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The Shadow Government
The Shadow Government

Much like the 'Official” government we are aware of, this shadow government can be dissected into functional branches. The Executive Branch, The Intelligence Branch, The War Department, The Weapons Industry Branch, and the Financial Department.

Executive Branch would be the most obvious, being that this is where all the control is. It would consist of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Tri Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, National Security Council (NSC), Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), National Program Office (NPO), Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Intelligence Branch consists of a very well known government agency the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as well as the FBI, National Security Agency (NSA), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO), NSA's Central Security Service, The CIA's Special Security Office, U.S Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), U.S Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), U.S Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), NASA Intelligence, Air Force Special Security Service, Defense Industry Security Command (DISCO), Defense Investigative Service (DIS), Naval Investigative Service (NIS), Air Force Electronic Security Command, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Intelligence, Federal Police Agency Intelligence, Defense Electronic Security Command, etc

The War Department – CIA's Directorate for Science and Technology, Strategic Defense Initiative Office (SDIO), Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO), Department of Energy (DOE), Edwards AFB, CA, Area 51 – Groom Lake and S-4 (Papoose Lake Base) , U.S Special Operations Command, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), The Jason Group, Aquarius Group, Defense Science Board, Defense Nuclear Agency, U.S Space Command, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), Air Force Office of Space Systems, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), etc.

Weapons Industry Branch – Stanford Research Institute, Inc, AT&T, RAND Corporation, Edgerton, Germhausen & Greer Corporation, Wackenhut Corporation, Bechtel Corporation, United Nuclear Corporation, Walsh Construction Company, Aerojet (Genstar Corp), Reynolds Electronics Engineering, Lear Aircraft Company, Northrop Corporation, Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed-Martin Corporation, McDonnell-Douglas Corporation, BDM Corporation, General Electric Corporation, PSI-TECH Corporation, Science Applications International Corp.

Financial Branch - Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal Reserve System (FRS), Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), US Department of Treasury, Banks, Private investors.

These compartments are just a fraction of the whole, and in the United States alone.  

Other Important Institutions

Tri lateral Commission – David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, John D. Rockefeller, Alan Greenspan, Zbignew Brzezinski, Anthony Lake, John Glenn, David Packard, David Gergen, Diane Feinstein, Jimmy Carter, Adm. William Crowe, etc

NSC - National Security Council – The military and intelligence policy-making and control group for national and international security, which reports directly to the President, Its secret 5412 Committee (which directs covert operations) and it's PI-40 Subcommittee (MJ-12 which exercises policy direction and control of the UFO Cover-up.)

CIA – Central Intelligence Agency - Commands, often controls, and sometimes coordinates, the gathering of secret overseas information gathered by spies (HUMINT), electronic surveillance (SIGINT) and other means; carries out covert unconstitutional paramilitary counterinsurgency operations and preemptive political pacification projects in violation of international law, as well as country-intelligence sting operations against foreign agents, engages in domestic surveillance, and manipulation of the U.S political process in the "National interest” in direct violation of its congressional charter; operates proprietary "false front” companies for profit, conducts and major share of international trans-shipment of illegal drugs, using National Security cover and immunity, and cooperates with NSA's UFO cover-up operations, Langley, VA and worldwide.

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff – Special Operations compartment, the operations directorate which implements the orders of the NSC's 5412 Committee, utilizing Special Forces Command.

NPO – National Program Office – Operates the Continuity of Government Project (COG) an ongoing secret project to maintain command, control, communication, and intelligence executive centers during an extreme National Emergency by operating clandestine, secure, underground cities staffed by surrogates for above ground national leaders.

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA's black project compartment, which operates preventative-detention camps, and secure underground shelters for the elite during cataclysms. Also could possess complete control by president Executive Orders in the case of a national emergency.

NSA – National Security Agency – Monitors and screens all telephone, telegraph, computer modem, radio, television, cellular, microwave and satellite communications and electromagnetic fields of "interest” around the world, and orchestrates information control and cover-up activities related to UFO secrecy and surveillance of extra-terrestrial operations. Fort Meade, MD.

