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Slavery On The Menu


The way that people ignore justice, accept slavery, and in fact utterly stand up for the loss of their liberties.. it amounts to insanity.. and the problem is that the truth speakers are the ones who are viewed as insane by a society of people so god damned ignorant, indoctrinated and asleep, that it comes to nothing more than the apparent fact that they have Stockholm syndrome.  Loving their slave masters more than those who wish to liberate them from their slavery.  

Some are adamant that we NEED the rules of society, that we need to be governed, and perhaps some of us do..  Certainly there are some unstable people in the world who need a set structure of rules to follow, but what about those of us who are all grown up?  What about those of us who know right from wrong.  Do we deserve to be punished for could-have-been crimes..   By this I mean things such as speeding tickets, or running a stop sign.  Should we be punished for a crime (hitting someone else's car for example) that never happened.  Do they, those who claim to have authority, have the right to FINE us for what essentially boils down to PRE-CRIME.   Ever see the movie Minority Report?  We don't cause an accident, yet money is still taken from us for a crime that was never committed.  Yet people are so unfamiliar with Common Law, and far to comfortable with legislative rules of society, that they no longer question the authority or the rules of those who pretend to have power over them.  

This is how I see it. I work hard, mostly every day of my life, for pieces of fiat paper, or credits in an account. What do those credits amount to then? Take a common sense look at your life and you can see that work is TIME.. and TIME IS MONEY.  You use your life, your time and trade it for this "money", federal "debt notes".  If someone comes along and says "your car is not inspected" or "your turn signal is broken" they have NO RIGHT to take MONEY from me.  Because MONEY is TIME and TIME IS LIFE.  And the act of taking it from me is, in my opinion, essentially an "act of murder".  No, they didn't take a knife to my chest, and no they didn't shoot me with a gun, but sometimes slow murder is much more cruel than the quick and easy way.  Instead, these "law enFORCEment" officers, and similar agents, take from me my life.  Slowly, but surely.  I shall never regain those hours I spent slaving away at a desk, or working with my hands, or whatever it may take for me to get my paycheck.  If you cash that paycheck, and owe it to the IRS, or owe it to the Government for going 10 over the speed limit, does that not upset you?  Of course, it upsets everyone.  How many people really see it for what it is?  That time was stolen from you, and everyone knows that life is but the blink of an eye in the scheme of things.  

Now had I driven drunk, or been distracted and ran a red light and hit someone else's car, only then WOULD I BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, but UNTIL THEN.. there is no crime. 

Some might sight "We need rules because the world is full of idiots"  And perhaps in for them, that is correct, and maybe those rules should apply to you, but God knows that the Vehicle Code, and other legislative statutes DO NOT APPLY TO ME, because I claim my freedom, and I will not trade it in for Privilege.  

"All the fines go to public good" Yeah fucking right. How naive a thought! Vehicle fines alone are a BILLION dollar industry. 

There is horrible injustice being done in the world.. and everyone turns a blind eye to it,.. and now it cannot be denied that such injustice is truth.. the millions or billions of people starving.. the countries being invaded.. because they are powerless.. and likely have corrupt individuals within them that somehow allow the conveyance of the actions that follow to destroy their freedom, and what you must understand is that each and every little country.. is US as a whole.. and so they invade Iraq, perhaps for oil.. for stance, for military power, for converting them to "our way of life". and America has falsely been the "flag of freedom" for years.... when it lost that flag LONG AGO.. through deception.. because the people were content and ignorant.. (The U.S flies the Military flag, not the civil flag, which means we are always in a time of war)

Well I am NOT content.. and I AM NOT IGNORANT.. and I see my fellow man being taken by cuffs for activism.. for speaking out against this tyranny.. which is now WORLD WIDE.. and men and women being tasered, maced, for standing up for their beliefs, which are the true beliefs.. then I see the media color them to be tyrants, when THEY ARE THE TYRANTS. They own our minds, our thoughts, and our ideals.. and so I've shut them out.. but when you have knowledge and watch them.. it's not news anymore.. it's propaganda.. it's nothing but colored lies.. and half truths.. and I do not give my faith to them.. I do not give my faith to governments.. they have proven they cannot keep us out of poverty.. they have proven they cannot keep us out of servitude.. they have proven,.. that they know nothing but how to enslave us, and god damnit I think that has been their principle aim all this time.  

"You didn't have an inspection.. well our law says you need one.. why.. because.. ugh.. to prevent incidents on the road.. your tires might have had bad tread.. and if it rained.. and if you turn your wheel in the wrong way on and road which had rain upon it.. there might have been an accident.. so you are liable for the fee of $200 dollars!" 

"You were speeding.. Our laws says that is wrong, and dangerous.. and even though no one is hurt.. someone might have been hurt, and so we wish to take from you your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.. by expecting you to pay us a fine.. even though no one was hurt.. because someone might have been hurt! Who cares if you had to work 40 hours to get enough to pay this $300 fine! WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT.. ALL WE WANT IS YOUR GOD DAMNED MONEY, YOUR ENERGY.. YOUR CREDIT!"

"You didn't pay your taxes.. You need to go to jail. Why? because everyone else in society believes it is wrong, just as much as we do. They hate "tax evaders" (without knowing we are not taxable in the first place until we become "taxpayers") We all think taxes pay for the things we need, instead of KNOWING it is just paying of the DEBT accured by the interest of borrowing money from the FED, when lawfully the United States Of America has the right to coin it's own money. either way.. you've unknowingly made yourself a tax payer by filling out certain forms.. so you better pay up or we will own your ass!"

A bank or credit card "loaned" you money.. even though it TOOK your signature for them to CREATE the money (you are the creditor ot this nation.. your energy is the credit. what you give back to the system is your credit;.. so named on your birth ceritficate bond.. and so forth) this bank is going to loan you the money.. they loan you the money your signature created.. and they HOPE to get paid the interest. because most people are to ignorant to want to learn to understand the nature of money and credit. 

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