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Your Children and Welfare Officers/Social Workers: The Facts


Your children? Other people feel that they are theirs to do with what they will, lets get this straight!!
I have had a few requests now for help with dealing with the authorities that are trying to use strong arm tactics to "ensure performance” from you in regards to YOUR CHILDREN.
People I cannot stress this enough "Look deep within yourselves understand who you are!” I mean really!!
I have said this many times before I will say it again! The only law they can use against you is statute law, and what is the definition of statute law? "A LEGISLATIVE RULE OF SOCIETY GIVEN THE FORCE OF LAW BY THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED
So simply put the law does NOT EXIST it would if you "Gave it your consent” but if you gave it your consent then you would not be asking for my help? So you already have really withdrawn consent.
Lets digress for a moment, the grey area here is one of jurisdiction, ok, if you don’t already know then you should know that, when you get married you marriage license is actually your consent for the STATE to take over the fatherhood of the fruit of your loins (yes your children) I know this is shocking right? Come on folks why the hell would the state need to issue a marriage license?
The state cannot grant a license for something that is unlawful as the act/statute itself would be unlawful! So it is just used as an excuse for you to sign away your bundle of joy to them!
Then of course a subject we have already been through, the REGISTRATION of your children at birth!
Yes we now know (if you have read my previous article) that anything that requires registration means that you are giving up legal title to the thing you are registering, in this case your children.
Of course its not your fault! They have deceived you, they tell you, you "must register your child within 42 days” must being a legalese term, meaning "may” or if you like a choice (you don’t have to), you see they cannot enslave you forcibly (at this time anyway that’s coming next) so they use deceit, and your ignorance is their weapon of choice!
Anyway I am digressing here, the point is if you had all of the facts you would never have given your beautiful children over to the system to use as their "chattel property” and so in effect the contract is void! Part of a contracts validity is inherent in "full disclosure” did you get this? DID YOU HELL!
So the first step for you is to realise WHO YOU ARE! You are a human being, you are special, you are real... you are a one off they broke the mould after your creation, get this through your heads all else in life is a smoke screen.
I have helped a few people now, especially with the "Cervical Cancer Injection” people were told that their children had to have it, its mandatory!, YEAH RIGHT! A nice legal notice and a notice of withdrawal of permissions and their game was over, not to mention the fact we wrote in the notice that full permissions were given to the child in question to defend themselves from forcible vaccination and NO UPPER LIMIT was given to the amount of force they could use in the defence of their rights.
Suspicion has been predominant in every request for help I have now received, the government is simply no longer trusted AT ANY LEVEL!
I have also received requests for help from people at their wits end from bullying from social workers/welfare officers.
The most recent case a Boy was being bullied, even to the extent his life was threatened, so the father naturally pulled the child from school.
Now of course the father wants the child to receive the pitiful excuse for an education the state so desperately wants to use to indoctrinate our children with.
He has in fact already started the procedure of registering the child elsewhere.
Of course the pitiful excuse of a welfare officer has decided to try to use the "not so strong arm of statute law” he quoted many acts and subsections, these were just a few but not limited to:
Section 7 of the Education Act 1996
Sec 7
Duty of parents to secure education of children of compulsory school age
The parent of every child of compulsory school age  (watch out this is a term that is here to deceive you) shall cause him to receive efficient full-time education suitable— (what the hell does this crap mean? Nothing)
(a) to his age, ability and aptitude, and
(b) to any special educational needs he may have,
either by regular attendance at school or otherwise
"Section 444(1) of the above act
444 Offence: failure to secure regular attendance at school of registered pupil
(1) If a child of compulsory school age who is a registered pupil at a school fails to attend regularly at the school, his parent is guilty of an offence.
(2) Subsections (3) to (6) below apply in proceedings for an offence under this section in respect of a child who is not a boarder at the school at which he is a registered pupil.
(3) The child shall not be taken to have failed to attend regularly at the school by reason of his absence from the school—
(a) with leave,
(b) at any time when he was prevented from attending by reason of sickness or any unavoidable cause, or
(c) on any day exclusively set apart for religious observance by the religious body to which his parent belongs.
(4) The child shall not be taken to have failed to attend regularly at the school if the parent proves—
(a) that the school at which the child is a registered pupil is not within walking distance of the child’s home, and
(b) that no suitable arrangements have been made by the local education authority or the funding authority for any of the following—
(i) his transport to and from the school,
(ii) boarding accommodation for him at or near the school, or
(iii) enabling him to become a registered pupil at a school nearer to his home.
(5) In subsection (4) "walking distance”—
(a) in relation to a child who is under the age of eight, means 3.218688 kilometres (two miles), and
