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To Be Governed?

- to have political authority: to be responsible officially for directing the affairs, policies, and economy of a state, country, or organization;
- control something; to control, regulate, or direct something;
- have influence over something;
- to have or exercise an influence over something; 
- restrain something: to control something by restraint; 
- be law for something: to be the defining rule for something

In spite of how appealing the above may sound to some of you, Governments aren't what they used to be.  Our once great Republic has been slowly diminishing, and it has been done so legally, practically upon request by the people. Many sinister hits have been taken at our liberties, whether it be via a bill passed by Congress, or an Executive Order signed by the President, (just waiting in the wings until it's time has come).  Government is no longer about protection of the rights, freedoms and safety of it's people. Instead it is about one thing: Control.  They know what's best, right?  Because we don't need to think for ourselves.  It's easy to want to believe that the representative that you voted for, whom you "elect on your behalf", such as your Senator or Governor, has your best interests in mind when voting for a bill.  Let's not forget, we see many politicians fail to stand up to their promises. Yet, when you learn about the 14th Amendment and it's implications, and the fraud of the 16th Amendment, it's easy to see that the Judges and Politicians are willing to overlook the Constitution they are sworn to uphold.   

Some people inherently think that people need to be governed and for people who think just this way, there are plenty of vultures willing to govern us.  In exchange for the protection a government supposedly provides, we the people are able to partake of the benefits of such a society while feeling safe and cozy in our big mortgage bills that we call our homes.  Learn about the truth behind 9/11, and you realize that they will stop at nothing to gain complete control over each and every one of us.  Do you want to accept (or consent) to the benefits of a society that enslaves you upon the making of that very contract. For example a contract accepting a benefit would be something such as an 'Application for Social Security'. The use of a Social Security Card is the benefit.  (Your Rights Regarding Social Security Numbers).  But become more educated about Social Security, how the government uses your Birth Certificate, and your rights to travel without a "driver's license" and idea of their supposed authority over you becomes a mirage you finally wake up to realize was never there.  
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