NRO – National Reconnaissance Office – Controls and collects information from global spy satellites, monitors UFO traffic entering and leaving Earth's atmosphere, coordinates firing of energy beam weapons for orbiting Star Wars satellites at selected human ground and airborne targets and selectively at extra-terrestrial craft, Pentagon basement and Dulles Airport area, Virginia.

NRO – National Reconnaissance Organization – aka MJ-TF. The military/intelligence operations arm of the PI-40 Subcommittee (MJ-12) Conducts surveillance, interdiction, capture and confiscation of UFOs and their extra-terrestrial occupants for intelligence and "International Security” purposes, "interacts” with close encounter experiences, including occasional physically and sexually assaulted mind control kidnappings disguised as abductions for psychological warfare and dis-informational purposes, headquarters unknown, probably compartmentalized and dispersed among various elite Delta Force Special Operations units.

The Jason Society - President Eisenhower secretly commissioned a group of scholars, known as The JASON Society to review the conclusions of the '57 symposium. The members of the JASON Society are in fact part of a secretive Illuminati group known as the Order of the Quest. The same individuals who formed the JASON Society were also key members on the Council on Foreign Relations. Not surprisingly, the Jason Society agreed with the symposium's conclusions and drafted three proposals for Eisenhower's consideration. The three proposals were labeled Alternative 1, Alternative 2, and Alternative 3. Eisenhower rejected Atlernative 1 because it involved the use of nuclear weapons. However, Eisenhower did approve the implementation of Alternative 2 and Alternative 3 (as did the Soviet Union). (1)

FBI – Federal Bureau Of Investigations – Branch which investigates, uses surveillance and neutralizes foreign Intelligence agents operating within the U.S and cooperates with the National Reconnaissance Organization in the surveillance of those involved in close encounters with UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

DOE – Department of Energy – Aside from its cover story of researching cleaner-burning coal and gasoline and more solar power, is principally involved in research and development of more specialized nuclear weapons, compact, self-sustaining, fusion powered, particle and wave weapons, including electromagnetic pulse, gravitational/anti-gravitational, laser, particle beam, and plasmoid applied weapons research; high energy invisibility "cloaking” technology, etc.

Funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the Information Awareness Office's stated goal was to collect as much information on everyone and everything as possible. This drew much flack to them and the IAO was discontinued. However, its core projects still continue under different names. The logo depicts the Illuminati pyramid with All Seeing Eye shining its light over a globe.

DOE-INTEL – Department of Energy Intelligence – Conducts internal security checks and external security threat countermeasures, often through its contract civilian instrumentality, the Wackenhut Corporation.

INSCOM – U.S Army Intelligence and Security Command – Whose assignments include psychological and psychotronic warfar (PSYOPS) and para-psychological intelligence (PSYINT) and electromagnetic intelligence (ELMINT) Ft. Meade, MD.

DIS – Defense Investigative Service – Conducts investigations into people and situations deemed a possible threat to any operation of the Department of Defense.

DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency – Intelligence center conducts surveillance and interdiction of drug smuggling operations unless exempted under "National Security” waivers

DARPA – Defense Advanced Researched Projects Agency - Coordinates the application of latest scientific findings to the development of new generations of weapons.

The Jason Group – Elite weapons application scientists, developing cutting edge science weapons for DARPA, and operating under the cover of the Mitre Corporation.

Aquarius Group - UFO technology application scientists, reportedly working under the guidance of the Dolphin Society, an elite group of scientists privy to extremely classified science and technology findings.

NORADNorth American Aerospace Defense Command – Operating the nuclear survivable space surveillance and war command center deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO.

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration – Operates covert space defense, ET research, and space weapons compartments, in additional to manned Shuttle and unmanned scientific satellite launches.

Stanford Research Institute, Inc. - An intelligence contractor involved in psychotronic, para-psychological and PSY-WAR research. 

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