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Money=Time, Time=Life, Fine=Loss of Life
Fine=Loss of Life, which is TIME, which is MONEY. 

Aside from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, what is life about?  How much of your time do you spend with those three promised rights granted by the Constitution?  

After working your 9 to 5, you might have enough time to see your friends, family and loved ones.  On weekends, you might have time to do recreational activities, but let's face the THE MAJORITY OF YOUR TIME IS SPENT WORKING.  Why do we do this?  Because we must work, in order to survive (unless we are living off of government benefits).  On top of attempting to pay your bills, buy some new shoes, and paying your taxes, there are thousands of rules we must follow, lest we get hit with a big fat FINE. 

You see, Money has become both our REWARD, as well as a means of PUNISHMENT.  Like children, we hold our hands out after doing our chores to receive our allowance (paycheck).  If we do something wrong (violate a Statute) we then owe a FINE.   Yet, who said what you did was actually wrong?  So you ran a stop sign, did anyone get hurt? No? Then why the fuck is the government expecting you to pay up?  Under common law, if there is NO INJURED PARTY, then no one can bring a claim against you, NOT EVEN THE STATE.  

Some might argue, "They make our streets safer".  This kind of thinking is what supports the ideals of PRE-CRIME LAW?  How so?  Well, if I ran a stop sign, and no one else was around (but the asshole cop who saw me), and NO ONE was hurt, the policeman pulls me over and gives me a ticket for what?  THE POSSIBILITY THAT I MIGHT HAVE CAUSED AN ACCIDENT?   This is PRE-CRIME my friends!

What happens next is YOU giving up YOUR TIME (the time you spent accumulating enough money to pay the fine) for a CRIME that you did NOT commit. (NO VICTIM=NO CRIME).  Violating a STATUTE and breaking the LAW are two different things.  

Where do you think all of your money that you may have paid in fines actually goes?  Do you think it goes back into your community? Oh, it pays the police officer's salaries.  What about the REST of the money?

Are we driving on roads paved in gold or something?

Think about it. . .


Over 100,000 people a day receive a speeding ticket in this country.

 That's over 41,000,0000 speeding tickets per year.

The average speeding ticket costs $150.00.

41,000,000 x 150.00 = $6,150,000,000 That's over 6 BILLION dollars per year in speeding ticket fines alone.

The average raise in insurance costs for one speeding ticket over the course of 3 years is $900.00. 
Multiply 900 by 41,000,000 and you get $36,900,000,000 (36.9 BILLION dollars) in extra insurance money the insurance industry makes in a single year just from speeding tickets.

In the United States, on average, there are almost 1,000,000 people arrested for a DUI every year.

Average Costs in Fines and Fees Range from $5,000 - $20,000

Do the math and that comes to $5,000,000,000 to $20,000,000,000 In DUI FINES ALONE!

 The average auto insurance expenditure nationwide was $795 in 2007

196,165,666 is the average number of Licensed Drivers.

(Assuming they are good slaves and get car insurance)
(Don't forget there are fines for driving without insurance)

Calculating the average cost of insurance with the average number of Drivers: 
The Insurance Companies make approximately $155,951,704,470 per year!

 Since 1999, Washington, D.C. cameras have issued 2,421,841 tickets worth $182 million.



Money can't buy happiness, but losing it can certainly cause despair.  I think we all feel a tinge of pain anytime we have had to pay a ticket.  After all, you are being robbed of your time, YOUR LIFE, and life is short.  So do our leaders really care about our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?  Or do they only care about money, slavery, and the misery of it's citizens? I think it's obvious, but some have a hard time looking at the great benevolent government without taking off their rose-colored glasses and seeing it for what it is.  

We won't even get into TAXES.  

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