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Policing Of The 21st Century
Policing Of the 21st Century

Jun 28, '10 11:48 AM

Have you noticed that lately it seems that new laws are passing without the voice of the people to submit their votes? In fact have you noticed that it seems many policies and acts are passed through Parliament without a hairs notice to the public at all? I have done some serious research in the Laws of the Land verses the Maritime Laws which the Corporation has decided we MUST obey. 
Funny word "MUST" when I looked it up in the Blacks Law Dictionary I found that the word MUST does not mean you "have" too. It simply means you MAY or MAY NOT! Another word which you often see is PERSON. Now this was an interesting one to say the least, it means a fictional character, an Entity, a Corporation, not the living breathing human being. 
These laws, many of them that is, that are being given the Force of Law but are not actual Laws are called STATUTES. These statutes are what the police officer, corporations and entities MUST follow, they are not our laws. For instance, a speeding ticket is called a BILL OF SALE, it is a Receipt as the officer giving them out keeps the ORIGINAL Document which means that he is then the OWNER of this document, NOT YOU! Therefore you do not have to CONSENT or agree to pay anything, you will see it always says, 'Voluntary Payment', I am sure you know what 'voluntary' means! 
Anytime a policeman/woman offers you a Bill of Sale and you feel you can't convince them otherwise, then only and only then do you accept it using the words, "I accept under Protest and Duress" which means you are accepting it only because you are being forced too. 
This makes the Bill of Sale, null and void and if you fight it all the way in court you will find in the end, you will have no Bill to pay, but the issuing officer will have to foot the bill instead as he has the original document stating that he is the owner of said Bill. It's incredible that many of us have not been taught our Constitution or Charter of Rights and Freedoms within the educational system as part of the mandatory curriculum for all students to learn through all the developing grades from kindergarten to College. 
I think it is definitely time for some change and I guess that change will begin with the "Me".
 It all starts here and we can all make a difference one at a time, standing strong together to see more transparency within our governments and those of influential powers. To learn more about the Laws of the Land verses Maritime Laws please visit your local law library or go online and search for Blacks Law Dictionary which comes in many different books dependent on what you are fighting for. This book is THE book of all law books that lawyers and attorneys they themselves use in a court of law.
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