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Redemption - A Traffic Win

Redemption - A Traffic Win! 

This is an update to the following 'win!' on or about April 18, 2000. It has come to my attention that a fellow I will call Tom, who lives in Colorado, had himself a couple of traffic tickets. This is a paraphrased scenario or what transpired when he went to court. 

Tom took a security interest in his vehicle, accepted for value the Certificate of Title, & surrendered the plates, the tags, the VIN number, & the license back to the State MVD! Tom sent a letter asking for the Title back. Silence! Default! Tom then asked, by letter, for the State to 'release the value' to him. Again silence. Default! Tom also took a security interest in his d.b.a. in his 'Trade-name' (the unregistered fictitious business name entity). While driving around (trolling) got pulled over & received three tickets! No Drivers License, No registration, No plates, No Insurance! Car impounded! 

Judge called case... "Are you so & so?" Tom responding: "I'm a little confused, are you addressing the debtor or the creditor? .... I am here as a tertius interveniens in this matter." 

Judge laughing: "I never heard of the words you just used. What do they mean?" Tom responding: "I am here as a third party interferon in what I see as a 'dispute of title'". 

Judge, no longer laughing: "This case is dismissed- get out of my courtroom!" 

But Tom had already provided a copy of his 'certified UCC-1 & security agreement to the bailiff & the prosecutor. 

The prosecutor follows Tom out to the parking lot & asks Tom to call him on Tuesday, to clear up the charges against him & 'resolve this matter' & hands him his business card. 

Tom calls the prosecutor on Tuesday & the prosecutor explains. "All the charges have been dismissed & that no one in law enforcement in this entire county will mess with you again, but we can't guarantee what may happen in the next county over or the rest of the state, but here, no one is going to mess with you!" 

Good day! 

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