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The Lack Of Purpose People Find Purpose In

The Lack Of Purpose People Find Purpose In

Most of us our content with our lives, unaware of any purpose, in fact, denying it is anything more than simply school, work, and play.  Apparently most of us believe that our purpose is .. to work.  Why do we have to work?  Because we need money, why?  To survive, to entertain ourselves and amuse ourselves. ..  or as the band Cire puts it.. "to replace our time, under a trademark sign".  Because work is time.. Time is money.  The hours, and days, and years of our lives we spend working.. for money, to buy things from the corporations controlling our land.  This isn't just "the way things are". To accept that so easily is to be blind to the fact that this way of life has been carefully contrived, and controlled.  

The cattle must produce the milk.. lest they are worthless to the farmer.   This is precisely why we think our owners are a benevolent entity that "takes care of us"  Oh it provides us with healthcare, jobs, and taxes..   Just look at the world today.  We are BEGGING for MORE jobs! Desperate for work.  In need of money..  We cry out to our owners.  The ignorance man is so great, it would lead people to dig their own graves unknowingly if it gave them a meal ticket.  Stop crying out for your freedom to be taken away from you, for security from the very entity you should be afraid of.  We the people have no power, because we the people lack knowledge.  Most people reject it.  Spit in the face of it.  Too many carefully contrived doubts have been planted in their minds, and even their own rejection of the truth feels like a personal opinion rather than a pre-programmed reaction.  The fail-safe that keeps many from discovering the truth.  Those who speak the truth are "lunatics" or "conspiracy theorists".  

Most people don't want to know the truth.  They prefer to be cattle, the capital .. the Sheeple.  Relying on the farmer for feed, they cry wolf toward anyone who's views might upset the facade they live inside of.   Keep grazing in the field.  Inside of a cage you do not understand, because you do not see it... and you refuse to believe, that which cannot be seen. 

"The spirit of inquiry, The search for greater truth beyond religion, science, the profound seriousness of doing real thinking, philosophy and ontology - These are almost totally lacking in humanity. Humanity is therefore, subhuman from lack of genuine intelligence..  They automatically reject, any emergent facts or realities that do that fit their brain-dead cognitive pattern of belief and disbelief."  - Gabriel Chiron, 'Truth is Greather Than Man" 

If you were living a nightmare, wouldn't you want someone to wake you up?   Not if you didn't know you were sleeping.  

How do you tell the mind controlled, that their minds are controlled? When they are mind controlled to believe they are not mind controlled?  How do you wake someone up who doesn't know they are sleeping?  

I will not believe that they don't want to know the truth.  I think some people, perhaps truly wouldn't, but I'd think the majority would want to know if they were being deceived, the issue is that they don't know that they don't know the truth, and are trained to deny the possibility of being lied to.  Maybe it was through the patriotic angle, but it's is also through the demonizing of those who try to tell the truth.  By controlling how the public views those people, often called "conspiracy theorists", they keep the public from giving any credit to them, they keep the public from looking into anything a "conspiracy theorist" might have to say.  I believe this is obvious when you look at mass media, even our government.  But I guess it not obvious to most who are asleep.  

When I think of the scheme of things.. the scale, the importance.. and the mass blindness plaguing mankind, I think of how petty it is that I should even fear telling the truth at all.. But the truth is persecuted in this world.  The lies are praised, and spread like a disease hell bent on convincing you it is the cure.  And this world is very very sick.   Yet, because I live in this world, lost inside of the ego, and time, have to pay the bills, and try to live a normal life... the truth is like a burden some of us bare, but I do so willingly.  I could not forget, if I tried, the things I have learned.  I could try to convince myself that I am insane.  I could convince myself that I am unintelligent and gullible, for "falling for" these things, as some might put it.  I could tell myself I gobbled it all up like thanksgiving dinner, and I could regret being such a fool.  I could tell myself this is paranoid thinking that won't get me anywhere... I could tell myself that the lies taste like lemon drops...    But, ...nahhhhh.  Doing so would only kick in the pre-programmed doubts until I was a rehabilitated Big-Brother-loving-slave, just like in George Orwell's 1984. 

Who would choose ignorance over truth?  With the understanding that ignorance is bliss, I see how hard the truth is for many to swallow, but what is worse is the fact that so few even find it within them, a desire to undercover it.  In the end, the indifference of the sheeple, the sheer ignorance, is not only literally killing us all, but it's leading humanity on a path it would not choose if it knew where that path would end. 

But too many are so damned brain washed that they care about nothing besides the latest iphone, or bitching about their shitty job, or dreaming about going on vacation, all the while wallowing in self pity, feeling powerless, ignoring, denying, and SPITTING on the truth.  Unable to accept that they are brain-washed.  Unable to accept that we are chattel.  We are debt slaves working to collect a foreign currency (Federal Reserve Notes).  We are given a commercial value at birth (the birth certificate) and that is all we are worth to our "leaders". The trusting nature of man-kind is both a beautiful thing as well as a destructive thing.  Stop beLIEving that your leaders would not lie to you.  It is only when you SEE that your life has been controlled, when you can find the power to take it back.

"Rise like Lions after slumber; In unvanquishable number; Shake your chains to earth like dew; Which in sleep had fallen on you; Ye are many; They are few." - Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Mask of Anarchy

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