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The Armed Services
The Armed Services   The commercial company which has chosen the name "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland", has a large number of people employed in what it calls 'the British Armed Forces'.   Most countries have a similar arrangement.   If you were asked "what is the purpose of these armed and trained people?" what would your reply be? 

It may surprise you to know that the people who employ them want them to protect them (the employers) from their enemies.   Not too startling an idea you say.   Yes, as you say, not too startling a revelation, but what may surprise you to discover is that the enemy is quite openly stated to be you!   So, not only do they describe you as a "monster" but also as their "enemy". 

Because they are so heavily outnumbered, they are actually frightened of you and feel that they need armed bodyguards to keep them safe from the anger of ordinary people, in case they every find out how they are being manipulated and robbed.   In passing, they consider anybody who asks permission to do something which they are already entitled to do under Common Law, to be a "child” and so, of no consequence. 

Let's check out a possible scenario.   You take some young people to a McDonalds restaurant and order several meals.   When the food has been prepared, the manager says, "I will do a deal with you: you can have your meals free if you just take this loaded revolver and go over to that corner table and shoot that man dead - there will be no comeback as I am authorising you to do it".   Having blinked a few times, you ask why you should shoot him dead when he has never done anything to you.   The manager then says, "he has never done anything to me either, but he has a lot of money in his wallet and I want to steal it, so just go and shoot him dead, it's ok to do that because I am telling you to do it". 

Sound a bit mad?   Well, it should do as murder is a criminal offence under Common Law, and somebody telling you to do it and it is ok because they say so, is quite ridiculous.   Nobody has the authority to tell you to murder somebody - remember, all of us were born with exactly the same rights and privileges, and nobody has authority over anyone else, and most definitely not to be able to authorise murder. 

The owners of the commercial company which amusingly is thought of as "the government" are in the same position as the manager of that commercial company, McDonalds and they have the same lack of authority to breach Common Law and send their armed employees into another country to kill the people there - people who have done them no harm and whom they want to rob.   All wars and recessions are deliberately manoeuvred by the people who gain financially from them.   Did you ever wonder why vast sums of 'public' money are spent every year on arms?   Who owns the companies which make the profits on selling these arms?   Who gets the profits on rebuilding the places damaged or destroyed by "your" very own army?   Who makes a profit on 'lending' vast sums of imaginary money to the country which has been devastated by their unprovoked actions, creating an imaginary debt which can never be repaid? 

Since World War Two, more than four million people have died as a result of commercial companies interfering in other countries, and every one of those deaths was a criminal offence under Common Law.   These companies believe that they and their employees are above the law and so they do whatever they want.   From time to time, these companies demand that people are, without their consent, conscripted into their armed forces.   Do you ever remember being asked if you would consent to such press-gang operations?   If you were asked - did you say "Yes"?   And if you did, does it make it lawful to force the people who said "No"?   Do you ever get the impression that things are done which breach both your personal rights and the demands of Common Law? 

Not only does invading other countries and murdering the people there destroy them, but it also has a major negative impact on the people who joined the armed forces, not being aware that their (commercial) employers are the terrorists of this world.   Try watching this short video to see the impact that it has on ordinary, decent people.   Do you feel that this is a little far-fetched?   Well, it was reported on UK national TV news on 6th September 2010 that ex-Army Chief, General Sir Richard Dannatt claimed that "vested interests" rather than national security had decided military spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   All major wars are carried out for commercial reasons although that fact will never, ever, be admitted publicly. 

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