stop along the way, or each bend in the track of the journey provides an experience and an interaction with the world of attachment, the world of physical, emotional and mental interactions that call forth and demand from the soul to be seen from the perspective of soul consciousness.

As observations and interactions are made along the journey and there is then an involvement in and attachment to or an absorption by the particular event or observation, then it is like taking a sidetrack. It is like taking a detour which certainly for the moment appears to be interesting and appears to have certain substance and reality, but as the sidetrack or detour is taken, it is seen that the ultimate satisfaction from that sidetrack or detour comes from realizing the interaction of the perfection of the soul, of realizing the attribute of the soul that is being called upon to be consciously realized. It is the fulfillment of that realization that becomes the ultimate purpose for having taken a particular sidetrack or detour.

Consider the life pattern of a soul in the earthly experience. There are emotional interactions. There are ego driven success patterns that are followed. There are patterns of emotional behavior that call upon satisfying both the emotional and physical desires. There are the intellectual pursuits that seem to be so important in terms of coming into an understanding of the mechanisms and philosophies of the worldly way. If you look at each of these detours very carefully and observe from an inner intuitive perspective what is really occurring on each of these varied detours, it will be seen that there is at the core of all activity, an ego driven response that is being generated that creates the illusion of separateness, that creates the illusion of importance. And that creates the illusion of a reality that can be sustained within the experience pattern of the soul.

As a soul approaches the completion of a current life cycle there is often a realization that so much of what has been accomplished from the worldly perspective, so much of what has been realized from the various detours and sidetracks that have been taken and from the various experiences that have occurred, so much is of little sustaining value other than that these various activities along the journey of the soul have indeed evoked and brought forth not only the desire for discovering the eternal nature of the soul, but in fact call forth the manifestation of the Attributes of the Soul. There is a sense of peace, a sense of harmony, a sense of beauty, a sense of recognizing the internal infinite mightiness of the Creator that is part of and in fact the very core of the existence of the soul. There are many patterns which unfold and in each instance the pattern is always leading toward the evolution of consciousness of the soul realizing its true identity and discarding the outer assumed identity.

So the journey of the soul is a most beautiful concept to observe, to internalize, to understand and to know of its progression as the soul goes step by step through the experiences of the life pattern recognizing that each experience is not an end in itself, but is an integrated pattern that is part of the whole, that connects with all other patterns that are being expressed by the soul, and have only one purpose which is to call forth the unity of consciousness, the consciousness of Oneness, the consciousness of the eternal reality of who and why the soul is.

Observe the journey carefully. Integrate the understanding that is suggested into each and every experience and know the truth of why you are. Know the truth of the journey and embark upon the final stage of the journey which is a reunion, the merging with, the coming into the fullness of the consciousness of the soul as One with all creation.

The journey of the soul began with an idea, with a thought, with a projection of consciousness from the very center of all creation. The soul became a packet of energized Love and Light that has been extended into the vastness of the created universe. The soul has the journey to complete, returning to that very center. The consciousness of the soul is the reality, the realizing of that consciousness is the purpose. The achieving of the total unity of consciousness with the Creator is the goal, nothing else exists.

I embrace you in the Love and Light of the Creator. I embrace you from the depths of the consciousness of who you are for we are One. We are you. I AM, the Love, the Light, and the Life of the universe.


'Lessons from the Soul'
Eye of the Sacred Wind Foundation
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