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Thoughts - What Is The Matrix?

Thoughts - What is the Matrix?

The metaphors in the Wachowskis' seminal first part of the Matrix trilogy keep popping up.

I thought I would try and jot down just what I think the matrix is, as best as possible.

If you could sum it up into two words, the matrix is 'False Belief', but more accurately it is the mass false belief of people in society as it stands today. And that is pretty much the following:

It is the belief of one of the many gods on offer from the many religions
It is the belief that paying your taxes keeps your street lights on
It is the belief that our leaders really care about you and your interests
It is the belief that newspapers and TV news report accurately and independantly
It is the belief that public services are not private corporations run for profit
It is the belief that the Bank of England is not a private corporation run for profit
It is the belief that false flag terror is a just a conspiracy theory and does not exist
It is the belief that our court system is not a private corporation run for profit
It is the belief that Maritime Admiralty Law & jurisdiction does not exist and has not hijacked our courts
It is the belief that your birth certificate means nothing and has no relevance to why you keep getting taxed and fined
It is the belief that the words 'registration, application, submission' have no relevance and are harmless to your interests
It is the belief that picking the lesser of the two evils is neccessary
It is the belief that money is valuable, somehow
It is the belief that you need money to exist
It is the belief that you must continually earn and pay for your existence
It is the belief that you can't change anything 
It is the belief that it is all too complicated
It is the belief that we cannot win
It is the belief that people will not believe what you say 
It is the belief that at any given moment, you must do what is right for yourself, not what is simply RIGHT.

This is the matrix. It is all around you because you believe it. Everything that you think about, everything you base your actions on stems from your belief system. This belief system has been subtly embedded in your psyche by your society. Those that exist at the top of your society wish to maintain their position of dominance. Those below them do the same, and so on, and so on. It is an incredibly simple concept when seen in this light!

People like you and me have cottoned on to this whole game and are putting the peices of the puzzle together one by one. The picture that is being formed is not a pleasant one and my goodness has it been a journey trying to figure out where all the peices go. However by seeing the picture and realsing we don't like it, doesn't that mean then we can start to re-arrange the peices, and change the picture? 

We are legion and we have the power to do this!

This is the thought I want to leave you with in 2008. We have come a long way in a short period of time, and things just keep speeding up all the time. If you are on the verge of springing in to action - just like I was - do so now! It is a wonderful thing, and if you do it you can guarantee even more will follow.

I stand for truth, peace, respect and love. Stand with me!


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