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Ownership, Registration and the Reality Of Money


Recently a friend rang me concerning a 100 POUND FIXED PENALTY FINE NOTICE his girlfriend had received for parking outside there own house, at a time the local Council (CORPORATION) deemed you cannot park there. After receiving a copy of this PCN from my friend, I had a bit of a realisation.

On the reverse of this PCN it stated quite clearly that they needed to deal with the OWNER of the VEHICLE in question. So I said to my friend "but you are not the OWNER, you are only the REGISTERED KEEPER so send it to the OWNER”. His first response to this comment was one of laughter until I explained what I meant.

"When your girlfriend REGISTERED the VEHICLE with the DVLA (CORPORATION) she handed over TITLE OWNERSHIP of that VEHICLE to the body she was REGISTERING to; thus the DVLA. So LEGALLY they are the OWNERS of this VEHICLE and if they want to serve the PCN on the OWNER then that is whom it should be served on. So why don’t you send it to the DVLA and tell them as the LEGAL OWNERS they have to pay this PCN, or even write to the issuer and explain who the LEGAL OWNER is and explain they have sent it to the wrong place”

I was greeted with a stunned silence at first and then another question arose from FEAR as my friend inquired "but surely if my girlfriend doe’s this and the DVLA want to, they can come and take their PROPERTY back” to which I replied "well if they did then surely that would let the ‘cat out of the bag’ and prove without doubt that what we are saying is true about the PROCESS of REGISTRATION and I don’t feel that is something they want the populace to know about”. Anyways I am not sure what my friend has done over this matter, but I am sure he will use one of the many processes available to counter this OFFER, for that is all the NOTICE is.

After this conversation a world of realisation happened as the implications of what I had just discussed set in. Anything you have REGISTERED doe’s not belong to you, so when they want to PENALISE the OWNER then simply send the penalty to the OWNER, as you are simply the REGISTERED KEEPER, look at your V5 DOCUMENT.

The implications of this are incredible the world over for I know at least 52 other countries that have this system in place, although there are subtitle differences in these countries, the system’s basic structure is exactly the same. Check out your JUDICARY, COUNCILS, SCHOOLS, POLITICIANS and POLICE on, I did a search for a friend on a CANADIAN school and found that school was a CORPORATION, a COMPANY TRADING for PROFIT, try yourself don’t take my word for it?

So why not ask these CORPORATIONS these questions?

For example lets take a LIMITED COMPANY as REGISTERED on COMPANIES HOUSE in the UK. One of the things that apply to this COMPANY is CORPORATION TAX; that they will ask you to PAY as the supposed OWNER. But you are not the OWNER, COMPANIES HOUSE is! So surely they have to pay the TAX? You are in reality an EMPLOYEE who is just the KEEPER.

Now according to the HMRC Mr John Harris (PERSON) owes them 33,000 POUNDS my question to them is simple 33,000 POUNDS of WHAT??

You are asking me for bits of PAPER and COINS that are called MONEY that is described as POUNDS, which relates to weight of a commodity that originally backed our currency, a POUND STERLING, so if this is no longer applicable, what exactly are you asking me for? And if it is still applicable, then why won’t the BANK of ENGLAND answer a simple question when asked "what backs our currency”? So until such time as you can tell me what this commodity is by telling me a ‘POUND of WHAT’, what am I supposed to give you?

As my friend Myrtle Merryweather found out when you ask such a question, you are ushered out of the bank and the doors are locked behind you and if you stand on the street and tell people the truth, you get arrested by the CORPORATE ENFORCEMENT AGENTS in the guise of real Policemen/women.

The truth is simple; what they are asking me for is exactly the same as the PERSON MR John Harris; completely fictitious, it is a piece of paper that only has one purpose in the illusionary LEGAL world; to keep the people enslaved, enslaved to MONEY. In the real world all it will ever be is a piece of worthless paper, you are just being duped into believing it is real and it only works for two simple reasons: (1) everyone believes it is real and (2) everyone believes you cannot exist in this world without it, which also includes the PERSON.


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