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Questions To Ask In Court

Questions for Police Officer in traffic court:

[You] "Thank you Officer {Jones} for being here today. You are properly sworn in?
[Yes] OK, please tell this court, did you file a valid cause of action against me?"
[Officer] "Yes."
[You] "OK, please tell this court just how many elements are in a valid cause of action."
You may hear, from prosecutor, something like, "Objection, calls for a legal conclusion, witness is not competent to testify."
Then you may, from judge, hear something like, "Objection sustained."
Then you say, "OK, then I move to strike the witness´s testimony." [testimony includes the ticket] "...and I move this matter dismissed."
[You] Smile ;)]
(Of course this entails the officer actually showing up (the prosecutor may try bluffing you on this, [you] just want to go on and have 'your day in court') -- if he or she doesn't - well they don't have a case then do they? {You} Smile ;) and say, "I want this matter dismissed."

Questions for Police Officer in traffic court:

[You] "In order to be a policeman you had to swear an oath to support both State and Federal Constitutions didn’t you?"
[Officer answer] "Yes."
[You] "On the day and time you approach me you were armed were you not?"
[Officer answer] "Yes."
[You] "Having sworn an oath to the constitution you attacked me by force of arms in an attempt to compel me to be a witness against myself in felony breach of your fiduciary duty pursuant to the oath you sworn."
[Officer answer] "Yes."
[You] "I move to dismiss because the officer just impeached himself under oath."

Traffic Court: time you get a 'traffic ticket'; ask the court, and the policeman (on the stand), what makes them think your automobile is a 'motor vehicle'? Ask them, since you received a 'traffic ticket', just what goods were you 'trafficking' in? And since the fine is to be paid in so many 'dollars', ask them what a "dollar" is.
Watch them look at you like you are insane.
Speak clearly and loudly, tell them that you are competent to make an informed decision and that you are not able to understand the nature and cause of the charges unless, and until, they explain their semantics. Remember, in law or life, it is not wise to go passed an undefined word or phrase.

- - - - - - - - - -

More Court Semantics:

A man who, appeared on a criminal charge. The judge asked him if his name was "John Doe"
He replied; "My mother told me that was my name."
This statement then cannot be used to certify the identity of the defendant, as it is hearsay.
The judge looked at him a little funny, and asked, "How do you plead?"
To which the man replied,
"Judge, I'm ready to plead but first I want to know who is going to certify the charges to the court?"
That is all he said, and after the judge haggled with the clueless prosecutor a while, he cut him loose. Probably because they could not certify his identity, as he declined to testify as to his identity.

- - - - - - - - - -

JUDGE: "I know that is what the law says in the book, but that is not what it means.
We only use the law book as a guide. In this court I make the law."

PERSECUTED: Wow! You actually have that delegated power?
Then perhaps you´ll have no difficulty entering proof of that power
into the record of this matter --
and then I'll be happy to bow down and worship you.

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