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Registration: The Truth About What You DON'T Own

Registration the truth about what you DON'T own

Moving on from the article about the REGISTRATION of our children and how we have abandoned our beautiful creations only to have the government take up salvage under "Maritime Law"

It is worthy to note that the word REGISTRATION does not change nor does its meaning when applied to any other form of REGISTRATION.

Although to be honest the so called abandonment of our children is the most diabolical use of this process there are more uses that are extremely wrong, and as you find out more about this, you start to realise that you actually own nothing in life!!

Lets face it you think that own a house, you own your car or you own land that you lovingly tend and maybe grow beautiful organic goods on!!
You do NOT in fact own any of these things, as the same rule that was applied to children applies to this property.

Consider this, could the government actually take your car away and crush it lawfully if you actually owned it? or would that in effect be totally unlawful? the answer is "B" it would be totaly unlawful, so in using the same process, they get you to REGISTER your vehicle, thus doing two things, 1) handle over legal title of the vehicle to the government for which you get a V5 or what it really is (a permission to use it as long as it is used in accordance to all of their rules) and 2) by Registering it you, as stated, agree to abide by their rules and do so in their system, this is how they levy the fuel duty/road tax/Mot requirement/ road traffic act adherement etc etc etc the list goes on.

We do not need to register our vehicles with them, after all why would we work our finger to the bone to buy this conveyance and then say "here you are oh corrupt government you have it" we wouldnt, yet in effect you ARE doing just that.
What could do is this, we could "Record" our conveyance's existence with the DVLA but by using a "NOU&I" (Notice of Understanding and Intent) and then a COR (claim of Right) this way we have not used their paperwork which takes your property and gives it to them and instead used our paperwork which lays down the fact that YOU own the conveyance and that YOU are just letting them know that you are envoking the "Common Law Right to travel" and yet are still holding the Conveyance with the VIN ****************** under claim of right.

Lets not forget that the governemnt uses their ownership to further pin you down, the vehicle under their system with their plates must have "prescribed insurance" (we will talk on this very soon in another article) it must have a "prescribed MOT" and must have their "prescribed RFL levied on it" (road tax) and you must to use their property on the road only use "prescribed over taxed fuel" so you see when we start RECORDING vehicles instead of REGISTERING them under maritime law their whole money making scam starts to crumble, but it gets better, because without them having ownership (legal title) they cant monitor your every move, they cannot hit you with speeding tickets, they cannot hit you with parking fines, and YES THEY CANNOT STEAL YOUR CAR as it will be your property.

Lets move on to Houses and Land, now the poor people who struggle to pay their mortgages and fix up their houses actually dont realise that they are in fact just doing up the governments and then so of course the bankers property!!, all land and property is really title to the CROWN which is in fact a corporation and not "ER MAJ" as most people think, they can compulsary land purchase it any time they want, why? because you dont own the land, they do when you register a property you again hand over legal title to the swindlers called the CROWN (not ER MAJ) what you get as a deed is in fact a title for useage not the full legal title.
It gets worse, this country operates PERMANENTLY IN BANKRUPTCY so in fact their is no money, all you have in your wallet are promisary notes (an IOU bearing your signature is just as good) course they dont want you to know this but it is that simple, (more about this in my upcoming articles) so you go to work and work hard, your work is a "tangible commodity" (its real) what do you get paid for it? a pocket full of IOU's to hand out? so in fact for your incredibly valuable work you get paid IOU's that you then pass on, and again they are IOU's this is "fiat currency" now when you are paying off your mortgage you are just giving them IOU's so why could a quick promisary note for the full.. lets say £100.000 of the remaining balance bearing your signature not suffice?? (because the fraudsters couldnt get you to slave all day if it could now would they??) the funny thing is "IT CAN" (more on this in an upcoming article)
OK so we now know that all cash in this country is debt money "FIAT CURRENCY" worthless IOU's that are backed by the sweat off of your brows and indeed the future value of the sweat off of your childrens brows!! so what are you paying your mortgage with right now? IOU's! so are you actually paying it off?
The answer is a little more difficult to explain, but in essence "you actually already have" you sold the bank your signature (by signing for the mortgage debt) and in fact that is the extent of your transaction! it is in fact closed! of course they dont want you to know this!! but let me tell you, your signatorial promise to pay the mortgage has magically generated vast sums of money for the fraudulent banks as they have used your promise to pay to in fact create more debt, tons more debt all form "your signature" I advise anyone wishing to understand more about the fraudulent "FRACTIONAL BANKING SYSTEM" to watch the fractional banking part in "Zeitgeist Movie" found here "you may wish to watch the whole movie which has some interesting perspectives but the fractional banking part is required watching"
Ok so after you have slaved for years and paid off your mortgage, you dont own anything more than a title to use the property "deed" if you need more convincing then figure out why you need permission to alter your house if it is indeed yours? because it isnt yours its like "the children" its their property (legaly) so you have to ask them to be able to alter their property, (yes of course they dress it up in acts/bylaws/statutes that make you believe that their is good reason to have to ask them, but in fact you simply mustnt devalue "their property" oh lets not forget that you must pay council tax, which is not what they make it out to be, it is not for services rendered it is for the use of "their property" after all this aint no free ride!! you must pay them a fee to use what is rightfully theirs, after all it was you that gave up title freely, isnt that so?

In a nut shell if you ever have to REGISTER anything, look at the spiders web style of costs that network form the usage of the REGISTERED item and you will quickly see why they wish for you to give up title....... follow the money trail and see who benefits!!

Think about it my friends, and look for the next posting, and sorry if this isnt written that well, its a lot to empart to you in a short post.

Think Free Be Free
Guy Euden


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