(b) in relation to a child who has attained the age of eight, means 4.828032 kilometres (three miles),
in each case measured by the nearest available route.
(6) If it is proved that the child has no fixed abode, subsection (4) shall not apply, but the parent shall be acquitted if he proves—
(a) that he is engaged in a trade or business of such a nature as to require him to travel from place to place,
(b) that the child has attended at a school as a registered pupil as regularly as the nature of that trade or business permits, and
(c) if the child has attained the age of six, that he has made at least 200 attendances during the period of 12 months ending with the date on which the proceedings were instituted.
(7) In proceedings for an offence under this section in respect of a child who is a boarder at the school at which he is a registered pupil, the child shall be taken to have failed to attend regularly at the school if he is absent from it without leave during any part of the school term at a time when he was not prevented from being present by reason of sickness or any unavoidable cause.
(8) A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.
(9) In this section "leave”, in relation to a school, means leave granted by any person authorised to do so by the governing body or proprietor of the school.”
OK Putting ALL of the other interminable dross aside which is only put there to hide the real important word here, the word "registered” rears its ugly head once more.
The answer is simple!, think about it people! Just send in a notice withdrawing your child’s registration and be nice about it, after all these muppets are probably unaware of their impotence,
Say something like, "how you don’t wish to hold a space that will no longer be required by your child at the particular school, and that it would be better used subjecting another child to tyrannical bullying that is endemic within your alleged house of learning”
As you can see you can solve the problem by acting correctly, but again let them know they have no power but that which you grant them.
With the sudden desire to vaccinate your children with everything they can squeeze into their veins don’t you think it is time you questioned what these vaccines are for, what the side effects are, are they fully tested? I mean the Cervical Cancer one came out of nowhere?
Anyway, back on to the subject of our children, you have been duped into allowing these imposters alleged power over you and your children.
Any Acts/Statutes they claim to have power over you with should ring alarm bells with you, I mean if it were really a powerful law, then why would it be written in such a fashion as to be completely none understandable? It wouldn’t, when they quote these know this in your head straight away "ITS ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS” you may feel powerless at first, but strip away the dross of an act and you will see it has a key word or phrase in it, and usually this snippit of information is what you have done or have to do to actually grant it power, take away your consent and they are just words meaning nothing!
The standards of schooling nowadays are deliberately for want of a better word "RUBBISH!” its not our childrens fault, and in fact they often take offence at that description as they feel you are saying they are too no good!!
The people at the top of the chain, DO NOT want an informed public, they do not want children thinking as only children can! Children are fantastic, they question and enquire, you must encourage this, this is the route to their intellect, the system of state schooling is nothing more than indoctrination of our children that is to ensure a certain type of performance, the state wants children to de exactly what the police say, they want them not to question whether or not they have the right to search their bags, (in fact the don’t) they might say they do, but if they ask you for your name, ask them if your "obliged to provide that information?” they will try to wriggle and lie, usually stating something like the terrorism act (an old favourite of theirs nowadays) the key word here is "ACT” so when they quote this to you, ask them "do you know the difference between LAW and STATUTES?” and remind them to be mindful of their answer as quoting these laws and not knowing the difference is "Gross Neglect” and tantamount to FRAUD! (a very serious offence) don’t belittle them just let them know, you know!
The point im trying to get at here is the childrens education is designed to ensure the performance that the governments want, not to question the validity of their fake laws, not to question authority, not to openly decline to perform, every time you question you uphold the values of a free nation.
Let your children know the truth, the truth that they are their own sovereigns and that the police are there to serve them, and all of the indoctrinations they are subjected to are not to be taken too seriously, as they are simply an attempt at control.
Children are our future, children are magical, children are coming a constant barrage of indoctrination and really it is OUR job no one else’s to make sure they are given the proper foundation of truth, honour and personal sovereignty that will cease to allow these pretenders power over them.
I thank you for your time Guy Euden

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1 loveangrace   [Entry]
I need help! They took my children literally because I was getting a lawyer no reason. Then made up a bunch of lies. Thank God they were place with my brother but they have been giving them all kinds of shot putting them on medication and now that my brother is starting to stand up against the things they want to do they are threatening to put them in foster care. On top of all this I am currently pregnant and they are saying they will take this baby when she is born! What can I do ?!

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