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Sometime ago I was talking to a friend in Milton Keynes who suggested to me that a process called NOCONTRACT- RETURN TO SENDER (NCRTS) could work regarding all paperwork sent through the post to us that we do not want to receive.  I at that time was, as many are now, in the process of never ending letter typing, replying to this paperwork with notices of my own arguing the points of law and to be honest I have better things to do with my time.  When Russ suggested this alternative it struck a chord with me for I am always looking for the simplest method to deal with any given situation.  So about 10 months ago I started the process. 

The first attempt was with a credit card company Capital One over a £200 demand they kept sending me.  I had already sent them notices that did not seem to work, so started along the AFV route and sent them this twice.  I then just started to return their mail with NCRTS across the address window. After a few months they just seemed to give up sending me paperwork and I have never heard another thing.  To be honest I don’t know what method worked as I had no way of finding out and to be quite honest I didn’t care, it was just nice that they stopped writing to me.  Around the same time I had the issue with the seatbelt down in Devon.  Again I had sent the chief freemason, oops sorry the chief constable (thanks Jeremy) many notices again arguing the points of law, cancelling out at least three court appearances.  I would not go to court as I did not want to accept their invitation to a place of business I had no interest in going to.  They then informed me that they had found me guilty in my absence and the fine (contractual payment) had now risen from £30 to £250 and if I did not pay I would be imprisoned.  I decided to use the NCRTS process and low and behold again I never heard another thing and to this day it remains the same.

After this I saw some merit in the process, as I could see that it must have worked as I am certainly not languishing in a prison cell, or should I say jail cell as prisons only seem to exist on ships.  So I decided to try it again this time with Barclay card for a debt of around a £1000.  I must let you know before I found this process works I had a lot of fun writing notices and receiving their responses, but to be honest though it gets boring after a while, but at the time it certainly was interesting.  Every letter Barclay card sent me got sent back and again all I would do is NCRTS across the address window and send it back to them.  After a few months the letters stopped with the accompanying phone calls and again I have never heard a thing from them.
Next was the tax office (HMRC) who had been threatening me with bankruptcy for over a year.  I spoke with them on the phone numerous times explaining my position, explaining I had said ‘NO’ and I mean ‘NO’.  This was all to no avail as the operatives of the machine just did not get it, constantly threatening me with bankruptcy and even prison – which as they got used to in the end was just water off a ducks back, as I would not accept a word they had to say.  So I started the process of NCRTS on them and that they did not like.  One afternoon came a knock on the front door and I was greeted by a man who professed he was from the tax office and wanted to give me some paperwork. 

We had the normal are you Mr. John Harris routine that went on for some time resulting in him getting quite angry and becoming quite threatening - all normal stuff for these people.  He said you must accept this paperwork to which I said "no thank you”. His anger raised another notch.  In the end I repeated that; "I do not except any paperwork nor is there anything you can do to make me accept it” more than half a dozen times eventually saying good bye and shutting the door leaving him still muttering to himself on the doorstep.  He then posted the letter through the letter box, which was just put in the bin – the only place for rubbish.  Next a lady came to the door some weeks later.  I answered and she caught me off guard as she asked are you Mr. Harris I said yes and as I did she tried to shove some paperwork in my hand. I turned slightly moving my hands to my sides preventing her from doing so.  She then chucked the paperwork in the door and said "good enough” and walked off.  I kicked the paperwork outside saying "you know you cannot do that, better luck next time”- that paperwork went in the wheelie bin. 

For months the paperwork would come through from the high court and the tax offices solicitor trying to get me to accept the bankruptcy and the court hearing associated with it.  Every letter that came was sent back NCRTS.  They tried all sorts of tricks even getting special court orders in the high court to make me except the paperwork through the post even sending couriers with the paperwork, all to no avail.  Then I was away from my family for a while, whilst I went through my period of delusions of grandeur.  When I came to my senses and realised how much my family mean to me, I returned back home.  All the time I was away Hev never received a single letter for me including any from the court or the tax office.  Two days I had been home and two letters came from the high court, one recorded and one not.  The recorded was signed for and they were both in plain white envelopes with no return address, even the recorded. I opened the recorded and started to laugh when I saw it was from my old friend the tax office, again an attempt to get me into the high court regarding the bankruptcy – stating quite clearly you have to do this....ok you think so do you....NCRTS and back in the post box, winging their way back to them. 

Some weeks had passed, when a letter came with a Liverpool post mark.  I looked on the back of the envelope and saw a return address and decided to put it into to Google to find out who it was from and who they were.  It turned out they were an insolvency company offering me their commiserations over the fact I had just been made bankrupt and informing me of the help and assistance they could offer me, at a price of course, regarding this news to me.  I returned their letter NCRTS and also covered it in TPUC stickers, advertising the site via Royal Mail with someone else picking up the tab for the privilege – something I now do to all letters.  It turns out I had been made bankrupt in my absence at the high court and notification of this had been advertised but not sent to me directly – probably because they knew by now they would get it straight back.  Many companies started to send letters to me offering the same sort of services as the company in Liverpool and then I got a letter from the insolvency department (government run) in St Albans requesting I attend a meeting to discuss arrangements regarding my recent bankruptcy.  These all got NCRTS and sent back. The insolvency department then did the same as the high court and the tax office and sent recorded and one normal mail in plain white envelopes. Again these got sent back NCRTS.  Then a phone call came where I was told that I have to attend this meeting as it was required by law by a very insistent lady, to which she was met with; how do you propose to do this and how are you going to make me attend?  This was greeted with the normal ten second silence.  Then the lady tried to confirm my address, to which I said I do not have to give you any information and nor do I even need to talk to you so I am saying goodbye. This was a few days ago. 

Since then two more letters arrived with the same protocol; one recorded and one normal mail.    Back they go again NCRTS and there is nothing they can do, at this moment as it seems they are completely stumped.  In all fairness what can they do?  I maintained throughout the chat with the lady from the insolvency department that you cannot make me do anything I do not wish to do and in fact this is the case with anyone trying to do the same. 

Whether I am bankrupt or not means nothing to me because I do not subscribe to the con and I never will again.  But to finalise their paperwork they have to get me in that office or to a meeting and they cannot do it. They have used bankruptcy as a threat, as it is the only means they have against me, but only works if I subscribe to it and what it relates to in the first place.  I am now using the NCRTS process against who I choose, which happens to be everyone, I am instructing them in the art of saying ‘NO’ and that it is non negotiable.  Many of you require evidence of this process, but to be quite honest with you there is none I can give you – I ask you to accept my word as an honest man.  If this is something you cannot do then please do not use this process as you are not ready to, as the only proof there is exists in its use and not being told it works – something’s you just have to work out for yourself and the only real proof of such, is in its use by yourself.  

When I said ‘NO’ with the affidavit I meant it and am willing to endure whatever they throw at me, even if it means going to prison, or should I say jail.  If this is meant to happen then I will accept that fact and not cry about it. I am determined to stand by my guns and I am willing to face any consequence that arrives from this stand. I have said many times "If you are not prepared to get wet then please do not step into the water”, because on more occasions than one you may get wet and if you do, it is no one’s fault but your own – no one is holding your arm up your back making you do this.  You are responsible for you own actions and no one else. I have never asked anyone to do as I do; I just tell you what I am doing as I am prepared to say ‘NO’ and mean it. Not because I wish to be a martyr, I actually wish for nothing, I just know in my heart for me this is what I have to do and I must carry on no matter what, because I want to see real change in humanity and I know, I have to be the change I want to see otherwise there will be no change. By saying ‘NO’ I am starting to create the change I want to see.  

Love to all as always

john x

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