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Traffic Stop: A Few Questions You Can Ask The Officer


(SPEEDING): Motorist: "Officer, how did you determine my speed?"
Officer: "I paced you."
Motorist reply: "Fine. When was your speedometer last calibrated? May I see proof of calibration?"
            Officer: "I used radar."(MOST TICKETS OFF FREEWAY ARE RADAR)

Motorist: "Fine. May I see your tuning fork and calibration record?"(Many radars are calibrated with a tuning fork.)
Officer: "Here they are." (Note: officer not legally required to show you the radar reading itself, but feel free to ask.)
            Motorist: "When was the required TRAFFIC AND ENGINEERING SURVEY last conducted on this road? Was it conducted within the last seven years? If so, what did it determine the SAFE SPEED on this road to be?
Officer: "I don't know any of that?"
Motorist: " Then can I assume this is a SPEED TRAP by definition of VC 40802 and that your "evidence" is illegal by VC40803?"
            If the last question seemed a bit too complex, try this:
Motorist: "Officer, how long have you guys had this Speed Trap set up?"
Officer: "'Bout half an hour."(though any answer not categorically denying that he is conducting a Speed Trap might work.)
Motorist: Thanks for that information, officer. Are you aware that Speed Traps (VC 40802) and Speed Trap Evidence (VC 40803) are illegal?"
Officer: "You got me there. You're free to go." (Yes, this might occur.)
            (other citations): Ask him about his ticket "quota" indirectly:
Motorist: "Officer, are you permitted to give me a warning or are you required to only write citations today?
Officer: "They sent me here to write tickets, not to give warnings."
Motorist: "I thought you were here to promote traffic safety; what you described sounds like a quota." (quota's are illegal: VC 41602)

(Officers can always write a warning for a 1 point infraction, so if he tells you he can't, he's indirectly admitting to some sort of directed quota.)

(This is based on california law. Look up your state's law's to quote the proper codes if they exist similarly within your state's codes.)

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