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Notice of De-Registration


Minister of Transportation
Whatever Street Adress
Turd Furgesson’s Office
CITY, in the province of ________

Date: November 02, 2009

I am John-Dough of the family Buck, a freeman-on-the-land, a flesh and blood living soul of free will. Enclosed with this notice you will find a witnessed and signed copy of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right, which were witnessed, signed, and sent via registered mail to: the Prime Minister of Canada, the Governor General of Canada, the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada, Chief Justice of Canada, the Attorney General for the Province of Ontario, and the Minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services. This Claim of Right has not been rebutted and therefore stands as truth in court, and establishes lawful excuse for me to be free of all statutory charges, obligations, restrictions, and limitations. I am serving you this notice so that I may de-register motor vehicles thereby making them exclusively devices for personal conveyance.


I hold my property under a claim of right and;
My automobiles are my property and have VIN’s associated with them and;
I have the right to de-register anything I have that has been registered and;
It is my understanding that you, Jim Bradley, are the Minister
of Transportation and;
I may direct you to perform certain tasks, such as Vehicle de-registration and;
There is a motor vehicle associated with my property which was registered with
VIN:  [
The other motor vehicle associated with my property which was registered with
VIN:  [
I now wish to de-register said Vehicles and;
I now direct you to immediately de-register said Vehicles and;
If you do not respond or dispute or make counterclaims (any of which shall be under
Oath or attestation, upon full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and registered at
the location herein provided to be recognized as valid) within ten (10) days after service
of this notice, I will consider the task performed and;

Directions to Verifiers
Affected parties wishing to dispute or make their own counterclaims must respond appropriately within ten (10) DAYS of service of notice. Responses must be under oath or attestation, upon full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and registered at the location herein provided no later than ten days from the date of original service as attested to by way of certificate of service.

John-Dough: Buck   All rights reserved

In verification to the above

Witness: _____________________________ date:__________________

Witness: _____________________________ date:__________________

Witness: _____________________________ date:__________________

Note: This is intended to be filed after Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right. 


Chief Executive
DVLA Swansea


Dear Mr Shanahan 

I have received a letter from a junior pertaining to a Legal Notice sent to DVLA on June 11 it states my intent to de-register my private automobile and travel on the roads as a freeman sovereign on this land. The Common Law right to travel exists and interfering with that right is unlawful we all have a right to travel on the highway and travel in our own private unregistered automobile despite the protestations of your junior colleague. As it is a private automobile it is thus not a registered vehicle soit is not then, subject to the Motor Vehicle Acts and all plethora of subsequent legislations. However, your colleague merely re-iterates points of law taken from these Statutes to which when you read my Notice carefully you will see that it is my express intention to state to you that I am opting out. I will not be demanding that you de-register my automobile as you are not employees of mine you are employees of the person. I am Noticing you that I no longer care what you think this is a formal Notice asking if you would please change your record about me and my property to reflect my status. THIS IS A FORMAL NOTICE TO INFORM YOU THAT THIS AUTOMOBILE IS MY PROPERTY PLEASE STATE IN WRITING WHETHER YOU DISPUTE THAT. A ‘statute’ is defined as ‘a legislated rule of society given the force of law. Your junior colleague makes response to several points of law. Your colleague states in response to my Lawful Notice that and I quote:

Registration of a Vehicle with DVLA does not equate to a Contract
Ownership of a Vehicle does not pass to the Agency.
I have no lawful right to affix my own number plates to my private automobile.

Please state whether you yourself are prepared to endorse these facts sworn and signed in an Affidavit of Truth signed under penalty of perjury. In the meantime I will extend the deadline for objections to this Notice of which a copy is sent to your personally to be examined to a further 14 days. Please think carefully when reading the content of these two Notices and when responding please do not add insult by stating it is merely a formal letter. It is not. It is a Notice and it means what it says.
This my second Notice to you reminds you that my automobile is NOT a registered motor vehicle. I am NOT a driver, and you have no jurisdiction over me or my private property. Any automatic impounding, crushing or towing away of this automobile will result in a £15,000 charge for each hour that it is impounded and the full replacement value of the car if it is crushed.

Notice of Understanding and Intent to Claim of Right - Mail to DMV, which they will likely ignore. Have 3 people send it for you, 3 witnesses under common law. Notice of Non Response and Estoppel

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