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What Is Common Law?

What is common law?

So, the big question is, what is law? And more importantly, what is COMMON LAW. Common law sheds no shame upon its namesake. Common law is called COMMON for a reason. Under Common Law, or what early colonists described as "The only law that truly exists”,  life, liberty, and property are primarily the only things considered. Under Common law, there are almost no conceivable circumstances in which a man could be convicted for a victimless crime. Considering that the United States has the largest prison population on the Planet Earth, and over 60% of Americans who reside in a prison or jail cell are there for non-violent victimless crimes, these statistics would be more than enough to make Bastiat, Deganawida, civil libertarians and our Founding Fathers roll in their graves.

When a man pummels a woman, throws her to the ground, forces himself into her loins without consent, this would be considered rape, and a violation of common law. When a man breaks the window of his neighbor and refuses to reimburse him, this would be a violation of common law. When a man steals the wallet of a passerby and proceeds to run away , this would be a violation of common law. When a man strikes another man in any such way other than to defend himself from an unprovoked attack, this would be considered a violation of common law.

When a man does not wear his seatbelt, Common law will ignore him, however, the statues, codes, and city ordinances will scold him, fine him, and lock him into a cage for an undetermined amount of time.  When a man refuses to pay taxes on his labor, he is protected under common law (and the 13th Amendment), as this would be considered a form of extortion and slavery, however, under the codes and statues, he is considered a thief to the state.  (sales taxes and import taxes have existed for a long time, however, direct taxation upon individual labor is relatively new, the government was adequately funded before the income tax of 1913)
When a woman gives birth to her child, and writes the child’s name in her family records book, and refuses to sign over her child as property to an independent entity, she is protected under common law and under the 13th amendment of the constitution. However, under the codes, ordinances, and statutes, she is considered a criminal if she refuses to give her child a government owned Birth Certificate or Social Security Card. If a man decides to drive his privately owned vehicle without an arbitrary piece of plastic also known as a license, he is protected under Common Law which states that it is his right to travel without restriction unless he is conducting commerce. However, under codes, statues, and government jurisdiction, you are considered a dangerous criminal whom should be excessively fined and locked away for many years.

Common Law is the law of the people. It is the law of logic and reason. When a person is asked at random, "What is against the law”, the first things that they will utter will almost always be, Murder, Rape, and Theft. Only after a few minutes will they start to mention things such as speeding, playing loud music after 10pm, or not cleaning up your dog’s fecal matter when taking him for a stroll in a state owned part. Laws against Murder, Battery, and Theft have existed for thousands of years. However, the strict regulation of commerce and personal behavior has always been a product of government or religion (Government and Religion are quite similar). The most peaceful civilizations always adhered to common law first, and only considered codes and regulations under duress. No matter the location, or your religious beliefs, everyone knows that Murder, Battery, lying, Rape, and Theft are behaviors that are naturally unwelcomed.

Under Common Law, a man could only be convicted if "Corpus Delicti” is found and if a strong case was made that he contributed to or directly damaged someone’s life, liberty, or property. If these criteria could not be met, then he could not be convicted under common law, thus in order to maintain the Prison Industrial Complex, The Military Industrial Complex, and the debt slave system known as the Federal Reserve, powerful politicians had to bring Maritime laws back to the land, and more importantly, they had to CONTRACT the people. This is the key.


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