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Postal Demands For Money
Postal Demands   Each person generally gets a number of demands for amounts to be paid.   As an example of this, in Britain there is an annual charge for a television Licence.   This is something which Americans find bizarre and highly amusing as they have nothing like it and find the notion laughable.   If you get a demand for payment for any such licence, you will notice that it is not addressed to you, the human, but to the fiction which is the strawman which has a name which sounds like your name but is not the same.   The name will be printed on the demand in all capital letters, or in rare cases will be preceded by "Mr", "Mrs" or "Miss", and any of those names refer to the strawman who sounds like you and which has a creation date which matches what you have been told was your birthday.   You can pay this demand if you want to, but it is entirely optional and remember that it is not YOU who is being billed.   Also worth remembering that you, the human, are bound by Common Law and not legal statutes, and Common Law does not require you to pay any form of tax. 

The company invoicing the strawman is hoping that you don't catch on to the fact that it is not you who is being billed, and so make the payment as a mistake on your part.   Interestingly, the strawman does not own a television set and so is not required to have a licence anyway.   Being only a piece of paper, the strawman can be considered to be deaf, dumb, blind and paralysed as it can't perform any action, can't see anything, can't hear anything and can't say anything.   Anyway, the company looking for the money is in the business of fooling people, so it sends out batches of letters to an area, claiming that a "detector van" will be in the area in a few days and so anyone without a licence will be detected and prosecuted, so better get one now.   This is done in the hope that a percentage of the people mailed will fall for it and start paying them money.   They may even send around a van with all sorts of peculiar attachments on it, in the hope that it will frighten residents of the area who are not already paying them.   A driver of one of those vans says that none of the equipment in the van does anything and certainly can't detect anything to do with television - it's all there as window dressing for the operation.   The reality is that they just check the addresses against their database of who is already paying them. 

If you don't want to pay this unnecessary charge on behalf of a strawman, then you can mark the envelope "NO CONTRACT - Return to Sender" and put it in a post box.   Any subsequent letters can be treated in exactly the same way.   As in all cases, do not have any telephone conversations about it, as verbal communications bristle with Legalese verbal traps.   At most, say that you wish to deal with any such matters by post and terminate the call.   It does not matter in the slightest if an employee turns up at your home and hands you a letter or puts it through your letter box.   The letter is NOT for you or even addressed to you - it is addressed to the strawman, so it can be posted back the same as any other letter. 

If you wish, you can take a more forceful, direct stance as demonstrated here by a letter issued by Christopher Lees when dealing with a Fixed Penalty Notice: 

Dear Sirs, 

Please read the following notice thoroughly and carefully before responding.   It is a notice.   It informs you.   It means what it says. 

The reason why you need to read carefully is simple.   I am offering conditional agreement.   This removes controversy, and means that you no longer have any ultimate recourse to a court of law in this matter, because there is no controversy upon which it could adjudicate.   You always have the option of dragging these conditions into a court of law only to be told that they are, indeed, perfectly lawful.   That is, of course, always your prerogative should you decide to waste your time. 

For this reason it is important that you consider and respond to the offer in substance.   The 'nearest official form' will not suffice, and consequently is likely to be ignored by myself without any dishonour on my part. 

On the other hand there is a time-limit on the agreement being offered.   It is reasonable, and if it runs out then you and all associated parties are in default, removing any and all lawful excuse on your part for proceeding in this matter. 

For these reasons it is recommended that you carefully consider this notice and respond in substance, which means actually addressing the points raised herein. 

You have apparently made allegations of criminal conduct against me. 

You have apparently made demands upon me. 

I do not understand those apparent demands and therefore cannot lawfully fulfil them.   I seek clarification of your document so that I may act according to the law and maintain my entire body of inalienable Natural Rights. 

Failure to accept this offer to clarify and to do so completely and in good faith within 7 (seven) days will be deemed by all parties to mean you and your principal or other parties abandon all demands upon me. 

I conditionally accept your offer to agree that I am legal fiction 'person' Mr Christopher Mark Lees and that I owe £70 for services rendered by your company, upon proof of claim of all of the following: 

1. Upon proof of claim that I am a person, and not a human being. 

2. Upon proof of claim that you know what a 'person' actually is, in legal terms. 

3. Upon proof of claim that you know the difference between a 'human being' and a 'person', legally speaking. 

4. Upon proof of claim that you know the difference between 'legal' and a 'lawful'. 

5. Upon proof of claim that I am legal fiction 'person' Mr Christopher Mark Lees, being the entity to which your paperwork was addressed, and not Christopher: of the Lees family, as commonly called. 

6. Upon proof of claim that the charge was the result of a lawful investigation unmarred by prejudice. 

7. Upon proof of claim that I am a member of the society whose statutes and subsisting regulations you are enforcing. 

8. Upon proof of claim that I showed you some sort of identification. 

9 Upon proof of claim that there is a nameable society that I belong to and that the laws covered within any alleged transgressions state that they apply to me within that named society. 

Sincerely and without ill will, vexation or frivolity 

By: ***_____________________ *** (Agent) 
Christopher: of the Lees family 

WITHOUT PREJUDICE, i.e. all Natural Inalienable Rights Reserved 

Please address all future correspondence in the matter to a direct Human Self, namely Christopher: of the Lees family, as commonly called. 

Encl: Original paperwork as received. 

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