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Society and Taxes
Society   We come now to the very difficult subject of British society.   I certainly don't know all the answers in this area.   A society is a group of people who willingly join together and abide by a set of rules decided on by the members of that society.   Loosely speaking, the system which has been set up by the commercial companies who have control of Britain, is a society.   It is one which has good features as well as bad features.   Common sense says that there is an advantage for any large number of people to organise themselves together and have skilled specialists provide paid services for the other members of that society. 

For example, having a communal collection to enable roads, water supplies, sewerage and the like, certainly makes sense.   The National Health Service also looks like a good idea as does having a state pension and benefits for those who are unfortunate enough to become ill or who are unable to find work.   However, those things have been subverted by those in charge, and manoeuvred into a state where these things serve their ends rather than the needs of the general population.   The collection of Council Tax is essentially a protection racket where people are told that they must pay or else force will be used against them. 

While a country-wide medical service sounds like a good thing, it has been reported that the price of some of the medicines supplied to the National Health Service now cost literally ten times what they did two years ago.   This looks very much as if the people in control of that service are using it to make massive profits on pharmaceuticals, and probably many other services such as parking where millions per year are made from people who have no option but to park in the hospital grounds.   So, what looks like a sensible arrangement, appears to have been converted to something different.   Perhaps this is an unduly cynical view, but it is certainly in line with many of the other scams which are being run. 

Income Tax was introduced as a temporary measure in connection with a war (and who organises wars?).   It has never been removed and yet the country did not seem to have any major problems when there was no Income Tax.   The employees of the commercial company which runs the country - those people who take the title of Member of Parliament or some similar meaningless title, spend a lot of time thinking up "new legislation" which if it can be introduced without too many people noticing it, will become a "statute".   I suggest that the main intention of all legislation is to provide a smoke-screen to hide additional charges which members of the public are required to pay.   An argument can be that "you elected" those politicians, so you must abide by whatever they dictate.   This carefully avoids mention of the fact that those politicians have actually nothing whatsoever to do with the public, other than to give the appearance that the public has some say in what happens, while the reality is that everything that does happen is dictated by the (non-elected) owners of the companies in charge. 

The payment of benefits to those in need looks like a very good and necessary thing, but the people in charge see it as an admission that the adult is not capable of taking care of himself and so they literally think of these ordinary people as "cattle" (their word, not mine).   What they ignore is the fact that their many, many direct and indirect taxes and charges, along with the low level of pay which they reckon that people can be made to work for, are the things which have many ordinary, hard-working people in the very poor financial positions which they despise.   They are willing to cheat, steal and lie while the ordinary person is not comfortable doing those things.   So, what should be a good and helpful system, has been changed into an oppressive thing which is used to force people into dependency. 

While a certain level of public contribution for what are thought of as being essential services, is understandable and a desirable thing, that system has been twisted into a mechanism to enslave and defraud ordinary people.   It has long since reached a ridiculous level with the average person being expected to pay Income Tax, Council Tax, Inheritance Tax, National Insurance, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty on house purchases, Value Added Tax, Parking charges, Airport charges, Fuel Tax, Road Tax, Import Duty, Tax on alcohol, Tax on tobacco, payments for a driving licence, passport, TV licence ... the list goes on and on and on and additional items are added all the time. 

People who have been caught in this system for many years will have already paid so much that they will not want to leave the system and lose the pension for which they have been paying for so long.   Others may well consider starting to refuse to pay some of the things demanded of the strawman - things such as Council Tax, TV licence and the like.   This is a personal choice and one which should be though about carefully before any action is taken. 

Please note that this web site does not provide you with legal advice, but instead, presents facts for information purposes only.   If you want legal advice, then consult a lawyer. 

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