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What Is Wrong With A System?
What is Wrong With a System?

  By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   What is wrong with a system that has the power to imprison people yet WILL NOT ANSWER the Question which gives them to right to do So.

   What is wrong with people who are born masters over their own lives, yet retain lifelong divisive, satanic beliefs that they are lesser non-human resources,  slaves to other men who have the capacity to CONTROL THEIR MINDS AND THEIR DESTINY?

   What is wrong with a system of community which promises harmony, love, commaraderie, cooperation and enjoyment of fruits of one's labor in another life, yet delivers divisions, exploitation, and destruction to the present lives of it's subjected citizens?  

   What is wrong when the labors of the many, the only value producers are daily  managed by the few transforming a spiritual Matrix of equality into a grotesque satanic arena of struggle and strife, granting great wealth and power through it redistribution to the few, through  the consent of the docile many?

  What is wrong with the intelligence level of robotic work-driven human resources who are regarded, treated as tools, chattel, instruments of profit, cannon fodder to kill others bound to a superficially different but fundamentally identical satanically controlled mind set?

   What is wrong when man will sell his soul, his very bond with the infinite, to be the recipient of such petty worldly rewards as wealth, power, and status in the eyes of his fellow brothers and sisters whom can hardly think and act on their own, thereby ever defying any real change from occurring in any Civilized Society?

   What is wrong when this HYPNOTIC TRANCE holds fast from the Dawn of Civilization to the present day, assuring the enslavement of such people from cradle to grave.

   What is wrong with a Society which kills a Christ because of the Threat to the Status Quo of the existing Satanic ruled society, THEN WORSHIPS HIM as a God, a Savior?

   What is wrong with such a BASSACKWARD system of thought that will attack Truth, yet worship Illusion?

    What is wrong INDEED?

   I, this Living Christ, this Simple Man of Truth, this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, natural Man KNOW how to reverse the Satanic momentum of Millenia and have DEMONSTRATED IT in my own personal life.


   I WILL NOT be your nanny and give you the secret.  I will not speak to "gimmee, gimmee, gimmees."  who are not worthy of freedom UNLESS THEY ARE WILLING TO ACT.

   To those of you who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear" you have already been given the answer to changing your lives, for I have given the solution repeatedly and freely over the last 16 years of  writing on the Internet.  How many of you have even PAID ATTENTION to it?

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