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The Corporate Business of Courts

Courts, we hate them, thats their power, what if they were nothing to be afraid of?? what then??

Courts, we all hate them, but do you know what they are? If I told you it was no more than a corporate business that exists solely for profit nothing more, using a friends analogy "MR . A” they are nothing more than a Mc Donalds!! You want fries with that speeding fine sir?
You look at any court when you are about to enter it, above the door you will see for example "BROMLEY MAGISTRATES COURT” the name is in capitals for a start so that makes it "Corporate” a profit making organisation, you will find it on "Dunn and Bradstreet” the "Bromley” part is who its run for the benefit of.
So being a corporate venue, everything relies on contracts, nothing works without contracts!
You have to agree to contract with them though, Oh that’s easy you might think, as they have to ask and you can just decline right?
Well that would be correct if you knew of the contracts, well it doesn’t take much to start learning, the one door opener, is a "Standing in Commerce” seminar other way is just simply research.
When you enter the court, an usher asks for your name, that very first sentence is an offer to contract...
The simple fact is, a Master asks the questions and a Slave answers them! (forgive the borrowed analogy "Mr A”)
When you are asked for your name, tell them e.g. I am called John (not my name is John) and then tell them you are here regarding that matter.
They don’t like this stance and will try bluffing you into accepting giving up your Jurisdiction to them, they might try the old you can’t go in if you don’t give me your name DONT DO IT, you tell them you have a name you identify yourself as the "STRAWMAN” or "DEBTOR” then they have you right where they want you.
When they bluff, you can’t go in unless you tell me your name, simply answer that with "Tell the judge that I am called "*****” and I am here about that matter!
Now you have begun down a road that only the prepared will win (and practice makes perfect)
Seeing what answers have been given, the judge or should I say "Fries Server” will probably want you in his private chambers, this is the first baptism of fire, as when you approach his doorway you must wait, DO NOT cross the rooms threshold no matter what he says, he will probably state something "come in” you must then establish your terms YOU ARE IN CHARGE, YOU ARE THE ONLY REAL THING IN THAT BUILDING!! You state I will enter your room but with ALL of my rights intact, that ok with you? Well he’s not going to say no is he!
He will try allsorts, like sit down,,, pointing to the couch, you must state I will stand here with all of my rights intact if that’s all right with you?
Remember the court room is if you like a "Tennis Court Room” the ball is the question and the prize is jurisdiction, he serves a question to you, you answer with a question the ball goes back and forth back and forth, asking only open questions, as soon as a closed question is asked, that must be answered, bingo!! "15 love” whoever answered is starting to give away their jurisdiction, don’t be alarmed by a single loss or so, you can recover, just make your recovery convincing enough to get that ball bouncing again.
There are many ways you can learn these tricks of the admiralty system, the seminar being live is probably the best, soon we are going to start a list of small role playing groups that’s sole aim will be to improve and polish your courtroom performance.
There is something that you have to learn, when you decide to take up on the "Standing In Commerce” path, sooner or later you will have to end up in court, you think these elite companies want to take your BPN’s or AFV’s as payment NO they want your debt notes (fiat currency) if we keep needing fiat currency then the bankers keep needing to lend it, if the country keeps borrowing it the cycle of slavery will never end!! But by using BPN’s and AFV’s you will be expanding the credit supply according to public policy and will in fact actually be helping go against the fraudulent banksters.
Ok Judges, whether you know it or not there are two main types of judges.
"So you shall come to the Levitical priest or the judge who is in office in those days, and you shall inquire of them and they will declare to you the verdict in the case”
To cut a long story short, and to give a simplified version, levitical judges were priests whom used to take payment for settling disputes "see above quote” the thing is they used their "discretion” which in those days might have worked but for today’s corrupt and filthy corporations it just doesn’t work for the people especially as he has no oath, so basically he will get the money from wherever he thinks he can!!
The other type of judge is a "Melchisedec” this type of judge has an oath of office which makes him a little better to have, and you will find that judges can be both types or only one.
A judge that is operating under levitical authority is nothing more than a "filthy fry serving corporate lacky” he is just an employee of a profit making company FULL STOP! This man is worthless!! Obviously he will like to stay a Levitical judge because he gets to use discretion, what that really means is, the only person who isn’t a member of the law society in that room is you so "TAG YOUR IT!” you can pay lowly public person!
So, you need to isolate the Levitical side of the judge, this is done by holding him on his oath of office, once that has been done he CANNOT practice law from the bench, he is nothing more than a referee!!
So you say " Sir, do you have an oath of office?” sometimes they wriggle (if they do wet yourself as you watch) well errrrr I might have written something on a piece of paper errr... don’t be discouraged, simply move on to the next question, "is that oath in this courtroom today?” If the judge says no the he is acting in the Levitical capacity and you straight away and with authority state! " For and on the record, the court takes judicial notice of judge ****** oath of office!” look at him and make sure he takes note, they are slippery and would love not to, as they also don’t get paid in the Melchisedec capacity (laugh allot) ask them.... "Have you done that sir? Have you noted your oath is to entered into the record?” now he cannot attack you, now you have only the plaintiff to deal with, now it’s time to start in direct, and if the judge does more than just referee, you shout "judge you’re on your oath?”
This is just a small part of the tom foolery to be had in the court, training will make you more sure about your stance, and it will show you your true freedom.
Other considerations in court are much more complex, you need to do a seminar and start to train.
The foundation of all of your activity is "Your Bond” the judge has a bond! What do you think his Bar number is? The barrister will have his bond!!, so when you enter court without one, you are actually "already in contempt”
You need your bond, you need to have the power it grants you in the admiralty environment and it is far far more powerful than any corporate bond, you will find this out when you go to a seminar and get your training started.
I simply cannot give you all the answers on an article, If I give you too much information you may use it in the wrong way and it could cost you dearly, that why you need training, I have done it.

Just a small taste to get you started!
Thank you for your time Guy Euden

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